--Operator of MidKnight.EXE--

Name: Orion Sinclair
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Appearance: A prim and beautiful woman with shoulder length blonde hair tied up in a fashionable cone. She wears deep purple eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, as well as silvery crescent moon earrings. She clothes herself in high quality fashion, opting today for a long luxurious salmon scarf, a pale pink coat over a black dress, high quality jeans and heel-less dress shoes.

Personality: Orion is, to put it briefly, a spoiled brat who has matured into a demanding pain in the rear. She’s been a model, a singer, a t.v. star and a fiancée, but with time her rotten nature made those pursuits wither into nothing. Once the star child of the proud Sinclair family, she’s ended up squandering their name and dragging it through the mud with her. Now she meanders from one half-bright occupation to the other, bungling into a myriad of scandals and controversies that have tarnished what reputation she has left. Her failures and inevitable self-loathing cause her to lash out with barely concealed frustration.

She takes these frustrations out on her Navigator, MidKnight, who obeys her every whim. While Orion does feel bad about how she treats MidKnight, the navi’s persistent obedience and willingness to help a terrible person like Orion infuriates her, leading to a cycle of mild mistreatment.

PET Modifications:Orion’s PET is a high-class model with luxurious leather grip and silver lining. It’s been shaped like a crescent moon, with clips at each point that allow it to be attached to her belt.

--Starting Inventory--

0 zenny.
2 MiniEnergy Subchips.
Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, Recover30
NaviCust: Undershirt and HP +50.