The first arrival!

"Arriving in a flash of flame!" Fire rained down from the heavens to one location, raising a hellish inferno!

"Only one could it be! The man who makes all the girls cry! SUPAHSTAH!!" The dramatic voice ends as the fire disperses. Superstar with his guitar, begins strumming it in mad form! "Oh yea, I learned this from Dragonforce!" The notes came again and again, in unbridled pace, the flames around him magnified by it.

"Shouldn't be long now.... shame we only have 3 chips right now, but it'll be fine." John chuckled before sitting beginning to pace, his arms above his head to increase blood flow to his body.

*Crappy intro post but It'll do*
Virus Attack!

OldstoveA: 50 HP
OldstoveB: 50 HP
OldstoveC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Superstar.exe: 100 HP

"Sweet, our first prey of the day! Tear em to pieces Superstar!" As he was about to make his first chip insert, a loud strumming stopped him.

"Now now boss... no reason to get premature!!!! After all, what good is a guitar if you don't rock with it! I'm the best and you all know it!" The flames on his guitar began to stretch out almost as if alive, the very strings growing fiercer and more defined. "Ohhh yeaaaa!!!! Feel the agony and sorrow of a thousand raped virgins!!!!!!!" *You gotta say it till it has a ring before ya get it!* "This might get a bit messy now!" Again and again the guitar was strummed the madness and chaos in the voice rang throughout him and the air around him, fire grows, water goes, so it was, so it was to be! Again and again the maddening noise changed shape as his angelically crafted face turned green and ooze began to slide out of it. "This is just my style, though I hate you all for making me do this!" A wild and frantic scream was emitted as the real Superstar arose near Oldstove A. Taking advantage, he pulled the stove towards him by using the heatwaves, before swinging the guitar like a wild bat! The mere force caused it to shatter, releasing inferno waves at the enemy.

Realizing the distraction was limited, Superstar jumped in the air strumming his guitar behind his back! "Shotgun in!" The chip slotted in, Superstar let out a string of notes that sent a blast of energy at OldstoveB the poor bastard.

"Come on now! Don't tell me that's it! I wanna hear you SCREAM!" Landing on the ground, Superstar flashed his brightest smile that makes all those girls cry before giving off another strum of notes. "Come on now sing along!"

Satanic Rapture Oldstove A 50 damage. Zombie to self and free dodge
Shotgun Oldstove B 50 damage
Charm Oldstove C with fancy rockstar style)
The first two viruses went down quickly, Superstar proving too much for them. The third virus is kind of stunned by the rock star navi's comments, so it kind of wanders slowly toward the navi.

OldstoveA: SONG'D
OldstoveC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Superstar.exe: 100 HP (Zombie)
"What's wrong with you... I mean... first of all, that's a virus not one of your alleged fangirls!" Sighing slightly, John prepped the cannon chip which was also his last ranged weapon. "Second of all... 1000 virgins raped? What kind of lyrics are those, I mean at least pick something original. I know you've said that at least 3 times and I also know you stole them from a band!"

"Aww come on boss, that's just the way I roll. That's mah Star Power!" Flames erupted from his guitar as he began wildly strumming as if in a trance. The notes fusing into newer notes thanks to the blessings of modern technology. Frustrated with Superstar's "Star power" John gritted his teeth. This was the only way to gain money, no matter how frustrating John needed the fool.

"Sooo... hmmm" The blaring guitar kept going and going, a feverish inferno lightning around him, fueling his solo, his time in the spotlight! "Hmm...You gonna be done now?" A verbal tap on the shoulder, John gave to the star.

"SHHHH You'll ruin it!" The song broke as a misplaced note ruined the mystical powers of star. "Thanks for that... really... jerk" Standing up, a sigh in his voice, Star just flashed his most super smile. "Cannon chip in, let's get this over with." A rapid 5 notes and a shot to the fan, some lucky person would surely be glad. "Rage claw, let's get this over with and move on" The no-nonsense tone sent a shiver up Satan worshipping Superstar. That tone meant trouble for him.

His guitar disappeared, shattered into infernal winds as a bear claw took form in his right hand. "I hate you for making me do this! This is so grotesque!" Pulling the oldstove towards him with the infernal winds, Superstar dashed forward, pulling back before delivering a blow towards the Oldstove.

Stylish Posing
Cannon 40 OldstoveC
[not counted as action]Wind pull OldstoveC towards Superstar
Rageclaw 40 Oldstove C)

(I got a lil rhymey with that crap, makes me sad)
Hey you win.

OldstoveA: SONG'D
OldstoveC: SLASHED

Terrain: 100% Grass

Superstar.exe: 100 HP

Get: 390z
"Move on Superstar... and keep the broadcasting to a minimum, last thing we need is a gigantic swarm of viruses up our asses"

Chuckling, Superstar raised a hand to his forehead in mock salute "Righty-o boss!"

(Battle 2 please)

FlameyA: 60 HP
FlameyB: 60 HP
GeninA: 60 HP
GeninB: 60 HP
GeninC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Superstar.exe: 100 HP