SP: Dueler

Name: Dueler
Sex: Male
Appearance: Dueler has the same skin and eyes color as juggler. Dueler looks like he has no forms of armor on him, because all forms of armor just get in the way of his dueling. He has a red bandana on his head. His shirt is a tight red shirt, and he has semi-tight red pants, which give him a better ability to move around. His hair is a brown, and it is pretty short hair.
Personality: Dueler is also a bit of a wise-guy. As he fights he likes to taunt his opponet while he battles. He know Juggler very well, because Dueler is part of Jugglers "Show." Dueler loves to fight, but he can pick his battles wisely. Dueler also likes to be a show-off a lot.
Element: None
Subtype: Sword
Weapon: A single Rapier

Read the rules on support programs. You need to find one on a battle of 5, 10, or 15, and beat it. THEN you can register one.