The broadcast opens, as usual, on a pair of newscaster navis. Once more they've donned their token effort at seasonal attire: the male navi is dressed in a sharp black suit, but tailored in a way that suggests an older era, while his skin has been powdered up to look deathly pallid. A set of fake fangs peek out from the top of his mouth, while the buttons on his white undershirt are made to look like little silver bats. Beside him, the female news anchor is wearing a distantly gothic-styled dress, with an off the shoulder design, and a pair of red fang marks, complete with small trials of blood, on her exposed neck.

The set, too has been decorated; fake cobwebs are visible at the corners of the shot, and the backdrop is of an ancient castle, beneath a full moon, rather than the usual city-scape live feed. Once again, someone seems to have gotten their wires crossed and decorated the spider webs with plastic bats by mistake. The female anchor flashes a smile.

“Greetings for the spooky season from your news server! It's that time of year again, when the young and young at heart get up to mischief and prowl the night seeking treats to sate their hunger for horror!”

“That's right, Mina, and this season, in between the spiced drinks and scary movie marathons, Soryu's Chip Shop is sponsoring another chip-trading charity event.” The male anchor took over smoothly with the barest glance at his notes. Most impressive was the delivery of his lines while fighting to prevent his plastic fangs from causing unprofessional lisps. He managed, just. “Just donate a chip to the event email address, and you'll receive a new chip in return, courtesy of Soryu.”

“It's very generous, John, isn't it?” The female anchor picked up again, with a constructed smile for her co-host. “These trades help generate donations for a number of charities and non-profit ventures, this year focusing on navigators in need. Each chip trade sponsors a matched donation! The event will be running all through the spooky season, so there's plenty of time to make your trade.”

“There certainly is, Mina, but don't delay, because the turn around from the mailing lines is prompt and you could be out there making mischief with your new chip in minutes! Details for the mailing lines will be on your screen now, and remember to play safe and stay safe these holidays.” The war against his false fangs was beginning to get the better of him, but he soldiered on bravely while his co-host took over.

“From all of us here at your News Server, have a spooky night!”


((This year's hallows event can be found Here! Normal trader rules for events apply, further details in the email thread.))