Welcome to New Vegas

Daisy appeared on the NetVegas networked and looked around her surroundings. The navi then looked at the Coordinates for her mission, and looked at the area again. Ok, I'm close to the coordinates now. They should be a bit further.... that way. Daisy thought, before moving on towards the location that the representative should be.
As Daisy neared the coordinates the GNA had given her, she found herself surrounded by tall buildings that no doubt served as private servers. Net Vegas was generally known for being crowded, filled with rowdy Navi looking to have a good time in the casino servers or pitting their strength against viruses in various tournaments. However, the area Daisy had arrived in was strangely deserted, junk data littering the pathways around the buildings. A NetPolice barricade blocked off a section of the path between two servers and the coordinates placed Daisy's meeting point just beyond it.

"Hey! Over here," came a fierce whisper from beyond the barricade. "I'll open the gates so you can enter. Just hurry up and get over here."

Daisy could see a humanoid figure within the shadow of one of the buildings waving to her. The NetPolice barricade blurred slightly, opening a path for Daisy to enter the abandoned pathway. The Navi began waving his arms more vigorously, silently beckoning Daisy to hurry through the opening.
"This area seems so-"

"-empty..." Both the navi and netop said, as Daisy looked around. The path she had taken was void of life, and littered with junk. She then saw the barricade, and looked at the coordinates. It seems that her destination would be just beyond it. Of course she then head something from the other side of the barricade speak to her, and saw an opening appear in the barricade. She also saw the humanoid waving at her.

That is probably the contact... Daisy thought, as she rushed past the opening.
The barricade sealed itself as Daisy slipped through, sealing her into the abandoned area of Net Vegas. The figure waved her closer toward the shadows cast by the looming buildings. As Daisy neared the man, her eyes were better able to penetrate the darkness. There were three figures in the shadows, one standing and two huddled against the side of the building.

"Thank the designer," the man muttered. "I thought you'd never get here. Keep quiet and try to stay out of sight. We were able to clear them away from the barricade for now to let you in, but they'll be back. They always come back."

The Navi who had spoke was dressed in a gray pinstripe bodysuit with black boots and gloves. Over the bodysuit was a black trench coat that hung just past mid-calf. He had pale skin, unnaturally so as though all the blood had drained from his face. His eyes were dark and sunken. They glanced up and down the street rapidly, as though Death waited around the corner. His hair was jet black, cut short and sat flat against his brow. On his head was a gray fedora that matched his bodysuit. The Navi held a long metallic pipe clenched in one gloved hand, the end of the pipe splattered with some form of organic material.

It was then that Daisy noticed the states of the other two individuals. One was no doubt seconds from deletion, his body somehow holding on long enough to not dissipate from the Net. He resembled your average NormalNavi, though his helmet was smashed in and data leaked from the wound. A second wound scored his chest where a gaping hole revealed shredded coding. Data also dribbled from the Navi's open mouth to form a small puddle on the floor.

The other Navi was in a similar state, his left leg ending in a stump at the knee where his coding was frayed and torn. Evidently someone or something had torn his leg clean off. His chest rose and fell in labored breaths, but his eyes were closed and he was unresponsive. Clutched in the Navi's hands was a long spear that looked to fit the hole in the other Navi's chest.

"The one with the bashed in skull is dead," Daisy's contact said. "At least I think it is. There is something wrong with their coding that prevents jacking out. I saw it take a hit to the chest hard enough to drop a Cybeast. It went down, but...But it got back up. It ripped off my partner's leg before I could bean it. My partner is still kicking, but he's in critical condition. He either needs a patch or we have to find a way to get him back to his PET."

A high pitched shriek caused the Navi to pause and glance up and down the street. He peered into the darkness, trying to discern the source of the sound. He shuddered and turned to Daisy.

"I hope you are as good as the GNA promised. The name is GazetteMan. I don't have much in the way of combat expertise, but I'll do what I can to help. Just get ready 'cause I think they are coming."

As though summoned, a group of shadowy figures appeared in the distance. They shuffled forward, heading toward Daisy and her companions. The building that the group was standing next to looked like it could be forced open, though the sound might draw the figures toward them faster. However, if they didn't move they would be forced to fight and the number of shuffling figures was growing larger.

[There are at least six unknown entities moving toward Daisy and company. GazetteMan and Daisy are both fit, but the wounded Navi is unable to move on his own. The building has a locked door which can be forced open. The barricade is behind you. Fleeing is an option, though probably not one that will be smiled upon by the GNA]
Daisy made it trough the barricade, and saw at least three figures in the shadows. When she got closer, both her and her netop became shocked at what they saw.

"What the-"

"-hell?" Both the navi and netop said, in response to the amount of damage the normal navi looked like it had taken. Virgil had expected to see some type of damage done, but not something like that. What the contact had said about it, really didn't reassure Virgil all that much. If he had to do something that brutal to it just to keep it from coming back up, even for an unknown amount of time, Virgil certainly could see why they had a problem cleaning this up. Heck, Virgil thought that they would have to be facing navis that were just backups of the deleted ones, not something like this. Daisy, on the other hand, was more worried about the contact's partner, expectantly after he said that the other navi caused the wound. In the past Daisy would have been able to heal the navi some, but now that her subtype had changed, she really can't do much in that department.

"Great, all I have that could patch him up is a recovery 10 right now..." Daisy said, looking at GazetteMan's partner. It was after that she heard the high pitched shriek somewhere off in the distance. Whatever it was, it caught both of the navi's attentions, and caused GazetteMan to shudder. Once GazetteMan had introduced himself, and Daisy would actually see the silhouettes of things coming towards them, Daisy knew she needed to get GazetteMan's partner someplace safe.

"GazetteMan, help me get your partner on my back." Daisy said to her ally as she rushed to the wounded navi.

"I'm also going to need you to hold on to me as tightly as you can, since I am going to fly you both up
to the top of that building. Just to keep them from getting at your partner and you when I try to lead them away from ya. Daisy said, trying to lift the wounded navi off the ground and positing him on her back, hopefully with GazetteMan's help. She made sure to use her own blood to create a makeshift harness, to help better keep him there. "Unless they start going after the barricade, then I'll probably have to take you back down to help me protect it." Daisy said, turning to face towards GazetteMan. "They haven't actually been going after the barricade, right?"

"Also, GazetteMan, you seemed to have suggested that your partner couldn't jack out on his own. Is there a Jack-out barrier or something up? Or is whatever effecting that nearly deleted navi effecting your partner?" Virgil asked GazetteMan. If the reason was there being a Jackout Barrier, there wasn't much Virgil could do. But if it was just something keeping the navi in combat routine, then maybe an escape subchip might be able to force him out of it, and allow him to jack out...

Assuming the Partner hasn't tried that yet. If so, there isn't much Virgil can do about it.
"Fly?" GazetteMan interjected. "You can do that? Good, that'll make things a little easier. Though, I don't think you could effectively carry us both. Placing that much stress on your flight programs might cause damage that we can't afford right now. You take him up and I'll get there myself."

The Navi lifted his partner up onto Daisy's back, positioning him back to back with the female Navi. He held his partner in place while Daisy crafted straps to secure him. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed the straps were made from blood, but didn't comment. With his partner securely in place, he nodded for Daisy to take off.

GazetteMan reached into his overcoat and pulled out a small electronic device. He flipped open a panel to reveal a screen and a number pad and then slid an antenna out from the top of the device. The Navi pressed a few numbers, about six or seven in a seemingly random order, and placed the device to the side of his head. He spoke a few words, none of which Daisy was able to catch, and closed the device before placing it back into his coat.

The creatures were moving closer, shuffling across debris and junk data. Daisy could see them clearer now, humanoid forms that resembled normal Navi. They moved stiffly, like their joints were locked up or they were suffering from heavy lag. Daisy could hear them groaning softly as though they were in pain.

A small beam of light struck the ground near GazetteMan and a figure quickly materialized from within the brightness. It was a robot of some sort, about the size of a man's torso and equipped with series of propeller blades that allowed flight. The robot had two "eyes", one made of red glass that served as an infrared lens and another telescoped lens. Two pontoons were attached to the bottom of the flying drone and GazetteMan used the pontoons as handlebars. The robot lifted into the air with GazetteMan latched on, the Navi following Daisy to the rooftops.

"I don't know why he can't jack out," GazetteMan confessed as they moved out of range of the strange Navis. "His operator can't seem to force a jack out and he's been unresponsive since he was attacked. Its almost like he was deleted and his data is still stuck in the system."

The Navis on the street below reached the side of the building where Daisy and companions had just been. They had noticed that Daisy and GazetteMan had retreated to the rooftops and began to mindlessly pound against the door to the building. Daisy could see a rooftop access hatch, so it was reasonable to assume the building had a stairwell that led to the roof. The door couldn't hold forever so it was only a matter of time until the creatures made their way up.

Looking over the side of the building, Daisy could see a number of other groups of the shuffling Navi. There were probably fifty or sixty of the things moving around the barricaded area and that was just those within sight. It would be impossible to take out all of the creatures single-handedly. Though, for some reason none of the creatures were moving against the barricade. GazetteMan noticed Daisy's gaze and answered her earlier question.

"You don't have to worry about the barricades. They are NetPolice grade and reinforced for use in riots. They can't force their way through them and I don't think they have the smarts to hack them.

GazetteMan set his improvised helicopter on the rooftop after it had shut off its propeller blades. The drone promptly sprouted three wheels and proceeded to roll around the rooftop while filming. Daisy supposed the robot was actually GazetteMan's support program. The Navi stopped suddenly as the groaning sound suddenly picked up again.

The groaning was coming from behind Daisy and the weight on her back began to shift. She couldn't see what was going on, but GazetteMan's partner was moving again. His fingers were clutching at Daisy as the wounded Navi tried to twist around. She could hear the sound of teeth clicking together and could feel hot breath on her neck.

"What the hell?!" GazetteMan shouted.

Wounded Navi: 1hp! Critical Condition! (???)

Daisy: 175hp
GazetteMan: 200hp
Choppa: 100hp
The two navis took to the air, leaving their foes on the ground to beat at the door. The fact that they can't seem to attack them now made Virgil smile a bit. It meant that whatever is making them like that probably made it so they wouldn't use their busters, so Daisy and GazetteMan should have the advantage while in the air. But what GazetteMan said after they took to the air did worry Virgil about his partner. After all, what if his partner became like the other navi? What if he really was deleted, and somehow whatever is affecting the navis got to him, and that is the reason he can't jack out. Of course Virgil had no proof of this, and decided not to bring it up just in case he is wrong...

"That's good then, it means that we shouldn't have to worry too much about keeping them contained and can focus on figuring out what caused all of this." Daisy told GazetteMan, after he answered her question about the barricade. "Ok, I'm going to now try and lead them away. I'll come back once I do and then we can try and figure out the best course of action. So, if you are abl-" Daisy was saying, before she was cut off by moaning coming from behind her. Then Daisy felt something shifting behind her, and something breathing on her neck. When her ally shouted, Daisy knew that something was dead wrong...

...And that the most likely reason was that his partner is now one of them...

"He's... He's one of them now, isn't he..." Daisy asked GazetteMan, as she bled out of her back. Her blood moved around her body, and formed a barrier between her and the wounded navi. Daisy then absorbed some of the blood that formed the harness, and was able to detach from the navi. "Right, um, change in plans." Daisy said, now moving away from the navi rather quickly before turning around to look at it. "Virgil, airshot please." She told her netop, who complied by slotting in the requested chip. A cylinder of blood bled out of Daisy's right arm, and she pointed it at the wounded navi. "If you are still yourself, stay there. Otherwise hope you will enjoy the nice fall you will be having." Daisy threatened, prepared to fire at the thing if it moved closer.

"GazetteMan, do you know where all of this started? If you do, I am going to need you to take us there, because there is probably some kind of clue there as to what is causing all of this." Virgil asked GazetteMan, looking at the situation trough his PET screen. As far as he knew all of this could be explained by some kind virus or bad patch that screwed up the navi coding, and spreaded trough touch or something, or that there was some kind of field up and running, similar to a jack out barrier, that changed navis into this once they are deleted. "If not, then let's just get to a safer rooftop, then figure out what to do." The netop added.

((Passive: 30HP barrier on self
1: Move away from critically wounded navi
2: Airshot Wounded Navi if it gets closer: 20 + Microbust
Turn splice))
Daisy raised a scarlet shield between herself and the injured Navi seconds before it could reach her throat. She disengaged her blood harness and leapt away, leaving the groaning Navi to fall to the floor. She formed her weapon, readying herself before giving the Navi her ultimatum.

For the most part, the wounded Navi ignored Daisy. He glanced around him, eyes unfocused, until he caught sight of Daisy again. He groaned in what one could only assume to be pain, though if it was from his wounds or from hunger was unknown. With one leg missing, he couldn't stand or walk, but he began to crawl toward Daisy, fingers digging into the rooftop with unnatural strength.

"We've got no choice," GazetteMan muttered. "His NetOp is getting no response. He's infected by whatever it is that drove those other Navi mad. Just...Just delete him."

Daisy had no choice. The creature that was GazetteMan's partner was still coming toward her, intent on nothing more than attacking. She aimed her Airshot and fired, the force of the blast knocking the Navi into the air and over the ledge of the building. The Navi hit the ground with an audible thud that was followed by a resounding crash.

Daisy and GazetteMan glanced over the rooftop. GazetteMan's partner lay on the floor, his skull cracked and data uncoiling in a puddle on the floor. He was no longer moving. However, there were no other creatures in sight. The ruins of the door lay on the sidewalk near the building. The creatures were inside and it was only a matter of time until they made it to the rooftop.

"Damn," GazetteMan muttered. "We can't stay here any longer. I'm not sure where this thing started, but records show that the first sighting of these things was near the center of the barricaded area. Probably about four blocks in. I don't know if the source of these things is over there, but it is as good a place as any to start looking."

Wounded Navi: DELETED?

Daisy: 175hp [30hp Barrier]
GazetteMan: 200hp
Choppa: 100hp
Daisy fired. Daisy fired her airshot at what used to be GazetteMan's partner and blasted him off the roof. She went over to the edge of the roof and looked down, seeing his motionless body. She also notice the lack of navis down below, and the ruins of what she assumed to be the door.

They had to leave.

"Ok, we better hurry and get moving towards the center then." Daisy said, looking at GazetteMan. A handle formed on the inside of Daisy's barrier, and the navi grabbed it and pushed it outward. A round section of Daisy's blood formed barrier popped right out, and was large enough to be used as a shield. "You might want to use this, it should atleast negate a blow in case someone managed to attack us in the air." Daisy said to her ally, before taking to the air. Once she and GazetteMan was airborne, she took one last look at GazetteMan's partner before flying towards the center of the barricade.

((Passive shield on GazetteMan
3-5 Fly away))
"Good thinking," GazetteMan nodded in thanks as he accepted the strange shield. "Follow me and I'll lead you toward the where the first incident took place."

The trio took to the skies once more, Daisy under her own power and GazetteMan aided by his Support Program. They soared over a couple of buildings, taking stock of the roaming bands of infected Navi. There were small groups of the creatures, about five or six, wandering around every few blocks. Sometimes the groups would merge into large mobs that shuffled along the intersecting pathways. There was no real rhyme or reason for their movements. They didn't seem to be looking for anything in particular, though that would probably change if they caught sight of Daisy or her partner.

A second piercing shriek ripped through the air. A second later Daisy saw a lightning fast shadow smash into GazetteMan. The Navi lost his grip on his SP and plummeted to a rooftop a few yards below him. The figure and GazetteMan struggled along the ground, rolling around as one tried to delete the other. GazetteMan managed to get his foot into the stomach of his attacker and break the figure's grip with a powerful kick.

GazetteMan pushed himself to his feet, Choppa diving down to hover near his shoulder. He locked eyes with his attacker, trying to determine if it was one of the creatures or not. It was faster than the others, stronger and more feral. It was as though this Navi was infected with rabies. The Navi leapt to its feet and unleashed a ghostly howl, revealing a row of fangs. Three more howls erupted in response from adjacent rooftops. More of the creatures leapt toward where GazetteMan stood, surrounding him.

Enraged NaviA: 100hp (???)
Enraged NaviB: 100hp (???)
Enraged NaviC: 100hp (???)
Enraged NaviD: 100hp (???)

Daisy: 175hp (Flying)
GazetteMan: 200hp (Surrounded)
Choppa: 100hp (Flying, Surrounded)

Terrain: Rooftop (Normal) 100%
As far as Virgil can tell, it seemed like a good play so far. By flying to the location, his navi and Gazette could avoid having to face the zombie like navis. This meant that they could get this mission done quicker as they wouldn't have to deal with wasting time trying to knock them down long enough to move on, and since it looked like they were around each block... That was a good thing. But then the howling came, and something attacked Gazetteman. And then in moments, Gazetteman was surrounded. To respond to this, Virgil grabbed three chips from his folder, a Heat-V, DBLbeam, and a bamboosword. Or atleast he thought he had grabbed those three chips, but it was too late to double check them now as he quickly slotted them all in.

"GazetteMan!" Daisy shouted, as he was attacked by something. After Gazette fell to the roof and knocked his attack off, Daisy was about to fly down there to help him out. But before she could, the creature let out a howl, and more howling followed. When Daisy looked to see what else howled, three more of the navis leaped towards Gazetteman, and surrounded him. Daisy now had to do something before those navis rip her allies to shreads...

And that was when Daisy received the data of three chips from her netop.

Daisy went over the chip data she received, and one of them seemed like an odd choice. But she could probably figure out a way to make it work. Daisy looked back at the navis, and started to act. First, Daisy bleed. Then using her blood she crafted a shield that floated down to Gazette's side. Hopefully he would grab it and use it to atleast protect himself from one attack. Daisy then bleed some more, forming a protective bubble around herself. Now that they had some defenses, Daisy floated down beside the building, making sure she was still in a position of firing at the navis.

Daisy pointed her hand towards the enraged foes, and a lick of fire started to leap from finger to finger. The flame slowly grew, until it rapidly expanded and busted from Daisy's fingertips. The burst of fire flew trough the air, in an attempt to ram right into the navi. It would then break off into two more paths of fire, and hopefully engulf two more of the enraged navis.

Daisy then brought her hand back to her, and snapped her fingers. Then, small rippers formed on her barrier. With another snap of the fingers, Daisy fired a few projectiles of blood at her foes. After this attack, Daisy just sighed. She couldn't really understand why her netop would send this chip to her... and at the moment keeping the navis from ripping Gazette to shreads seemed like a much better use of her time... So the best this would do would be a distraction of some sorts...

Mine as well... Daisy thought, as she ran the data of the Pickpocket chip trough her system...

Then with no warning, a mother effing Raccoon appeared on the head of one of the enraged navi. The poor thing doesn't know why it showed up there, but it knew what it must do...

Try and steal whatever this navi had.

With the speed of several overpowered raccoons, the little fellow started running all over the beast's body, searching for anything that would be worth grabbing. Continuously moving, the raccoon didn't stop for nothing. Once the critter decided that it has achieved it's goal, or there was nothing on this horrifying beast of navi, it moved back to on top of the beast's head. From this perch, the raccoon leap off the beast and right onto the strange navi in the coat. While this navi would definitely have something of value, the raccoon decided against trying to steal from him. Afterall, it's job was only to steal from the one navi. The raccoon then leaped from that navi to the ground, and scurried along to Daisy.

Once it looked like the raccoon did its thing, Daisy used her last chip. A small box appeared in her hand, and started to rapidly change colors from blue to red and back again. It kept doing this for a bit, only to start slowing down the rate that the color changed. Once it finally settled on a color, it exploded, sending a wave of that same colored light across the battlefield.

((Passive: Shield on Gazetteman
Passive: 30 HP Barrier on self
1: Fly down to their level of height, behind and away from EnragedNaviC
2 Heat-V EnragedNavi C: 70 fire + Spread 2 at B and D (hopfully)
3 Blood Strikes: Bustershot EnragedNaviD twice and EnrangedNaviC once: 30 aqua per hit
4 Pickpocket EnrangedNaviA
5 DBLBeam 40 damage all foes or 30 heal all allies
Daisy tossed GazetteMan a bloody shield before recreating a barrier of her own. The surrounded Navi snatched the shield out of the air and held it out in front of him. Hey, at least it was some form of protection. It was just in time. One of the creature's charged him, arms stretched out in an attempt to latch on to the Navi. The creature smashed into the shield, splattering itself and GazetteMan in blood and dazing itself in the process.

"I hope this comes out," GazetteMan muttered as he raised his lead pipe to attack.

A second creature charged forward, intent on tackling the Navi as well. GazetteMan managed to avoid the lunge and retaliated with a quick swipe to the back of the creature's head (40). It fell to the floor, but the hit didn't pack enough punch to keep it down for the count.

Daisy landed behind one of the enraged Navi and fired off a stream of flames. The inferno struck the creature square in the back, setting it ablaze. The fire spread toward two of the other Navi and engulfed one while the other managed to shamble away. The Navi that Daisy had struck turned around and swung its arm in a backhand blow. The force of the slap was enough to shatter Daisy's barrier and knock her to the floor, though the barrier had managed to absorb the force of the blow.

Daisy managed to retaliate with scarlet bullets, her bloody projectiles smashing into two of the creatures. One fell to its knees, but still seemed conscious. Likewise, the creature engulfed in flame seemed to be stirring. These creatures were no doubt just as resistant to deletion as their slower counterparts.

GazetteMan struck out with his pipe again, smashing the dazed creature in the jaw (40). Choppa followed suit with a divebomb tackle that sent the Navi flying across the rooftop (30, stun). The little SP turned toward the weakened Navi Daisy had splattered with her blood and fired a thin laser beam that cut halfway through the Navi's torso before it sputtered out (60).

Daisy's raccoon appeared and scurried around one of the enraged creatures. The attempted to grab at the rodent, but it was too fast. The animal finished its search and scampered back over to Daisy, depositing 100z into her hands.

Meanwhile, the DBLCube finished flashing and settled on a deep crimson. The cube emitted a beam of energy that washed over the enraged Navi, burning them all and dropping the last few to the floor. However, even though the Navi were weakened, they still stirred. It was only a matter of time before they got back up and continued their assault.

"Huuh, huuh," GazetteMan panted. Clearly he was not used to exertion. "Now's our chance. When they are immobilized we have to go in for the kill."

The Navi put action to his words and strode over to the closest of the creatures. He made sure he was out of reach of their hands or teeth and raised his pipe over his head. He swung down in an overhead smash, the lead pipe crashing against the Navi's skull. Daisy could hear an audible crack and the Navi shuddered once and then lay still.

Enraged NaviA: 1hp (???) [-1 action]
Enraged NaviB: DELETED?
Enraged NaviC: 1hp (???)
Enraged NaviD: 1hp (???)

Daisy: 175hp (Flying)
GazetteMan: 200hp (Surrounded)
Choppa: 100hp (Flying, Surrounded)

Terrain: Rooftop (Normal) 100%
...I... I didn't slot that in...

Virgil was surprised that Daisy had summoned a raccoon via the pickpocket chip. He could have sworn it had slotted in the DBLbeam.... But when his navi then used the beam, he was a bit confused. Maybe the folder just got disorganized or something. The man thought, luckily it didn't cause any real problems.

After their onslaught, the defenses that Daisy had created early repaired themselves. The blood that formed the shield flowed to the floor near Gazetteman, and formed a puddle. It the shaped itself into the form of a shield, and floated up to his side. The blood that had formed the barrier did about the same thing, expect that it formed in the air in front of Daisy and stretched around her, encasing her in a bubble. Daisy heard what Gazetteman had just said, and saw him strike one of the foes on the head with his pipe. It seems like breaking their heads is the best way to keep them down...

"Alright, just have to hit them in the head really hard..." Daisy said, floating up in the air a bit higher then before. She looked at the three that actually showed signs of life. The navi snapped her fingers and six bricks of blood slowly protruded from the barrier. With another snap of the fingers, the bricks broke off one by one, rapidly, and flew at the fallen navi's heads with enough force that if it connects, it should keep them down for good.

...Or so Daisy hopes..

The raccoon just decided to sit there, looking at Daisy with the 100 Zenny still in it's mouth. Clearly the navi was too busy to take the cash at this moment, so it decided to wait until she noticed it.

((Passive Shield on Gazetteman
Passive: 30HP barrier on Daisy
1: Bustershot EnragedNaviA :30 aqua
2: Bustershot EnragedNaviC :30 aqua
Free: Bustershot EnragedNaviD :30 aqua
3: Bustershot EnragedNaviA :30 aqua
4: Bustershot EnragedNaviC :30 aqua
5: Bustershot EnragedNaviD :30 aqua))
The bricks smashed into the heads of the three remaining Navi, cracking their skulls and hopefully curing them of their immunity to deletion. Regardless, it seemed like the battle was over with for now. GazetteMan wandered over toward Daisy, panting slightly.

"So, what do we do now?" the Navi asked.

((Rewards: 500z))
"We should probably try and keep heading to the center." Catherine said, floating onto the building's roof. She picked up the raccoon and grabbed the small amount of Zenny from it's mouth. "The fact that we were attacked by something like that probably means we were on the right track, or something. Right Virgil?"

"Yea, probably. Although we should be careful. Their howling from before probably alerted others that we were coming. So we might want to fly between the buildings. Low enough so things on the rooftops can't see ya, but high enough so the guys on the ground can't get to ya." Virgil added. Chances were that those four navis acted sort of like a watchdog, and attack anything that tried to get closer to whatever caused all of this.

"We should probably get going." Daisy said to Gazette man, before floating in the air once more. The raccoon then finally disappeared, having finally delivered the goods to Daisy.
"That sounds like a plan," GazetteMan said as he signaled for Choppa to get ready to go. "Though we should keep an eye out above us incase they try and get the drop on us from the rooftops."

The Navi's SP spread its propellers and took flight, hovering a few feet above GazetteMan's head. The sound was more subdued than it previously was. Daisy could only assume that the SP was running some form of stealth program to help avoid detection. The Navi grabbed onto the SP's pontoons and followed Daisy out over the city.

Following the advice of Daisy and Virgil, the trio dropped below the rooftop level, hovering somewhere between the ground and the tops of the tall buildings. They made good time, avoiding both the lightning fast, bestial Navi on the rooftops and the slow, meandering Navi on the ground. However, they weren't exactly invisible. The groups of wandering Navi could see them and, groaning all the while, turned to plod after the trio.

As Daisy and co neared their goal, they had begun to attract the attention of a large number of the creatures. About thirty or forty were following them along the ground and a few handfuls of the bestial ones were stalking them from the rooftops. Only the threat of missing the trio and a painful crash against the ground was preventing the creatures from leaping toward Daisy and GazetteMan.

Finally, in front of the trio stood their goal. A large building stood alone, surrounded by a veritable sea of the mindless Navi. A satellite dish stood on the top of the roof, broadcasting some sort of signal. The door to the inside stood open, but it would be near impossible for the trio to fight their way inside without casualties. However, if this building was like the others, there should be an entrance from the roof. Conversely, there were a number of windows on each of the building's five floors that could be smashed into.

"That has got to be it," GazetteMan said. "Look how many of them there are. Maybe the infection started here and whoever is behind it is using the dish to control these creatures."
"Yea... Lets try to get in trough the roof." Daisy said, looking at the building. There didn't seem like any easy way in trough the front doors, and if they tried to get in trough a window then they wouldn't know where any of the stairs would be. Of they entered trough the roof, they would at least remember where the stairs they traveled down would be, in case they have to retreat. Daisy began to fly towards the roof, hoping these more feral navi don't try to jump at them. Even though they haven't really done that since their last battle.
Daisy and GazetteMan took to the skies, soaring to new heights in an attempt to reach the top of the building. They touched down on the rooftop, prepared for anything and everything. No doubt the roof of the building would be crawling with dozens of the crazed Navi. They hit the roof running, no doubt anticipating having to dodge grasping hands with iron grips and razor sharp teeth capable of crushing bone. Daisy and GazetteMan soon found themselves surrounded by...Absolutely nothing. The rooftop was barren of life, or unlife, and the entrance into the building stood wide open.

GazetteMan wasted no time, setting his Support Program to the floor and allowing it to return to its rolling state. He moved toward the door and glanced inside. Nothing happened and he soon returned back to Daisy.

"I don't see anything," he reported. "Its almost like the path has been cleared for us, but its dark in there. Someone shut off the lighting. It could be a trap, though I can't believe those creeps have the smarts to set up it up on their own. We must be close to the source of all this."

"How right you are," came a voice from just within the doorway. The voice belonged to a woman, sultry and smooth. "How long I've waited for someone with the right equipment to reach this place. Mmm...Why don't you come on down and we can have a little fun? I haven't had a proper playmate in ages."

As Daisy and GazetteMan started into the darkness, they could see no one. Who did the voice belong to and where were they?
"No one... is here?" Daisy thought, landing on the roof. She had expected some kind of resistance here, after all if the dish was controlling all the navis, then they would have put some kind of guards up here. And yet, there was no one there but her and GazetteMan. She headed to the doorway after Gazetteman, and looked down it. "Dark..." Daisy said softly, before she heard a woman speak. And what she said... didn't exactly please Daisy that much.

"So she claims...." Daisy said, still glazing at the darkness. The fact that it came from down there, and yet she couldn't see anything...

"Think we should head down there and face what is probably a trap?" Catherine asked her netop, who replied "Probably... We are trying to stop this and that voice claimed to be the source... And if we fail, we atleast know where it all started, so we can help the NP out by letting them know that."

Daisy looked at GazetteMan, and back to the Darkness. "I'll go first, if something happens I should be able to bring up my defenses fast enough to end up being fine... I hope." Daisy said, before descending into the darkness.
Daisy, GazetteMan and Choppa entered the building, working their way through the darkness and down a short flight of stairs. They found themselves in a long hallway that stretched several yards to a set of double doors. A few doors lined the wall, though each was shut tight. A series of lights were embedded in the ceiling, but all but one was out and the lone light flickered one and off.

As they moved their way down the hallway, GazetteMan tried each door that they passed. Each one seemed to be bolted shut, though a layer of dust showed footprints heading to each door.

"Where did she go?" GazetteMan asked. "She sounded so close, but I don't think she could have run down this hallway without us hearing her."

As Daisy neared the set of double doors, crazed laughter bubbled up from all around them. The doors exploded inward, shards of wood smashing against Daisy's raised shield. A lone Navi stood beyond the shattered door, illuminated by the flickering light. The Navi resembled a normal man dressed in a long black coat. The sleeves hung down past the Navi's hands and the hem of the coat hung just above the knees. Below the button-down coat was a pair of black pants and boots. The Navi's flesh was unnaturally pale and looked garish in the poor lighting. His hair was jet black and hung limply to his shoulders. His head hung to the side, his neck bent harshly and seemingly broken. The Navi smiled before he spoke.

"So, you are here to take my place?" he asked in a giggling voice. "No, no, no, no! I can't allow that. The mistress still loves me. I won't let you steal her affections. We are meant to be together, she and I. Together forever and I won't let some hussy and a man-whore deprive me of what I have so long desired."

The Navi began laughing hysterically and the doors along the hallway creaked open to reveal a group of the shuffling Navi. They began to moan in time with the laughter, a cacophony of sound that was deafening in the enclosed space of the hallway. Daisy and her companions were surrounded with the laughing Navi blocking their way and the moaning group closing in behind them.

Laughing Navi: 250hp
Moaning NaviA: 100hp
Moaning NaviB: 100hp
Moaning NaviC: 100hp
Moaning NaviD: 100hp
Moaning NaviE: 100hp

Daisy: 175hp
GazetteMan: 200hp
Choppa: 100hp

Terrain: 100% Hallway (Normal, cannot enter high altitude)