Split Man

Name: Chadwick Satyr
Age: 23
Gender: Males
Appearance: Somewhat tall and lanky, he doesn't particularly look all that threatening. His hair is brown with a center part. Not particularly astonishing. His skin is a very pale tan with brown-red eyes that look odd.
Personality: Easy going, generally will do what is asked of him. Enjoys drawn out conversations, but doesn't talk that much. Uses 'OK' a-lot. People don't seem to dislike him like they do his little brother.
PET Modifications: There is a clip attached so that it is harder to lose, nothing really special though.


Element: Normal
Type: Recover
Appearance: Splitman has a sort of tangly tall look. Normally fairly hunched over though not particularly special. His body is covered mostly with dark gray armor. His legs are unusually long looking because of their thickness, but go up no higher than a human's would. His only remarkable aspect is his left arm, which is larger than the other side, beginning with an unusually large shoulder pad and descending down to a thick, more mechanical looking extremity.

Personality: Splitman normally has a very calm personality, almost sort of meek. He is fairly intelligent, but seems rather naive, overall a fairly nice and comforting personality. In battle, though, he has been known to have his personality change dramatically, becoming cunning and arrogant. He seems to lose most-all of his mercy and gain a new emotion, rage.

Custom Weapon: Left Arm- Normally, it fires small shield-orbs that he can covert to repair others. After he changes, though, he will generally rip-off his left arm and wield it as a weapon in battle, either clubbing people with it directly, or using the detached cables and wielding as a sort of flail.

Signature Attack: Mind Shift
Split Man shifts into another personality. Either changing into a blue-eyed recovery type Navi who is kind and intelligent if a bit naive , or changing into a red eyed fighter with a cold heart and a sort of basic cunning. The second transformation is generally followed by him tearing off his own left arm, with a crude and comparatively useless robotic skeleton of an arm jettisoning out from the shoulder, a weak mockery of the arm that was removed. There is some debate other whether it is a completely different personality takes hold or if it is merely a change in mood. Only Split Man seems to know, and he hasn't said anything.

Functionally: Split Man switches between break and recover type. Cool-down: 2 Turns

Legacy Items: Rapid +1 Attack +1
Chips: Sword Shotgun and Cannon (if anyone really cares I can choose chips that I did not start with)
... Add a duration to that. Do you expect to be raging for entire battles?
Perhaps I should clarify, it isn't a temporary change, nor is it berserk rage. It is a completely different mindset or mode of thought. Actually, he needs to use the sig attack a second time just to change back.
After IM conversation, approved.