Name: Aisling.EXE

Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Cursor

Appearance: 9 inches tall with long, dark green hair  and a tiny pixie body. She has very bright, vivid green eyes and sharp, pointed teeth. Like any pixie, she has pointy ears and iridescent bug-like wings. She wears a cute dress with a flared skirt made of butterfly wings, and brown boots. From a distance she looks very small and cute, but close up she has a rather frightening face and black tattoos around her eyes, flaring outwards towards her cheeks like long fingers. 

Personality: A very loud, outspoken pixie. She wants to be strong and prove herself, so she is eager to battle and join quests. She obsessively hunts for treasure, and responds well if offered a reward for a quest. Aisling likes being around Vera because she can relate to the way they both crave power and control. 

Custom Weapon: An antique looking revolver with a wooden handle, which is etched with golden filigree. In the center is an emblem, two guns crossed with the barrels pointing upwards. The gun itself is double the size of Aisling, so it is a mystery how she keeps it on hand.

An image of Aisling

Signature Attacks:

Name: Gunshot 
The revolver goes BANG! Aisling is very small, so the force of the BANG! tends to throw her around.
Effects: 50 Wood, Shot type, Knockback; 2TCD

Name: Blank Round
The revolver goes BANG!, but instead of a bullet, a shot of air pushes Aisling in the direction she aims herself.
Effects: Knockback x2; 1TCD

HP +50