Volt in Netfrica

Voltman skipped over from his last battle, his minor injuries not bothering him as he went searching for viruses.

(Battle 2, 110 HP)
(Wait one moment... buying stuff.)
(Okay. I'm ready)

Voltman started looking more vigorously as Shigeru returned with the chips.
Virus Attack!

CactyA: 70
CactyB: 70
Ninetails: 150

Voltman: 140

Battle 1 Start!
Voltman shook his head as the virii approached. He could take them. Seven virii, all about to attack when...
He jacked out and back in again.
Shigeru! What did you do that for?!
You were a little low on HP.
A little low!?! I was only a little bit down... He looked at his feet, and it was obvious that little Volt had taken over.
Sorry, Shiggy. I guess I just wanted to play...
No problem. Look! Over there! Some viruses!
Volt looked at the viruses, and blinked several times. Each time, the eyes lost a little bit of the childish innocence they had just shown, and a look of battle ready determination replaced it. Voltman was back.
Alright. Two cactis, and a.... ninetails, according to the VABCA database.
Cactis are wood, and the ninetails is null.
Okay. Sending the power hitters.
Shigeru slotted in their three newly acquired chips.
Voltman activated the flameline first. The earth beneath the virii gave no sign that anything had been done, at first, but suddenly pillars of flame burst from the ground. Three pillars, where the virii had been only milliseconds before. Not giving his enemies any chance to recover, he activated the wideshot. The firing mechanism on his hand felt large and clunky to his close range programming, but Voltman didn't let this bother him. Running around the flames, he quickly downloaded the boomerang as well. The former mechanism dissappeared, forming into a blue boomerang on his hand.
Shigeru was furious. His navi had wasted a perfectly good... he stopped his thought as something occured to him.
Isn't the boomerang supposed to be green?
Voltman grinned, searching for any sign of the (hopefully) only surviving virus. Seeing the ninetails nearby, he muttered "Gotcha" under his breath, before moving in. Faster than would have been thought possible, he dashed next to the virus. But instead of firing straightaway, he waited until the virus reacted, before firing it at where it was moving.
Then, hoping dearly that he got all of the enemies, he swirled the boomershot around towards where the cactis used to be. No harm in being careful, right?

1. Flameline to All (70x2 to cactis due to weakness, 70 to ninetails)
2. Get into position to shoot ninetails.
3,4. Boomershot! A boomerang that shoots a wideshot as it nears! (70 from wideshot, 60 from boomerang, to all.)
The fire goes through one cactus and fox. The tails is then hit by the Wideshot before a boomerrang swings around and nails the cacty.

Ninetails: DELETED!

Voltman: 140

Rewards: Cactball1, 300z
Voltman picked up the spoils of battle silently, continuing his search for virii.
Volt shook his head. What was Shigeru having him look for?
As if in answer to his questions, the PET screen came to life.
Volt, get to ACDC. I've just gotten data that something we REALLY want is over there.
Voltman grumbled a bit at the unspecific nature of Shigeru's request, but headed to the portal anyways.

(To ACDC!)
Voltman returned, mumbling something about recovery and ghosts. Shigeru performed a virus scan, revealing several dots north of his position. Voltman quickly ran over.

(Battle 4, 100 HP)
((Uh... because of a certain system implemented, you can't keep your battle count after area jumping. Where you're battling has a significance, and it's not really the same thing if you were to survive 3 battles in ACDC then get to fight really tough viruses in Netfrica.))

No ghosts, but certainly some goblins.

CactyA: 70
CactyB: 70
VolgearEXA: 120
VolgearEXB: 120

Voltman: 100

Battle 1 Start!
(Oh... - _ -*

Sorry. And just an FYI, but I didn't just do three in ACDC. EN apparently didn't get the memo, as my first ACDC battle was treated as my second battle.)

Voltman looked at the new viruses with intrest.
The fire viruses I faced before... and the cactus viruses I also faced before. Shouldn't be too tough.
Nope. Now, let's get to work. Steamblast combo, slot-in!
Voltman was careful to separate the data from the two chips into different arms. 420 damage worth of steam escaping from inside a navi's body by any means possible is NOT a pretty sight. But Voltman was too experienced to fall for that.
Voltman sprung into action, a yellow/black blur among the savanna. He didn't allow the cactis time to shoot off their mouths (and heads, for that matter), but instead torched the duo with a flick of his fingers, spouting flames from their tips.
Shigeru's fist shot up into the air, and he would have yelled if he wasn't in such a public place. He settled for a YEAH!!!, muffled by his hands. Voltman took no notice, instead focusing on the situation at hand.
Next up was the volgears. They would be a little bit more tricky, considering they warped so often. So he decided to come up with another strategy. Since touching viruses generally caused burns, damaging, and occasionally deletion, he downloaded the guard. Waiting for one of the Volgears to open their mouths, he eventually spotted his chance. As the viruses upened their coglike jaws, he quickly guard-slammed one of them into the other. Then, not allowing them time to recuperate, he fired the watery blast directly at the dazed duo.
Nice work, Voltman. Should I send you anything else?
Yeah. A recovery chip would be nice.
Sure thing. Recov10, slot-in!
A small amount of Voltman's wounds healed, and he felt rejuvenated. He could only hope that his strategy had taken out the viruses.

1. Immideate Flameline to Cactis (70x2 to each due to weakness)
2. Wait for Volgears to almost attack, then slam VolgearA into VolgearB with the guard (disorientation, and they're now next to eachother)
3. Wideshot to Volgears (70x2 to each due to weakness)
4. Recov10 (+10 HP to Voltman)
The flameline toasted the Cacties from the start, raising the expected barbecue; the Volgears were indeed more tricky, however, as they tended to disappear as soon as Voltman finally spotted them. Furthermore, they were very far off: even if Voltman could stop one, he wouldn't be able to get it to the other. He eventually settled for just guarding an incoming attack, then firing a Wideshot at the one that was just preparing to attack. Voltman then used his chip to regain a little health.

VolgearEXA: 70

Voltman: 110
Voltman looked at the remaining virus with disdain.
Why do those damn things have to move so much?!
Dunno. This should be enough to take care of the last one, though.
Shigeru quickly slotted in the shotgun, cannon, and cactiball chips. Voltman fused the two guns, forming something looking like a sniper rifle with a three inch wide barrel on the end of his arm. He didn't bother with taking careful aim, instead taking the more direct approach. He ran at the virus, dodging its flames as he approached, and when he reached it put the weapon to its head, and fired at what he hoped to be a point blank range.
I really hope that thing didn't move...
Then, just to make sure that it WOULD die, he fired the cactiball at where it had been. The head bounced away, homing in on something. Either he hadn't finished off the virus, merely weakening it to the point that this would finish it, or a lone program was about to be verrry sorry...

1,2. Shotcannon to VolgearEXA (70)
3. Cactiball to VolgearEXA if it's not dead (30x?)
4. Dodge
Point blank range again tormented the poor Navi, but threw a feat of great Sword-subtype strength he closed the distance and finished off the remaining virus.


Voltman: 110

Rewards: 680 zenny.
Voltman shook his head at the slain virii, and continued looking for more.

BoomerEX: 100
MagtectA: 90
MagtectB: 90
MagtectC: 90
MagtectD: 90

Voltman: 110

Battle 2 Start!
Voltman already had the battlechips downloaded before the viruses had even started advancing on him. This would be... slightly difficult. But where was the fun in life without a little bit of difficulty?
Focus on the electric virii.
Come again?
The electric ones. Focus on them first.
But Shigeru...!
No buts. We want the chip the last one gives us.
Voltman sighed. It was no use arguing with Shigeru when he was in chip collecting mode. Voltman might as well have not even been talking.
Fine. The electric ones it is.
And focus on them he did.
First, he readied the boomerang. Noticing that the only non-electric virus here was one that appeared to have a boomerang as a weapon, it was a pretty safe bet to assume that Shigeru wanted another boomer chip. He sighed. When would people learn that electric was the ultimate power? Then, turning his attention to the enemies, he noticed that they seemed to be moving only slightly from side to side. Suddenly, one jumped in front of him and snapped with a magnetlike hand.
Voltman took the opportunity to fire the boomerang straight at the virus, charging it with the wideshot as it went. As it passed through the first virus, the chip data split and flew off in different directions. The wideshot, having not expended any energy, flew off at full power towards three of the swerving enemies, while the boomerang could not make it the full way. Voltman decided that he'd better take the last one out while he could, and activated the flameline. Bursts of fire erupted on either side of the BoomerEX and under the remaining Magtect, before the one under the Magtect died away. Voltman surveyed the battlefield, and commanded the two pillars of flame upon the virus. One circled it, while the other retreated before releasing from the ground under it. Voltman smiled. It might have actually been a one turn victory... but he doubted it.

1. Wait for MagtectA to attack/dodge
2. Boomer to MagtectA/B/C (60x2 to each, due to weakness, MagtectA at point blank range)
3. Wideshot to MagtectB/C/D (70 each)
4. Flameline to MagtectD, flame combo to BoomerEX (70 to magtect, and a possibly more accurate 70x2 to BoomerEX due to weakness)


Sorry. Had to.)
Unfortunately, it didn't look like Volt would get quite what he wanted: instead of coming in closer himself, the virus began to draw in Volt towards its resonating fist. The principle of being close was the same, though, and the Navi wasted no time throwing the boomerang crashing through the first virus and many of its companions. His Wideshot finished off whatever was left. While he torched the dying remnants of the group, it looked like the BoomerEX was sitting still. Smarter than the average Boomer, it had left its boomerang in its mouth: the flames rising under it wafted harmlessly off the sides. It didn't have a chance to attack, however, and it was certain the Navi wouldn't miss his chance.

BoomerEX: 100
MagtectA: DELETED!
MagtectB: DELETED!
MagtectC: DELETED!
MagtectD: DELETED!

Voltman: 110
He didn't. Running over with his rageclaw, he ripped the protective boomerang out of its mouth and beat it mercilessly. It didn't hurt that his hands were coated in the guard data to protect them while he ripped the enemy apart, either.

1. Rip out boomerang (guard used to avoid damage, end invincibility, 1 damage)
2-4. Beat the enemy with Rageclaw (50x3)