It happened rather suddenly, to be honest. A server outage. This particular section of Yumland net, normally-- well, normally as peaceful as you can really call Yumland Net, went down as far as the real-world end of things was concerned. And it never went back up. Oh sure, they rebooted the server half a dozen times, tried every fix in the book, and while the server seemed to be running just fine, nothing that was supposed to be able to connect with it would.

It was as if it had ceased existing in the network space.

You find yourself jacked into this peculiar server one day, surrounded by messed up terrain. It's raining mud, and what should be mud terrain on the ground instead looks like the clearest water-- despite the fact that it still reads as Mud terrain. The surrounding trees dotting the landscape are heavy with diseased and eaten-through leaves, and what looks like teeth marks tear through the bark of each tree in various places.

What is more immediately noticeable than all of that, however, is the large volcano off in the distance; with rivers of purple gunk running down the sides, and the large gout of strange, green smoke coming from atop it that twirls unnatural patterns in the air, it is quite the sight to behold...

Whatever is going on here, however, one thing is certain: Something has gone wrong.

((This will be my first go at what I call an 'Infected' topic. Think of this as an open mission on a first-come-first serve basis; namely, the first person to jack in to this thread will receive the thread as their own. A few things to keep in mind, however:

    [li]The viruses in this thread will be stronger than usual.
    [li]This thread has a goal.
    [li]When you accomplish the goal of this thread (namely restoring the area to something not quite so screwed up), you will receive a reward for doing so, and the thread will immediately end.
    [li]Do not expect this thread to be easy. Do not expect it to be something that you can easily escape from, either. Come prepared or do not come at all.
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If you think you're up for all that, then by all means... come in.))