Soldier v2.0

Name: Soldier
Gender: Male
Appearance: Solider looks like a common military soldier. He is a bit short, he barely reaches the height of 5 feet. He wears a half-sphere shaped darkgrey helmet that covers his eyes, a darkgrey and darkgreen protective colored uniform, and black boots. He carries an especially powerful big rocket launcher on his right shoulder, nearly as long as tall he is. There is a pistol hanging on his belt, for mid-range firing, when the target is too close for using the rocket launcher safely.
Personality: He is smart, and a bit reserved. He usually speaks only when asked, and looks like his vocabulary only contains „YES, SIR!" or „SIR, YES, SIR!". He thinks that Raider is his superior officer, and he keeps calling Dave „General" for some reason. He is loyal, faithful and honest, but he doesn't mind using tricks in combat. He executes his orders letter-by-letter. Before engagements, he likes scouting out the balance of power, choosing the most dangerous enemy (usually the leader) and attacking that first. He uses his rocket launcher for attacking at long-range,and he uses his pistol for mid-range attacks. If the enemy manages to get in meele range, he swungs with the heavy rocket launcher.
Element: Elec
Suptype: Break


HP+ I [10]
HP+ II [20]

Fragments left: 78

Level: 2
HP: 60
DMG: 10
Actions: 1
Looks good.

However, you are actually supposed to round your bugfrag total up to the nearest hundred after quadrupling it. So you would have 170 Bugfrags remaining, not 78.

Your HP upgrades are of the correct cost and valid, and your SP didn't exceed your level, so everything looks alright.

And, with that increase in BugFrag totals, you're [APPROVED].
Not really
Because I had 24 bugfrags to begin with, I multiplied it with 4 so I got 96 frags. I rounded to 100 and then I added 8 because I kicked some virus butt. So I had 108 frags to manage.
Sorry for beeing ambiguous.
Oh. Alright. Sorry, then continue as you had it before.