Name: VoodooMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: By all appearances as a suave freak made to order, VoodooMan truly looks as though he's walked out of some ritualistic party-time, or perhaps an anime of some sort. Dressed in a long black coat, almost fit for a two piece suit if not for the long coattails, and suit pants to follow, VoodooMan looks sharp for a Navi so aptly named after a form of witchcraft. He's entirely covered from head to toe, the entirety of his head hidden under a tied burlap sack, and only cut holes from which blue eyes peer are the only facial details he has visible to the public. A large hat, one practically fit for rituals and even lined with bones, sits perfectly atop his head. It's not quite a bowler hat, given its flattened top, but isn't nearly tall enough to be a top-hat typically seen for Voodoo-Festival Wear. A ghostly aura, almost fit to an anime or manga character powering up, flares around him during combat.
Personality: Charming and cunning, VoodooMan, usually being referred to as Voodoo, or by some closer folks he knows, Mr. Voo (or Mr. Voodoo), Voo's aims to please. While outwardly charming, seeking to draw the attention and perhaps love of others, Voo in his deepest sense wants nothing more than to see his NetOp happy, and enjoying life again. VoodooMan is deeply reverent of friendship, and cherishes even small events, even if he doesn't outwardly state it. When Voodoo is eventually pushed over the edge, his charisma bottoms out, vouched for a more direct approach, and to lay waste with a bit of southern charm to whatever he's got in front of him.
Custom Weapon: Ghostly Buster - A phantasmal buster that appears over his shoulder at a given time. Translucent, and attached to an arm, it fires off at the point of his finger.

Passive and Active Cursor Effects
Passive: Marksmanship
Active: Snipe

Signature Attacks
Total Sig Points - 80
Total Used - 80
Distributed Points
Stand To The Occasion: 40
A Little Guardian Angel: 40

Stand To The Occasion!~
8 x 5 (or 40) Null Damage, Shot Type
VoodooMan summons a skeletal, heel-like Navi phantom at the wave of a hand. He's quite the Dorito Shaped creature, and his arms are massive. Once summoned, VoodooMan points to a single target, holding the brim of his hat with the other hand. The Phantom at this command, dashes forward and delivers a series of five blows. In truth (while not having any effect on statistical calculation), these are a series of rapid blows so quick, they connect all at once.
Cooldown: One Turn

A Little Guardian Angel!~
Counter - (On Hit) 20 Null Damage + Knockback2
The energy that surrounds VoodooMan in combat flares to life! His ghostly friend lays ready behind him, and just as he takes a heat, that being surges forward, delivering a mean gut punch straight to whatever decided it was going to deal damage to VoodooMan! Mind you, he still gets HIT, but the other critter is forced to think about what they've done after being sent back a good ways with a gut check.
Cooldown: One Turn