Name: Sarah Stone
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Appearance: Sarah has long, blonde hair which she usually keeps as straight as possible, when permissible. Her skin is fair, and her eyes are green. Sarah has a fit, but not overly athletic build, and stands about 5'8". Her face is about averagely shaped for her build, although she does have a horizontal line of freckles that runs from one side to the other across her nose. She has two facial scars, one being a vertical line across her left eye, and the other being a cross shape on her right cheek. She also has an X shaped scar across her back, from her shoulders to just above her pliant posterior. Her bust is larger than average, (DD), and she tends to wear clothing that accentuates this. Most of what she wears are tracksuits, and she tends to leave the jacket open around her chest and higher. She's usually wearing running shoes, and fingerless leather gloves, with holes cut out for her knuckles.
Personality: Sarah is traumatized by things that went on in her upbringing that should not have happened. Because of this, she has very strong misandronistic feelings. She also likes to set things on fire, and enjoys toying with people. Sarah only holds back for the sake of drawing out her enjoyment, and doesn't like having her moments spoiled. However, that madness is only one part of her. She also likes sunbathing, swimming, boxing, and free-running. Sarah doesn't back down from a fight, especially with men. She doesn't feel the need to have friends, and just wants to make the world pay for the way she suffered when she was younger.
PET Modifications: Black with glowing red anarchy symbol, and a glowing orange fire symbol.