Goin' Solo

Enigma appeared in Yumland Net in the shimmering indigo glow that he always did. He peered around curiously, looking for some virii to delete and some zenny to be gained.

This should help with the next speed upgrade, Ceres announced, and sat back to watch the action unfold.

Let's do this, Enigma nodded, and ventured further into the wooded area.

= Battle 1, if you please. =
A typical battle of three viruses lay ahead, with two Dragins wreathing around a Honeybomber, using it as cover as well as a distraction. If Enigma shot that beehive-- all hell would break lose, and that wasn't counting the Dragins attacking as well. Fortunately, the terrain is mostly grass and normal, nothing too volatile-- like lava or somesuch.

DraginA: 120 [Normal]
HoneyBomber: 110 [Normal]
DraginB: 120 [Normal]

Enigma: 120 [Grass]

40% Grass, 60% Normal
Enigma gulped. This is a step up from Mets, he muttered, cautiously stepping closer to the trio of virii. Give me the Bighammer and Areagrab, please, he requested, eyeing the Honeybomber nervously. I can probably take it out in one hit, he suggested, looking to Ceres for approval.

Fair enough--if you use this Wideshot well, you may be able to finish off the battle quickly, Ceres nodded, slotting in the three chips that had the highest probability of deleting the virii with the quickness.

Thanks, Enigma nodded, shooting the virii a small grin before disappearing and re-appearing behind the three of them, leaving nothing where he was except a few lazy purple pixels. Bam, he announced with a sadistic, knowing smile, bringing his newly-formed gargantuan sledgehammer crashing upon the HoneyBomber. It smashed into the ground with an ominous thump, disappearing upon impact and hopefully destroying the honeycomb virus beneath it. Darting backwards, Enigma quickly and roughly aimed the Wideshot at the group, letting off a V-shaped burst of water data aimed mainly for the dragon-esque virii.

Just in case, Ceres added, slotting in the Flameline for good measure.

If it doesn't get both of them, I'm in for some serious pain, Enigma warned, using the chip nonetheless as he continued to backpedal. Within seconds, a line of fire was on its way towards whatever was left of the group, scorching the terrain as it went.


HP: 120
1: Areagrab > Behind virii [Possible dodge]
2: Bighammer1 > HoneyBomber [160 DMG, Break, Impact, +1 Accuracy from Areagrab]
3: Wideshot > DragrinA, DragrinB, HoneyBomber if it lived [60 [color=blue]Aqua[/color] DMG, 3 Targets]
4: Flameline1 > DragrinB, DragrinA, HoneyBomber if ... any of them lived [70 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG]

Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready!
Fluctuating Nature: Directed forwards.
Enigma starts out by appearing directly beside the Honeybomber and then attacking with a large hammer. Even though the hammer is slow, the Honeybomber isn't exactly made for dodging, so the blow connects and deletes. He turns on the Dragin which had been counting on the Honeybomber for defense and thus haven't considered moving. With one Wideshot, both are taken out, leaving Enigma alone again.

HoneyBomber: DELETED!

Enigma: 120 [Normal]

40% Grass, 60% Normal

Rewards: RiskyHoney1, 100z
Enigma, smiling softly, began to step into the Net when he remembered.

Without warning, the mental image of a lit, smoldering cigarette faded in and out of his subconscious, confusing him thoroughly until he realized what it meant.

Good job, keep moving, Ceres confirmed, grinning at the sight of a new chip.

You still owe me an explanation, Enigma grumbled, heading further in nonetheless.

For wha... oh... Ceres started, before answering his own question. Not now.

= Battle 2, please. =
Enigma comes upon a grassy plain. In it, two Swordies sit, tending to some antiques, it looks like. When they spot Enigma, they form their swords, ready to protect their possessions. Inside two of the pots, something begins to rise while the lamp sits there harmlessly.

SwordyA: 60
SwordyB: 60
EarthdragonA: 200
EarthdragonB: 200
Elmperor: 100

Terrain: 100% Grass

Enigma: 120

Battle 2 Good Luck
Enigma frowned as he came upon the next group. Stop avoiding the question, Ceres... and these guys look a lot stronger, he noted, doing some quick mental math as he entered the battlefield.

Evasive yet again, Ceres said, It's all grass terrain, so take out the Swordys with this Heatshot, do some damage with the Flameline, and then use the Wideshot and the new chip however you want. He then slotted in all of the chips that he had mentioned and did his best to avoid Enigma's eyes.

You told me you quit. Why are you cutting more days off of your life? Enigma asked bluntly, not wanting to wait any longer.

I... I don't know the answer myself... so what do I tell him? Ceres worried internally, biting his lip. Suddenly, Ceres' attitude kicked into overdrive, and he snapped, That's neither here nor there.

What, exactly, is that supposed to mean? Enigma asked calmly.

It means, if I decide I need to relax, I can take that action for myself, Ceres replied with a newfound confidence bordering on arrogance.

I don't see how they can help you relax. It just seems to me that it's cutting days off of your life and wasting your money, Enigma continued.

If it keeps me from sticking a knife in the throat of every NetPolice officer I see, then it's worth it, Ceres replied, an almost threatening tone creeping into his words.

When the black crap starts to build in your lungs and you find you can't even run for more than ten seconds, I'd just like to let you know that I told you so, Enigma said in his most condescending tone.

Why are we even talking about this? Ceres grumbled. Go kill something, would you?

Happily, Enigma responded, quite calmly, and then finally turned to the virii. You don't seem very relaxed... he smiled. The Heatshot was already assembling itself on or into his right forearm, and within just a few more seconds, his arm had become cylindrical. Steadying his right arm with his left, Enigma held his breath, aimed carefully at the two Swordys and the ground, and fired, attempting to triangulate his shot so that not only would both of the Swordys be affected, the grass would burn as well, doubling the damage.

Not nearly done yet, Enigma whipped around to face the other three virii, Flameline in hand, quite literally. This time, he aimed the gun at the ground, lining up his shot carefully; this was the big hitter, he couldn't afford to miss. If he did it right, the grass would burn straight to the last three virii, hopefully deleting one and crippling the other two. Taking another slow, easy breath, Enigma held it, looked up quickly once again to make sure it would burn the right way, and eased back the trigger. Surprising even Enigma, a sizzle, then a burst, then a wall, was propelling itself along the grassy terrain, eating up the vegetation as it went. The only thing that was left in its path was a blackened, scorched normal-looking type.

Enigma then took out his last chip... well, gun chip, for the round. This was larger than the other two cylinders to accommodate its firing type; it started with a roughly rounded "stock" that was built into the arm, as usual, but then rapidly expanded into a sharp "v", without the top two points together. This served, perhaps, to catapult the watery data farther, or at least, it would in Enigma's mind. Doing his usual aim-and-hold-breath routine, Enigma lined up the Wideshot directly between the three virii that may or may not have survived the earlier attacks, squinting as he did so. He moved his aim a tiny bit to the left; if the Elmperor hadn't survived, it was probably better to finish things faster. In a trice, an expanding mass of water was speeding towards the virii to ... soothe... their burns, also taking on a wicked-looking "v". Satisfied with his work, Enigma took a step back and summoned up his new RiskyHoney, taking shelter behind the honeycomb walls. He was also confident that if two virii had survived, he would be able to "fluctuate" out of the way of any second attack.

See? You do nicely when you don't talk, Ceres grinned.

If that's true, then you're not helping.


= FYI, the order I put the targets of attacks in is the order of priority. =

HP: 120
1: Heatshot1 > SwordyA, SwordyB [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, Spread1, x2 from Grass]
2: Flameline1 > Elmperor, EarthDragonB, EarthDragonA [70 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, 3 Targets, x2 from Grass]
3: Wideshot1 > EarthDragonA, EarthDragonB, Elmperor [60 [color=blue]Aqua[/color] DMG, 3 Targets]
4: RiskyHoney1 [Blocks one attack, 5 [color=green]Wood[/color] DMG x 10 Bees + Homing]

Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready!
Fluctuating Nature: Aimed towards the front.
Enigma uses his Heatshot to torch both Swordies and the grass beneath them. He then sends his Flameline at the other three enemies. The attack strikes both pots but the lamp sits just far enough away from them that it avoids being hit. Enigma shoots off one last blast, a wideshot, which washes over the dragon and hits the Elmperor as well, finishing off the group.

EarthdragonA: DELETED!
EarthdragonB: DELETED!
Elmperor: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Grass

Enigma: 120

Rewards: Widesword, 450z
= -is impressed with self and perhaps thankful to you- =

It looks like the argument didn't matter much in the end anyways, Enigma smiled, and only increased his grin more as he saw that he'd obtained his first sword chip. This should be fun, he laughed, and plunged further into Yumland Net.

Getting there, getting there... Ceres murmured absentmindedly, his bad temper having abated at the moment.

= Battle 3 please! =
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Enigma walks farther on into the field and finds three Mushies, walking around the area. A pair of weird little bears walk about as well, holding hands. In the middle of the area is a wooden statue, with a samurai virus standing nearby, staring at it.

MushyA: 80
MushyB: 80
MushyC: 80
TeddyA: 100
TeddyB: 100
Totem: 100
Zemon: 100

Terrain: 100% Grass

Enigma: 120

Battle 3 Go
Enigma walked into the next completely grass-covered area with an air of confidence, which was stultified as soon as he saw the yet-again larger group of virii amassed in front of him. Things get harder faster in this Net, he noted, frowning.

Don't worry, with all of the 3-target chips you have (and things like that), you can probably get them all in one go again, Ceres reassured him, doing the math as he did so. The Flameline can take out three... then a Wideshot can weaken some... alright, I've got it. I'll send some chips your way, Ceres announced, doing as he said immediately.

Thanks, Enigma nodded, standing back and crossing his arms as he watched the group from afar. That totem is suspicious... he thought to himself, frowning yet again. I hope things don't turn for the worse when I hit it... Nevertheless, he used his first chip in the lineup without hesitation, lining himself up with two of the Mushys casually. The flame-colored, cylindrical firearm assembled itself on his arm quickly and efficiently, giving him something to aim (and shoot) with as fast as he could look at his targets. He closed his left eye and concentrated with his right as he steadied the Heatshot with his left hand. He then crouched down, supporting his arm with his knee; the aim immediately tightened, and its positive effect was obvious. Taking a deep breath and holding it, he lined up the small tick-mark sight between two of the Mushys aimlessly walking around the area, he lightly applied pressure to the trigger as soon as he was happy with the context of the shot. In a trice, a loud sound characterizing the discharge of energy went off, and the Heatshot jerked Enigma's arm back as the energy burst blazed towards the two Mushys in question. I swear, if that shot doesn't hit... Enigma grumbled.

You were definitely taking it seriously, there, Ceres grinned widely. I think you'd be devastated if this plan didn't work.

No, I just might get hurt, and it's annoying to drag battles out, Enigma shrugged. He then accepted the data from the second Heatshot, although it was streamlined to just transfer the ammo to the Heatshot already equipped to him. This time, he stood up and paced around the group, seeing as his two targets weren't exactly near each other. Once he felt that the view had been 'rotated' enough, he stopped and began aiming at the last Mushy and one of the Teddies. This time, he stood up for the shot, and gave Ceres a look as he did so, carelessly holding out the Heatshot with one hand, not really looking down the sight as he aimed vaguely at the group. Is that good? Should I just do this from now on? he asked sarcastically.

Hey, do whatever the hell you want, Ceres laughed, prompting nothing but a grumble from Enigma. Enigma remained standing, but steadied his aim with both hands again and still focused just as hard as he usually did. Carefully, he waited until the bears and Mushy crossed paths in their mindless pacing, and then almost jerked back on the trigger, releasing the fiery data in an angry whoosh noise towards the duo. Quickly, he darted off to the side, trying to get the other three he hadn't harmed yet before they were alerted to his presence.

I get the feeling that we're going to have some survivors, Ceres worried aloud, slotting in a fourth chip as he did so. If anything survives after this, well, you know how to move out of the way, right?

I'll be fine, Enigma nodded, turning to the Totem and its protectors with an apprehensive air. Are you sure this thing won't hit back before it dies?

Well, if it does, you're pretty capable of healing, Ceres laughed.

Fair enough, Enigma sighed, and then aimed his next gun-style chip... at the ground. Carefully lining it up with the Totem, Zemon, and perhaps the last Teddy strolling around, Enigma looked quite silly, holding the gun almost against the ground as he shuffled around in a tight circle, trying to obtain the best shot. He had it within moments, and loosed the shot as fast as he could, trying to emerge from the incident with some dignity. He had it, alright--for all of the humiliation of the preparation, a huge wall of fire was growing as it ate right through the grassy terrain, expanding both width- and height-wise as it sped towards the three virii that had been aimed at. Now, what was the last chip? Enigma asked, although he had a sneaking suspicion about the nature of it.

You'll find out, Ceres grinned, on the brink of laughter.

Chriiiist, Enigma groaned, not happy with Ceres at all. The Wideshot would have been fine. But no, you have to go with the only chip that I hate.

It'll work better, Ceres assured him.

It better, Enigma growled, then turned back to the virii group. The only virus that should have survived was the first Teddy he'd attacked. So, he lined himself up in the general area of that bear-like virus and activated the chip. The Fishy was already forming on his right arm before he could even panic--and that's probably a good thing. On reflex, he managed to sever his connection to the Fishy itself, gasping in relief as he did so. The Fishy, indigo and always somehow structurally incomplete as Enigma was, sped off on its own towards the Teddy, actually leaving a wind in its wake. It made a few more runs through the area for good measure, hopefully deleting any virus that had managed to survive the initial onslaught.

That was much cooler, Ceres admitted.

Never. Again, Enigma repeated, sullen from the incident.


HP: 120
1: Heatshot > MushyA, MushyB [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, Spread1, x2 due to Grass]
2: Heatshot > MushyC, TeddyA [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, Spread1, x2 due to Grass]
3: Flameline > Totem, Zemon, TeddyB [70 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, 3 targets, x2 due to Grass]
4: Dash Attack > TeddyA, any survivors [90 DMG, up to 5 targets]

Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready!
Fluctuating Nature: Directed towards the virus group. Forwards, I guess.
Enigma fires off two heatshots, one after the other. This results in the trio of Mushies being completely wiped out, along with the field being a good deal singed. He then brings up a flameline, which incinerates the Totem and the Zemon that loitered near the virus. Enigma dashes through the last two enemies, knocking them aside. Both grow in size and roar as they are struck. As one struggles to get up, the other rushes at Enigma and delivers a punch, which he manages to block.

TeddyA: 10
TeddyB: 10

Terrain: 100% Grass

Enigma: 120
Dammit, Enigma snapped, jumping backwards as a Teddy-fist phased right through him. In fact, his own data had used its own reflexes to create a hole in his body right where the punch had been aimed-quite an effective strategy.

Finish 'em off, Ceres ordered, slotting in the duo of Shotgun chips as he spoke.

Sure, Enigma nodded, slightly irked that his plan had been flawed, if ever so slightly. He quickly whipped his arm forward with Shotgun attached and aimed at the pair of Teddies, aiming the Shotgun roughly in-between the two of them. Quickly and efficiently, he fired one large spread of energy pellets followed quickly by another, spraying the pair with Shotgun pellets. Enigma, confident in his victory, straightened up and prepared to get his reward data and continue further into the Net.

It's no fun when that happens, Ceres remarked. Enigma simply nodded in response and waited for the smoke to clear.


HP: 120
1: Shotgun > TeddyA, TeddyB [50 DMG + Spread1]
2: Shotgun > TeddyB, TeddyA [50 DMG + Spread1]
3-4: Autododges? Arrogance, if anything.
Enigma fires off a pair of shots which finish off the enraged Teddies. This leaves the navi alone once again. He is free to continue to move through the field, which lies pretty well torn up.


Terrain: 91% Grass 9%Normal

Enigma: 120

Rewards: Spice1, 800z
Enigma examined the Spice1 chip curiously as he took his reward data. What's this do? he inquired.

It only works on grass... eighty damage to all and confusion, not bad, Ceres noted.

Too bad it's only on grass... Enigma murmured, then continued further into the Net.

= Battle 4 please. =
Three apples sit scattered furthur in the field. There is also a grove a bamboo which suddenly splits into three sections and three spiders scurry out from the foilage. The bamboos starts shuffling around while the spiders stare down Enigma. A small pond of poison sits in the middle of the field, and one Spidey stands on it.

ApplesamuA: 70
ApplesamuB: 70
ApplesamuC: 70
KilbyA: 90
KilbyB: 90
KilbyC: 90
SpideyA: 80 (poison)
SpideyB: 80
SpideyC: 80

Terrain: 90% Grass 10% Poison

Enigma: 120

Battle 4 Go
Enigma walked into the battlefield confidently, then immediately rectified his technique as soon as he saw the bubbling, purple poison-type terrain. If it was all grass, this battle would be so much easier... Enigma grumbled, watching uninterestedly as the virii seemed to notice his presence.

It's alright; with new chip, you can get... one... two... five of them, and weaken the Kilbies, Ceres assured Enigma, slotting that in first. Oh, and take the Airshot as well; you'll get the other Spidey that way.

Let's try this out, Enigma nodded. He equipped the Airshot first, aiming it quickly but carefully at the Spidey resting upon the small body of poison in the center of the virus group. Taking a deep breath and holding it, he gently applied pressure to the trigger before receiving a kick comparable to that of an assault rifle. The shimmering, hard-to-see burst of air sped towards the Spidey and hopefully knocked it back into grass terrain. Trying to act quickly before it could re-gain its post, he equipped the new Spice chip. His small, knowing smile slowly changed to a confused frown as the usual cylindrical gun failed to appear in his hand. Instead, he was tightly clenching a small, scented candle that was already lit.

Well, that's lame, Ceres snorted, rolling his eyes.

Oh, gee, that's just great, Enigma said sarcastically, placing the useless-looking candle upon the ground. Can I get a chip that wo-- he stopped mid-sentence as he saw a billowing cloud of thick, musky scented air rise from the candle. Immediately, the area became infused with the smell of lavender in an almost hypnotic fashion. Enigma, eyes watering, stepped away from the candle to rub them. As he did so, Ceres noticed that the spice cloud began spreading all along the grass terrain, enveloping every virus it came across; however, it made a sort of protective circle around the poison, but hopefully also hit all of the Spideys, seeing as Enigma had earlier tried to knock the Spidey into grass.

Here, let's make sure those Kilbies are gone. I'll give ya the wide attack chips, Ceres informed Enigma, slotting in his duo of chips with a flourish as he said so.

Alright, thanks, Enigma nodded, then squinted up at Ceres. Why'd you get so calm all of a sudden? he asked sharply. It wasn't a nasty question as much as it was an honest one.

There's nothing to get angry about; you're doing your job and not being a jackass about it, and I'm not doing anything I'm not supposed to, Ceres snapped in a tone that basically screamed "conversation's over."

Seems fair enough, Enigma chuckled, then turned to face the (hopefully only three) remaining viruses. Equipping the Flameline, he carefully lined up his newfound Flameline to the viruses in question, and then to the ground, keeping the best straight line between the two points as he could as he did so. Before another two or three checks to make sure his aim was indeed correct, Enigma set off the Flameline, inducing a rapidly-growing and rapidly-spreading line of fire blazing towards the Kilbies. Quickly after this, he grabbed the Wideshot from seemingly nowhere and aimed it at the trio, steadying his arm before pulling the trigger. The burst of water spread outwards in a large 'v' as it always did, and Enigma just barely avoided laying out some sort of catch phrase about extinguishing fires.

That should have done it, Ceres said confidently.

If it did, all the more zenny for us, Enigma grinned.

We need it, you know. I did some math, and I think the minimum amount of zenny we're going to need for the next shopping trip is 15,200, unless you get seven more chips in Yumland...

I don't even want to know what you're planning on buying, Enigma remarked, resulting in nothing but another smile from Ceres.


HP: 120
1: Airshot2 > SpideyA [30 DMG, Knockback > Grass terrain]
2: Spice1 > All on Grass [80 [color=green]Wood[/color] DMG, Confusion]
3: Flameline1 > KilbyA, KilbyB, KilbyC [70 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, 3 targets, x2 due to Grass]
4: Wideshot > KilbyC, KilbyB, KilbyA [60 [color=blue]Aqua[/color] DMG, 3 targets.]

Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready!
Fluctuating Nature: Directed towards front.
= You know... Majin and RS don't HAVE to be the only active mods. =