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Shur Talked to me about an awesome theme. Thing is, that was the theme I was saving for my sigs. But then again I'd have to get maxed sing-limits and a WHOLE LOT OF EXTRA THINGS (like the mods would let me do that). Kobo is not a shape changer (Theres a difference, shape shifters have different pre-set forms, shape CHANGERS can have different forms.) [Also, I still have a use for GMO's, after all, how else will Kobo change clothes?]

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Quote (Changes)

Name: KoboZen
Gender: M
Element: Normal
Subtype: Normal

Appearance: Kobo is a yellow Canine furry with orange wings, however, this is only his default form. Kobo is a shape changer, meaning he can morph his body to fit his needs. This does not give him the ability to dodge attacks by morphing his body. His armor is a nearly full body suit that is teal with red designs around the chest, waist, and shoulders and yellow designs around the legs, arms, and neck.  The armor can change to fit the form he choses to take, but thats it. His wings don't move very much, unless he intends to or he is startled.

Personality: In words, Kobo's personality is binary made up of 7, 9, L, and 5. In a color, it is Uglki. Kobo is happy all of the time. He is completely random, or else I wouldn't of said that stuff about his personality. He always welcomes new friends, especially playmates. Most often he acts like a 3 year old on a sugar high, minus the whining. One of his favorite activities is to hide behind/in something, slowly come out, say something, and slowly go back behind/in whatever the object was.  How he does this, no one knows.

BATTLE KOBO: Kobo has a spare personality stored away, simply called the "auto-trainer". This personality appears whenever Kobo enters battle as it was created by his programmer as a trainer for newbie netops/a protection against Kobo's default personality. He will give out orders to his operator again and again. Kobo usually does not take enough care to remember what happens in auto-trainer mode, yet he is fully capable of doing so. Battle Kobo seems a natural veteran and does not like to be lectured. He also is triggered whenever Kobo feels he needs to be activated. The auto trainer will be a guide to Zeen during any non-battle activation to the best of his ability, yet the other Kobo will often trigger him for no good reason. The auto-trainer deactivates in these times at his own will. He says that the toggle phrase will turn him off, yet will not repeat it to anyone, even Zeen.

Custom weapon: Anything - Kobo is a shape changer, and therefore can change his body to fit the battlechip or whatever attack he is using.

Other programs: Eating program - Kobo's eating program is actually a one way portal. Whatever goes in ends up inside of his PET's refrigerator. It can only go one way at a time, unless Kobo sticks a body part in there (as a safety measure against Kobo trying to detach his hand due to his random nature)

Quote (Pruned things)

He loves cookies, and anything that resembles a cookie

Kobo has characteristics of a wolf/fox person. His fur is yellow, and he has a hot pink nose. His eyes give off a glint of red, but they are turquoise. his hair is all underneath his helmet, which is teal with purple patterns on it.

He has a tail, that of a wolf. He also has orange wings (fully orange, not charizard). The wings have a flame pattern to them in different shades of orange.

(ok, the base, but that's a given to wearing it in the first place).

Spear - a decorative, leaf patterned spear. It fires out of the other end, and will sharpen/etc. when melee chips are used. Kobo makes this appear whenever necessary, and can dismiss it at any time. It comes and goes with random "effects"

He smiles all of the time, and can perform various emote-like actions.

and will do stupid things just because


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