The winter sun crept below the horizon under the cover of gray, dreary clouds as the city traffic began to pick up again as the city traffic began to pick up again for the evening rush.
Blaise, sitting in a cozy booth, stared outside at the cityscape, his tea steaming into the light above his table. electronic lounge music quietly peppered the atmosphere of the dim restaurant and the smell of nearby food only fueled Blaise's hunger. He pulled his PET out of a vest pocket, to be greeted by Baccarat, who was killing time by playing a game of pool. He seemed to be ignoring Blaise at first

"Hey you", Blaise spoke, "You care to grace me with your presence?"

Not having heard Blaise, the navi continued looking at the pool table, trying to figure out how to line up his next shot


The navi was startled by Blaise's sarcastically loud tone and messed his shot up, scratching the cue-ball. He groaned a little bit to himself, but still kept a positive demeanor for his operator. After all, at least it wasn't a real game.

"Yeah yeah," he said sarcastically, "I'm on it, and besides, what's wrong with passing the time?"

"Well, what am I supposed to do while you're shooting pool? twiddle my thumbs?"

"It's not my job to keep you entertained, kiddo."

Blaise rolled his eyes and was about to say something, but a waitress approached his table with his meal in a to-go bag: A flat-bread pizza.

"Thank you ma'am"

Blaise left a tip on the table and took his bag and PET. He walked out of the door and back to his apartment. It's been a long time since he had a day off work like this, he was ready to use the internet. After slightly rushing upstairs to his room, he settled down and scarfed down his pizza.

"Alright Baccarat, you ready to go virus busting?" Blaise asked, stretching his arms out.

Baccarat smiled "You know it, partner. Its been forever since we've been on the net."

Blaised smiled. Even though he knew that the relationship with his navi was most likely 99% sass, he knew Baccarat was a good friend. Regardless of what they said to eachother, they always seemed to work well in battle, as if they both shared the exact strategy for dealing with enemies.
"Alright, its been awhile, so lets start out in ACDC net to warm up a bit. We can head to internet city a bit later."

Blaise held up his PET.
"Jack in, Baccarat; Execute!"

The connection was a success and sent his navi over the web