H.E.R.O. Synthesis

H.E.R.O. Synthesis:

After the 'death' of the Metool Hero, Seraphim had absorbed several elements of the Hero, but not enough to fully imitate him with a Synthesis. Instead, Seraphim managed to create something like a costume along with a fragment of the Metool Hero's personality, which grows as he continues to wear the H.E.R.O. 'Synthesis'. Seraphim deeply regrets the disappearance of the Metool Hero from the party, the events of the battle with 'The Corrupted Hero' blurry in his mind due to the interference and influence of the 'M.E.L.E.E. Synthesis', along with the 'R.A.S.S. Synthesis'. Seraphim continues to nurture the spirit of the 'New Hero' as he travels through the world, one day hoping to somehow realize the form of the fragment of the once-great hero.

Description:When taking upon the Hacked, Exemplar of Resisting Oppression Synthesis, Seraphim's body is encased by gleaming armor, a synthetic flexible brown material covering the areas that are not protected to allow for flexibility. The helmet is designed as a Half-helmet with a visor that is opaque and conceals the eyes with a small black + in the center. A scarf-cloak covers Seraphim's lower face, obscuring from the upper nose down. The scarf connects to a cape extending from the back of the breastplate. Small spikes emerge from both the elbows and the kneecaps of the armor, as well as the top of upper arm protectors. A curved dirk protrudes from the lower arm protector, resembling slightly a pickaxe as it curves near the wrist, but not enough to touch or hinder its movements, but as a possible weapon if needed. The chestplate is segmented at the top and bottom, the symbol in the center being that of two lines near-crossing each other like a target with a smaller o on the inside of the 'target'. On the scarf-cape, there is also a † extending on the otherwise silver cape.

Custom Weapon: Scythe-Axe: Rather than using the giant blade of the Metool Hero, Seraphim instead converted the data of the weapon of Metools everywhere into his weapon, creating a long pickaxe-like weapon, with a scythe-blade instead of the pointed end, and an extremely sharp chisel-like end resembling something like an axe.
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