Battle Inside the WFS

Armagohma appeared inside the workings of the water filtration system. He looked for viri that could be causing the malfunctioning of the system. He turned around and saw something in the darkness...

HP: 100
Virus Attack!

GeninA: 60 HP
GeninB: 60 HP
GeninC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Armagohma.exe: 100 HP

-Battle 1-
((Sorry for the outrageously long delay. I've been busy. Let's do this))

Arma readied himself. His right arm morphed into the usual sword and he took a stance. He then charged at the first virus. He stopped near him and took a swing. Then he dodged to the side, and then followed up the blow by jumping at the same viruses' side and delivering another slash. Then he recovered and retreated, awaiting the next phase of the battle inside the water filtration system.

1. Slash > GeninA (8)
2. Slash > GeninA (8)
3. Dodge
((Need a turn summery, kiddo. I'd assume it'd go something like this...

1.) Normal attack, 8, GeninA
2.) Dodge
3.) Normal attack, 8, GeninA

Lemme know if that's right before things continue. Also, I advise you check the buster damage is right.))
((oops. with time comes forgetfulness...XD))
Both slashes manage to land. However, before he can sneak away, Armagohma is struck as the Genin he was attacking spins around, swining its blade as it makes a complete 360.

GeninA: 44 HP
GeninB: 60 HP
GeninC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Armagohma.exe: 70 HP