Amidst the lava flows and ashy wastes of Hades Net, there exists a large hole in the ground. Rumors have claimed that a powerful virus made and resided in that hole, and several brave Netbattlers have made their attempts to fell this monster. None have returned...

"Alright, I'm ready for this! We're going to burn that virus to the ground, yeah!" shouted ArsonMan, a burning Fire Navi with a destructive hobby.

"I-I-I don't know, ArsonMan... A l-l-lot of others have fallen... They've EJO'd before anyone even saw what hit them..." muttered the cowardly Maca, a female healer Navi.

"You say that about everything, little lady! Yeah, we're doing this!" decided ArsonMan without Maca's consent. To summon the virus, ArsonMan conjured a fireball in his hand, and tossed into the gaping hole to aggravate it.

The quiet flow of lava was the only noise to entertain the pair of Navis for several minutes as they stared down into the dark hole. Finally, a low growl began echoing out from deep within, prompting ArsonMan and Maca to step back in preparation of what was to come. A hissing sound soon followed, causing Maca to shuffle worriedly. ArsonMan, being a pyromaniac himself, knew the sound of burning air better than anyone. And just as he suspected, a huge pillar of fire erupted from the hole, enveloping both Navis in a harmless, albeit hot wave of heat.

"I-I-I don't think we c-c-can do this, ArsonMan! We n-n-n-" whimpered Maca, who was unable to finish her crying as a second pillar fire erupted from the side of the first and went straight through her, activating her EJO system immediately.

"Little lady! Damn, why you-!" yelled ArsonMan, who turned back towards the fire to see what had done in his friend climb out of the hole. ArsonMan's jaw was left agape as the mighty dragon Cybeast lifted itself up on his front legs and leaned its head down to stare at its newest prey. "This ain't no virus! Why didn't someone say we'd be fighting a Cybeast, yeah?!" yelled ArsonMan in frustration, resigning himself to defeat as a blast of fire breath sent him back from whence he came.

With its prey now gone, Drauchen crawled back into his den, lying in wait for whoever else might disturb this area...

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