Name: Seafoam.exe
Gender: Female
Type: Aqua
Subtype: Ground (Passive: Pathfinder; Active: Geomancer)
Appearance: Seafoam is a slim navi standing about five feet tall, with blue-green eyes, off-white hair, and tanned skin. Be default, she wears a wrap around her chest, with two wide straps going over her shoulders, and short.
Personality: Mostly carefree, Seafoam is rarely overly concerned about anything, and just wants to enjoy life. This includes battle; she is unlikely to show fear except under dire circumstances. It should probably go without saying that Seafoam particularly enjoys partially or entirely aquatic terrain (ie. Areas with decent amounts of Onsen or Sea tiles.).
Custom Weapon: A single-flue harpoon.
Signature Attacks (80/80):
Wave Strike: Seafoam launches a wave along the ground to strike a target.
NOTES: Pathfinder increases accuracy to A/C. Second accuracy rank is against flying enemies, who may be out of reach of the attack entirely.
40 Aqua; Ground (Acc B/D) - 1 TCD, 40 points
High Tide: Seafoam floods the battlefield with seawater, perfect for swimming.
Large-Area Sea Terrain Change - 1 TCD: 40 points