Amidst the icy glaciers and cold rivers of Sharo Net, there exists a large hole in the sea. Rumors have claimed that a powerful virus made and resided in that hole, and several brave Netbattlers have made their attempts to fell this monster. None have returned...

Har, this is the day! I've chased ya across every sea on the Net, but today is the day ya'll fall before me!" promised Ishmael, a grizzled harpoon-wielding Navi, before the seaborne hole and the waterfalls casting down from all sides. Having come alone, Ishmael ran back to the cabin of his small boat, and hit the button to launch his only torpedo into the hole.

The hunted in this battle immediately responded, and a giant shark tore its way up the waterfall, eventually leaping up through the air before landing into the sea near the boat. "Squalo, you scurvy dog! Ya cost me a leg last time, but this time it'll be yar fin! yelled Ishmael, pounding his peg leg against the deck of his boat.

The shark Cybeast silently opened its mouth, revealing its multiple row of razor-sharp fangs, and began swimming towards the boat. Ishmael stood fast, grabbing his harpoon and raising it to face Squalo. "To the bottom of the sea with ya!"

... A few minutes later, the wreckage of an empty boat would silently be swallowed by the waterfall feeding into Squalo's den. Ishmael was defeated once more, forced to wallow in another loss to the mightiest fish in the Net.

((Create your own topic and request a Cybeast battle instead of a normal battle 1 to fight Squalo))