Crimson Sky.GMO

Name: Crimson Sky.GMO (Level 9. GMO)

Description: Red transforms into a 5'9" angel of justice in this form with the power of a pink key with a ruby fashioned into the end. Elegant, black, feathery wings sprout from her back as her form in covered from neck to knee in a thick white blouse. A red scarf is tied around her neck, while the two ends flow, billowing at equal length, behind her back. Crimson replaces the light blue pupils of her childish form, while most of her face is covered by a pink, butterfly shaped mask, reminiscent of the red-caped wonder's navi symbol. The mask contain two slits for the eyeholes, leaving the rest of her face, beside her nose and mouth, mostly covered. A leather belt straps once across her upper body, holding her buster, a ebony white bow, in place. Underneath her blouse, the crimson crusader wears red sports pants, while her feet are adorned with brown, leather boots. Black pantyhose extends upward from her feet to her sports pants. She also wears black gloves on her hands.

Custom Buster: Slung across the heroine's back is an ebony white bow, the wooden part intricately designed to resemble two wings. The string is composed of pure energy, where the angel of justice pulls it back, generating pink arrows of energy to rain upon her opponents.

Charge Shot: Two other wings extend horizontally from bow, while a handle extends from the arrow notch. Red charges her energy into one shot, sending a pink energy ball of destruction flying at the opponent.

Fluff: All chips will maybe sort of resemble arrows.
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*Thinks he has the proper credentials to approve a .GMO and points to the sticky post* Sounds good to me. Approved.