SPecial Medicine (SP Mission Request)

((EDIT: I realised right after I posted this that I should have waited until my signature attack registrations were sorted! Sorry! DX))

"Hello all. I'm Torrent. I've got a bit of a problem and I was hoping someone here could help me out. I've got this... horse-thing living in my PET. But it’s, like, sick? It complains about being hungry all the time, but nothing I feed it seems to work and just makes it angry. Plus, it’s leaving virus tentacles all over my house!

Please, can someone help? Does anyone know a way to cure it? I’ll work for it!



((Requesting SP Mission. If the mission involves the medicine needed for the horse, even better, but it could just be a reward. I intend to turn the horse into the SP.))
Greetings Torrent.Exe!

We've assessed your case and matched you with a specialist whom we believe suites your situation. Please read the case response below. If you find it suitable, we can arrange meeting and communication.


((the enclosed response clearly denotes two speakers, taking turns))
"Hungry but the food's no good, huh?"
"And leaving cast-offs too..."
"Poor fella, glad you told us about this one. Most folks'd hear virus and just blast first."
"Impatient buggers..."
"Look, we can't say exactly what the issue is, just from that, but I reckon we can sort it out if we have a good look. Sounds like a nasty problem though. Might need some specialist stuff, and that's usually costly to hire the muscle to get it..."
"Unless you're a capable type yerself?"
"Right, yeah, in that case, maybe a bit of fair exchange if that's what it needs."
"Sounds like we should come see your problem anyhow."
"If it suites you, of course. We'll come by where you're keeping the poor fella, and take a look, and then sort out a solution once we know more, sound good?"

- CareFilly & BoltColt

If this match up is acceptable please respond and we'll forward the relevant contact details.

-Global Network Adminsitration
“Hello CareFilly & BoltColt, thank you so much for answering my request! I’ve had a similar encounter with a trigger-happy navi, and I’m glad to hear that not everyone is like that. I’ll send you the link to where you can meet me.

And thank you, GNA, for your assistance with this matter!


((I was planning to create a Homepage that links here, which I feel is a sensible landing point for visiting a PET, unless you had something else in mind?))
we are pleased to know this is acceptable. The applicants have been notified of your acceptance and the relevant contact details have been forwarded. Best of luck with your case.

-Global Network Administration

((That's fine; If you'd like to make a suitable homepage to represent where Torrent is currently housing HayWyre, the NPCs will meet you there))
Torrent's Link: (HippieTHG.pnk)