Detective Red reporting!

Thrown in the entryway without warning, Red tumbled through the area and came to a stop when she collided with a desk.

"Aaaaargh~" Red whined, sending the restaurant directions to Shin as she tried to recover.

"Good work," Shin complimented as he got the directions and headed out. "Taxi!" he yelled, waving frantically at the road.

"Mmm... yoooou're weeelllc-come," Red started, getting up, but still pretty dizzy.

"Haha, why don't you sign up for a mission since you have the chance?" Shin suggested as he got in the taxi and relayed the directions to the driver, who nodded and drove off.

"O-ooo-ooookaaaay~" Red warbled, wobbling back and forth as she tried accessing the mission BBS.
"Got a mission?" Shin inquired, walking out of the cab into the cold Sharonian air after paying his fare and walking briskly into the restaurant that had been recommended. It certainly was lively.

"Yup! I'm heading for Scilabs right now to do it! How'd it go on your end?" Red asked curiously, walking out of the NetPolice HQ.

"Yeah, it's going fine. I'm waiting for a bit I guess," Shin replied, nodding to thank the waitress for the information as he leaned against a wall. It was sort of crowded, but the wait was only 15 minutes. What could go wrong?

"Alright then! I'm heading off!" Red exclaimed, saluting as she moved out.

"Have a safe trip," Shin mumbled, sighing and eyeing the restaraunt. At least it was warm...