McAllister Greyson and PhotonMan

Alright, I have decided to ditch Chaos in light of the increasing RP difficulty. Mainly, all of the evil characters are dying out and I didn't create Chaos just so I could have him run around in costume. I have talked with Eon and he said it would be fine for me to keep my BattleChips and Legacy Items. Also, I would like to reserve the right to turn the current battle that Chaos is in into a cool, uber awakening for a boss I have in mind.

Anyway....Here goes.


Name: McAllister "Mac" Greyson

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mac is tall for his age, standing at around 6'3 and weighing 220lbs. He is strong and good in a fight, though he prefers to let his words do the talking. Mac's father was a boxer and he was trained to fight in the ring as well, but he gave up the sport in college to pursue a career in journalism. Still, his body remembers his training and he is still muscular and toned. He is white, though tanned, with jet black hair and bright green eyes. Mac generally dresses in a conservative manner, slacks and a dress shirt and often a tie. His most prized possessions are a brown fedora and trench coat that once belonged to his grandfather. Mac carries around a backpack and inside is a VR helmet modeled after PhotonMan's helmet. With it, Mac can hook up the PET to see the battle from PhotonMan's perspective and live out his dream of being a superhero/journalist.

Personality: Mac is a smart guy, preferring books and writing despite his father's insistence on becoming a boxer. As a child he idolized two people, his grandfather who was a prize winning journalist and Thomas Turner, a comic book character who was a journalist turned superhero. All through-out his mandatory boxing training, he dreamed of one day becoming a journalist...Or perhaps a superhero. And when he turned eighteen, he decided that he would do both. To him, PhotonMan is an extension of himself. PhotonMan is a superhero and the embodiment of Mac's dream.

PET Modifications: A black and white color scheme and a cord that links up to his helmet to allow for VR battling.


Name: PhotonMan "The Light of Justice"

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Type: Cursor

Appearance: PhotonMan is a bit above average height for a Navi, the Net Equivalent of 6'2". He has a lithe, athletic build that is quite suitable for a heroic Navi that relies of speed and agility. He wears a jet black bodysuit of the standard Navi variety, skin-tight as to not hamper his movements. His gloves and boots are a soft white that contrasts perfectly with the black bodysuit. On each wrist, attached to the gloves, is a 6" metallic device. The metal shines like platinum and each device has a series of unmarked, jet black buttons. At the side of each device, on the end closest to PhotonMan's fists, is a small, oval hole. PhotonMan wears a utility belt, the colors matching his gloves and boots, around his waist, There was several compartments on the belt, each housing various crime fighting gadgets. PhotonMan's helmet, the same white color as the rest of his accessories, is sleek and features a futuristic design. The visor on the helmet is black and only covers his eyes, allowing him full use of his mouth for dashing facial expressions. Underneath the helmet, PhotonMan has jet black hair and bright green eyes. Around his neck, PhotonMan wears a long, white scarf that trails behind him when he runs.

Personality: PhotonMan is a hero of justice. He truly believes that it is his duty to defend the Net from the evils that lurk within its underbelly. He is overly fond of using cliche expressions when fighting and has a habit of shouting out the names of his attacks when caught up in the heat of battle. He has a hard time stopping himself from jumping to the rescue of any Navi in need and Mac has to tell him time and again to be on the look out for traps and ploys. PhotonMan thinks of Mac as a great friend and companion, looking to his NetOp for advice whenever he is unsure of how to proceed. Whether he actually heeds said advice is another matter entirely.

Custom Weapon: Photon Blaster ~ PhotonMan fires beams of white light from a device set on his left wrist.

Signature Attack: Rhadamanthine Blade ~ A blade of light forms from the device on PhotonMan's right wrist. He charges forward, slashing at his foe and then thrusts the blade forward. The blade shatters, the light immobilizing the target. (50 Elec damage divided into two hits, plus stun 4TCD [Can be divided to strike two opponents if they are in immediate melee range. Stun only effects second target])

Edit: The new cooldown thingy...Would this be a 2 TCD then?
Ayup. The sig IS 2x 25 + stun to 1, right?

Anyways, approved when you brainstorm a way to get your loot RP-wise.
Correct. As for a reason...

Well, distraught over his failure at deleting Chaos, and in fact causing Chaos to become more powerful than ever before, Rayth falls into a spiral of petty theft and thievery. Basic snatch and grab, purse stealing, low level crap. McAllister, being a journalism student, figures that a tracking down a petty thief would be good, relatively safe, experience. So, he starts asking around, investigating the crime spree, and eventually tracks down Rayth. He follows the guy, watching him, and sees Rayth steal the purse of a little old lady. Mac's a good guy and he wouldn't let that stand so he chases after Rayth and tackles him. The two fight a bit and Rayth ends up escaping, leaving the purse on the ground. However, his Chip pack(Containing his BattleChips, subchips and other various NetBattling things), now useless as he doesn't have a Navi, falls out of his pocket. Rayth doesn't bother to try and retrieve the pack from Mac and runs off. Mac returns the purse and the pack to the old lady, but she says that the pack isn't hers. Mac turns the pack in at the local Police station as lost and found, but no one claims the pack and, as per the rules, the Police offer the pack to Mac.

How does that sound? It isn't the best RP excuse, but it does fit the characters exceptionally well and it is entirely plausible.
Indeed. I'll go with that. Eagerly looking forward to reading it.

Rebirth approved.