Name: Sophia Valens
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Sophia has dyed the tips of her curly brown hair a bright pink. She's pretty short at 5'2. She keeps fairly active for a teenager but hops between activities too much/soon to really have any noticeable effect on her physique. Cargo shorts and a shirt with a crazy graphic splashed across the front tends to be Sophia's low-effort wear. The more abstract the design or outrageous the colors the better. She does have a portion of her closet full of dresses and skirts and likes to joke that she inherited her fancy fashion sense from her Sharoan mother and her practical wear from her Netopian father.

Sophia is an activity butterfly. She flits from club to club at school. She likes learning and doing new things, and not always in that order. Approaching a person is easy but approaching a group (like a table of friends, members of a new club, etc) is hard. She tends to suggest and carry out plans above her means of execution without a sensible enough person to keep her grounded.

PET Modifications: An older style PET with a few aesthetic changes. The main body is black with bright green buttons and trimming. Has a few scrapes on the bottom and wear and tear from a past life of high activity.