SP Mission: Nitro's Escort Service

Nitro appeared in a flash of green light. Taking a look around, he began talking to his operator. "Is this the place?"

"Should be," Chris replied. "I sent you to the coordinates specified."

"Alright," Nitro said. He decided to stay where he was, taking another quick look around to gain a better understanding of his surroundings.
There wasn't anything of immediate interest except for a tower of billowing smoke just over a small ridge. Nitro hoped his mission wasn't over before it began and quickly hurried to the scene. Peering over the rocky obstacle, he was quickly rendered speechless at what lay before him:

A decimated warzone, with fires and downed navis everywhere, composed of two sides - those dressed in a white armour and those dressed in black. It was impossible to tell who was delivering the payload and who was attacking it at this point. Many were on the verge of being EJO'd with some just barely struggling to keep themselves together. In the middle of the horrific scene, a large metallic blue cargo container had been blasted open by heavy weapons fire and whatever used to be inside was now gone.

A loud howl resounded from the other side of the container that sounded like a virus. On the other hand, there were navis everywhere that could use his assistance. Of course, this mission was officially over the moment Nitro saw the empty crate.

Terrain: 53% Sand, 13% Fire (lava), 21% Cracked, 10% Broken, 3% Normal

Nitro: 140 HP [Sand]

[Mission Start?]
"...Uh, Chris?" Nitro said slowly, looking at the scene layed out before him. "I... think we've got a problem."

"Holy- what happened?" Chris stammered.

"I'm not sure..." Nitro said. He slipped over the rocky outcropping and dropped down into the warzone. He began walking around, examining the carnage. "I guess some of these Navis were transporting that container, and had a run in with the other group. From the looks of things, though, a third party got in the middle of things and made off with whatever was inside." Nitro took another look around, and heard a howl coming from the other side of the container. He was somewhat hesitant to investigate, however, and instead decided to see if he could get some answers from someone. Taking a quick look around, he saw a black-clad Navi struggling a short distance away from him. He rushed over, and crouched down close to him. "Excuse me," Nitro said. "I'm Nitro. Can you tell me what happened here?"

"Nitro, don't you think you should help him first before you start asking him things?" Chris said. "He doesn't exactly look in any shape for conversation."

"Oh, right," Nitro said. He straightened up, and aimed his buster at the ground near the Navi. "Don't worry," Nitro said. "I'm just going to heal you a bit. Once I do, if you're feeling up to it, I'd like to ask you some questions. Now, take a deep breath." With these words, Nitro fired the tiny, golden explosive at the ground, releasing a cloud of restorative chemicals. Assuming the healing grenade had worked, Nitro tried to help pick the navi up into a sitting position. "Now, can you explain what happened here?"

1: Examine surroundings
2: Locate Black Navi
3: Use Healing Hand Grenade to heal Black Navi (60heal + Blast1)(2tcd)
4: Question Black Navi

Healing Hand Grenade: Used this turn
"Who- Who are you?" The black navi coughed, even after being partially repaired by the special bomb, "Aghh... Doesn't matter... We were on guard detail... Ambushed by these guys outta nowhere... Took out half my group. We fought back and there was an explosion and then... Then..."

The navi went limp. He seemed like he was going to make it, but his energy had just given out. Nitro tried to reawaken him but there was no response. He laid the navi back down and wondered what to do next and whether he should believe the words of one participant. For all Nitro knew, that story was a desperate fabrication to enlist his help. Meanwhile, the howling had stopped, replaced by the sounds of crackling fires and a harsh wind.

Terrain: 53% Sand, 13% Fire (lava), 21% Cracked, 10% Broken, 3% Normal

Nitro: 140 HP [Sand]
Nitro straightened up and patted himself off, after the Navi expired. "You get all that, Chris?"

"I did..." Chris said. "But I'm not sure if we should go on his word alone. Maybe you should ask one of the white Navis what happened next. I think we should learn as much as possible, seeing as we could've been a part of this scene if you had arrived earlier."

Nitro made a quick scan of the battlefield, and located a white-garbed Navi a short distance away. He walked over to him, and knealt down beside him. "Excuse me," Nitro said. "My name is Nitro, I was sent here on a mission from the GNA," He made certain not to reveal which side he was to be on, but continued. "If you're up to it, can you tell me what happened here?"
The white armoured navi seemed to be in better condition than the other one Nitro had just talked to. The black speckled patterns on the white armour, purposely added as a form of decoration, reminded Nitro of a die. He was in healthy enough to talk, but in no condition to fight.

"Perfect - Back-up. Yeah, we were just bringing the crate to the boss and then those other guys started shooting at us! Everything went to hell from there. We totally didn't expect this at all! Glad, you're here though! Help us finish off those other guys before they call for reinforcements! You trust me, right?"

Terrain: 53% Sand, 13% Fire (lava), 21% Cracked, 10% Broken, 3% Normal

Nitro: 140 HP [Sand]
"Uh, I guess..." Nitro was unsure of how to proceed. He then opened up private communications with Chris. "Well, this guy seems legit. He did seem to know that I was going to be here, and he was here doing what we were sent to do,"

"Yeah," Chris agreed. "That other guy didn't seem to know much, as far as your being here. I say we stick with this guy, figure out where whatever was that crate is."

"Sounds like a plan," Nitro said. He turned back to the white-armoured navi. "Yeah, I think I trust you." He took another quick look around at the Navis among the field before continuing. "Though it doesn't seem like anyone here is going to be able to call for reinforcements anytime soon. This place is a mess." Nitro took another glance over toward the now empty container. "Though it might be a good idea to locate the former contents of the container. Do you think you can stand?" Nitro offered his arm to help the die-like navi right himself.
The white navi attempted to stand with Nitro's help but quickly shook his head and gave up, "Nope. Nope. Screw this, I'm gonna jack-out. ARghhh... Go see if anyone else in white needs help. WHITE. Oh and don't even talk to those other dark navis or believe anything they say. Just shoot em'. They'll probably lie to you or tell you we attacked them or something."

And with that, he disappeared in a white beam of light.
Nitro watched the white armoured Navi disappear. He decided to contact his operator once again. "Well, Chris, what'ya reckon?"

"I dunno, he seemed pretty adamant that we don't talk to the black navis," Chris said. "That does raise a few questions in my head."

"Chris, they allegedly attacked them, while they were doing what we were supposed to," Nitro said. "I dunno, I still feel like we should keep helping the white guys."

"Alright, you do that," Chris said. "And we'll play a little 'Where's an Egg?'."

"Where's an Egg?" Nitro said, confused by Chris's analogy.

"It was an old foreign video game," Chris said. "My point is, we'll keep asking these guys questions, and if the navis stories don't match up, we'll know which side is lying, and which side is ours."

"Seems logical," Nitro said. "Alright, let's get moving." Nitro jogged over to the closest white Navi, and knelt down beside it. "Hi there, I'm Nitro," he said. "If you're feeling up to it, I'd like to ask you some questions."
Before the white navi could answer, another howl erupted from behind the ruptured container. The downed navi trembled in fear, managing only to spout, "Oh god, it's coming back..." before activating a jack-out procedure to flee. Several other navis, both black and white did the same if they were able. Those who were too badly damaged or unconscious weren't as lucky. Several beams of light pierced the sky one after another as the mass exodus of navis marked the emergence of something Nitro had never seen before: A black Spikey virus.

It was almost 3 to 4 times the size of a normal one and bore a thick metallic collar on its neck and matching bands on each of its legs. Broken chain links of varying lengths trailed behind the binding cuffs. It crept out from behind the crate. It looked like Nitro had found what used to be inside.

Spikey Omega: 410 HP [sand]

Terrain: 53% Sand, 13% Fire (lava), 21% Cracked, 10% Broken, 3% Normal

Nitro: 140 HP [Sand]
Nitro's head whipped around as the howling sounded out from behind the container. "What the hell was-" Nitro began to say, but he was interrupted by the white navi. "Coming- what's coming back?" Nitro asked, but he didn't get a response from the navi before it jacked out. Nitro quickly stood up and spun around, watching navis of both colours dissapear from the ravaged field. "Chris..." Nitro said. "I've got a bad feeling about this..." He saw something move out of the corner of its eye, and spun around to face it, buster at the ready. Nitro was visibly shaking as he watched the monsterous form slowly emerge from behind the wrecked container. His mouth hung open, at a loss for words after viewing the hulking virus. It was Chris that quietly said the words best suiting the situation.

"Holy shit."

"Chris, s-send me something, quick," Nitro stammered.

"Wait a second, Nitro," Chris said. "Look at those chains. This thing is obviously what was in that crate."

"Yeah? So?"

"So, if we delete that thing, we'll fail the mission!" Chris said.

"I don't know if that's really a big issue at this point," Nitro said.

"Nevertheless," Chris continued. "It'd probably be a good idea to somehow incapacitate it, or maybe even tame it."

"TAME IT?! How in god's name do you expect me to tame it?"

"Well, for starters, maybe you should stop shouting so much." Chris said. "As hard as it may be for you, stay calm." A small shield appeared in front of Nitro. "We'll wait for it to make the first move. Just stay calm, and make it clear that you aren't scared."

"Unbelievable," Nitro mutered as he put up the shield in front of him. He kept his gaze firmly locked upon the giant Spikey, letting no fear show in his eyes. He began to slowly move closer to the virus, speaking in a calm, quiet voice. "It's okay," Nitro said. "Don't worry, I'm won't hurt you."

1: Guard1 defending Nitro
2: Move toward Spikey Omega
3: Attempt to calm Spikey Omega
4: (Dodge left)
The monstrous Spikey spotted Nitro but looked away, not really seeing him as a threat. It instead turned its attention to one of the inert black navis and nudged it with its nose before crunching down onto the body with its massive jaws. There was no response. With practically no effort, the virus lifted the poor helpless victim into the air and shook it around like a ragdoll. It finished its gruesome act by craning its neck up and swallowing the navi whole.

Nitro gripped his shield tightly while cooing soothing words to it.

Spikey Omega: 410 HP [Sand]

Terrain: 53% Sand, 13% Fire (lava), 21% Cracked, 10% Broken, 3% Normal

Nitro: 140 HP [Sand] [Guard1]
Nitro watched, disgusted and horrified, as the virus made a meal out of the black navi. "...Okay, I can't do this, I quit."


"Did you not just see what that thing did? It ate that navi whole. Personally, I don't want to be meeting that navi where he is right now."

"I understand your concern," Chris said. "But we've got a job to do here. Just try to get it under control."

Nitro looked back at the virus. "If anything goes wrong, Chris, I'm holding you personally responsible." Nitro continued edging closer to the virus, still speaking in a soft, soothing voice to the Spikey, though this time there was a hint of shakiness to it.

1+2: Move closer to Omega Spikey
3: Speak calmly to Omega Spikey
4: (Dodge left)
The Spikey galloped off a short distance to feast on another navi, a white one this time, showing that it held no respect or preference for who or what it consumed. The sound of armor cracking was interrupted by the sound of a shrill cry as the navi awoke to being bitten down on. He pleaded and screamed horrifically, but was finally silenced as the virus bit down harder and sent the limp body sliding down its throat. Meanwhile, Nitro scooted ever closer to the Spikey as much as it would allow. He was practically within touching distance. There had been no change in the situation and Nitro would probably need an actual plan of action instead of just approaching it with kind words.

Spikey Omega: 410 HP [Sand]

Terrain: 53% Sand, 13% Fire (lava), 21% Cracked, 10% Broken, 3% Normal

Nitro: 140 HP [Sand] [Guard1]
Nitro watched as yet another helpless navi was devoured by the giant Spikey. The navi's screams rung in his ears long after he was silenced. Nitro looked to be on the verge of dropping the Guard and running. "Come on, Chris, can't we just kill this thing and call it a day?" Nitro pleaded.

"Hold on, Nitro, let's just try to bring it around," Chris replied. "Just keep thinking about that SP."

Nitro let out a sigh. "Alright, but I'm still certain that this won't work." Nitro reached out with a shakey hand and touched the Spikey's leg. Not sensing any immediate reprecussions, he began rythmically scratching the virus's leg, still talking to it in a soft, yet shakey voice. "Hey buddy," Nitro said. "Who's a good... boy?" Nitro wasn't sure if the virus was male or female, or if viruses even had genders. Either way, he kept scratching, and silently praying it didn't suddenly decide he was its dessert.

1+2: Scratch Omega Spikey
3: (Dodge Left)
4: (Dodge Backward)
The large virus made an initial twitch to Nitro's scratching but continued to mind its own business. Eventually it let out a gaping yawn and left Nitro's side to found a nice roaring fire. It circled around it twice before resting on it. It lay in a slump, apparently fast asleep and it looked to be a pretty deep slumber, giving Nitro more time to search the area or continue coaxing the giant beast while it slept. There were still a handful of downed navis about, 2 black and 3 white who looked completely unresponsive.

Spikey Omega: 410 HP [Fire] [Sleep]

Terrain: 53% Sand, 13% Fire (lava), 21% Cracked, 10% Broken, 3% Normal

Nitro: 140 HP [Sand] [Guard1]
Nitro watched the beast saunter away and fall asleep on the fire. "Huh, Nitro said. "You know, when its asleep, it's almost cute. Almost."

"Yeah, it's adorable, let's focus here," Chris said. "We've still got to figure out what series of events led up to this hellish scene." Nitro examined the various navis strewn about the battlefield.

"Well, there's only about five navis left," Nitro noted. "And I don't think any of them'll be able to answer questions."

"There's more than one way of getting answers, Nitro," Chris said. "I suggest we frisk them and see if they've got anything that might tell us what we need to know."

"Looting corpses?" Nitro said. "Jeez, that's a little morally reprehensible, and coming from you?"

"You just watched that virus eat two navis, I think morality is just a handicap at this point," Chris said. "Now just do it."

"Alright, alright, jeez," Nitro said. "No need to get all snippy with me." Nitro walked over to the nearest navi, a white one, and began searching him, looking for clues. Satisfied that he had found all he can, he did the same to another nearby white navi, and the two blacks, trying to keep as quiet as possible, lest he wake up the Spikey. Hopefully, this would tell Nitro what he needed to know.

1: Search White Navi
2: Search White Navi
3: Search Black Navi
4: Search Black Navi
Nitro began his search starting with a nearby white navi. His hands probed pockets and around the edges of the armor but he avoided the groin. There was no reason to check there. None at all. The first body turned out to be totally devoid of anything useful other than a small file with a set of coordinates and a time. The coordinates were exactly where he was standing and the time was approximately 20 minutes ago...

Another white navi laid on the ground with heavy burns on his chest. It was a wonder that he didn't EJO. Nitro once again began to run his hands everywhere, patting the victim down for goods and he was lucky enough to find some unused Battlechip data! A Vulcan1 chip to be precise... With that kind of weaponry, it was pretty obvious why he went down so badly.

This time it was off to loot a black navi. The armor on these guys was weaker but they seemed to better armed judging by a large and heavily damaged M-Cannon still attached to his arm. No battlechip came up but he did find a map. It was of the local area with a course plotted out from where Nitro currently was and a point out in the middle of nowhere. The destination seemed to be some kind of heavily fortified compound. The pieces were starting to come together.

The next black navi was just as badly damaged as the first one. Before Nitro needed to even start his search, he spotted a bunch of purple fragments still clutched in the navi's hand. Nitro pried them out and claimed them as his own before continuing looting the body. Sadly, there was nothing else of interest.

Get: Vulcan1 Battlechip, Map.DAT, 50 Bugfrags
"Hmm..." Nitro said, pondering over what he had found. "That black navi had a map... looks like the black navis are our allies."

"Were our allies," Chris corrected. "And that white navi had a file with these exact coordinates, and a time about twenty minutes ago... you think it's possible that they were tipped off that something was coming through here?"

"Was going to be leaving from here, you mean," It was Nitro's turn to correct Chris. "From the looks of the map, the black navis were going to be leaving from here, but got ambushed by the white navis." Nitro idly ran the fragments he got from the other black navi through his hands, then focused on them a little more intently. "You know what these are, Chris?"

"I'm not sure... but I think those are Bugfrags," Chris said. "I read somewhere that they have something to do with SPs, but I can't remember what."

"Might as well hold onto them," Nitro said, transferring them to Chris. He looked over at the virus, and it seemed that it was still asleep. "Maybe we should move some of these guys out of the way." Nitro grabbed one of the black navis under his arms, and hoisted him up. He then took a quick look around, and dragged then navi over behind the destroyed shipping container. Laying him down gently, Nitro jogged over to the other black navi and did the same with him. Straightening up, Nitro took a quick look around, and saw that there was one white navi that he hadn't searched yet. He had probably learned all he could from the navis he had already searched, but it couldn't hurt to give him a once-over. Glancing back over to the Spikey to make sure that it was still asleep, Nitro jogged over to the white navi and began searching him.

1: Drag Black Navi behind container
2: Drag Black Navi behind container
3: Check Omega Spikey status
4: Search White Navi
Nitro dragged the two black navis to relative safety and finished up his search on the last white navi. As he frisked the body for more clues or side-rewards, the Spikey seemed roused from its slumber and sniffed the air near Nitro. He wondered why the Spikey was suddenly so interested in him, figuring it must have been something he touched or picked up.

Spikey Omega: 410 HP [Fire]

Terrain: 53% Sand, 13% Fire (lava), 21% Cracked, 10% Broken, 3% Normal

Nitro: 140 HP [Sand] [Guard1]