"I can remember it long ago....yes those days in SciLab. I was nothing but an animal. It was because I lost everything. The corners of my mind extinguished with what little memory I held of this dear world. I no longer had parents I knew of, friends I had, or even a purpose that I was aware of. I had a life...didn't I? Empress? I can't remember. I know there were others who were like me, living in a closed space and doing the usual routine like robots. My powers were unimaginable because of what they done to me, but yet, I didn't have anything I truly wanted. I threw away all my feelings and put them away so the pain wouldn't reach me anymore. It was only felt by someone else who could carry it, and perhaps use it not to fail me. They would suffer then...but that's not what happened...was it?"

Keera had breathed a sigh as she stared out towards the sparkling glaciers outside her window. She had taken a small trip from the confines of Dentech to come here. A place where it was as cold as her heart that was now sinking into a stammering confusion. Her body outfitted with a massive overcoat that covered her like a robe. Her eyes staring out the window still as she could only feel this same disarray.

"That box you threw your feelings away in...it was me, Ms. Keera?"

The electronic voiced had echoed through the small device as Keera had sat still delaying her response. It never came instead. It was an answer clear enough for the Netnavi as she sat arms folded.

"Ms. Keera...when you did that, was it to protect yourself?"

Keera's eyes had narrowed as she let them shift from the window over her shoulder string towards the bed seeing a small box of upgrades she had previously brought along with a small chip that was inside it. It's color was unique. It was flowing with a pink essence like a neon like fluid was running through it.

"I don't need protecting...I just want to die. It's not as if there's a reason for me to live even if's just to get revenge on these pathetic humans."

Empress could picture this girl's heart clearly. She thought she was reaching and tampering with someone she cared about who sealed her heart deep inside. She was surprised. In the end, her heart was never there, and it was only because she had it. She was holding a piece of it.

"Do you believe that? Do you believe that you have no purpose in this world?"

Empress hadn't gotten an answer. She gritted her teeth sounding dearly more of a maiden than the usual warrior. Her eyes that were purple had became more blue as it was clear enough she was starting to awaken from her hateful sleep that was reflecting her NetOp's rage.

"Ms. Keera...that's enough. I know I've served you to my utmost devotion but I can't let you do this. It's because I love you that I won't let you continue to hide in this darkness."

"Shut up! That's not for you decide!" She had cut in as Empress didn't back then. Not for a second.

"No! It's for you to decide! I can decide if I will be your navi or not!"

"...and I'll get a new one!" she had declared.

"No one's foolish enough to throw away their heart!"

"I'll only be finishing the job!" she had chanted.

"...and when you do...you'll weep. You'll weep like last time, because you felt a connection with me so deep that you had touched your heart. Even through "zeros" and "ones" you used them like a hand to connect our hearts and cry tears vowing to become stronger! Now's your chance Ms. Keera because when you threw away your heart, you threw away your passion!"

Keera had gasped in realization of what the navi was saying. A team...that's why that term was going back and forward through her mind. It was something that connected them closer than ever. Being a team was what connected their very hearts, and it was also what completed them. Empress only rejected everything using her abilities to create and destroy space around her but now, Keera was aware of what those powers were. They were only that ultimate being that was incomplete because the commander was refusing everything, the friends, the allies, the world. She gritted her teeth uneasily as she had held back the urge to cry. She wouldn't! This is why she threw that useless heart away in the first place scrambling it into data bits.

"What do you want me to do? Just be weak again! I hate that! I hate friends, I hate those stupid bonds, and I hate love!"

"It's better to pain over love than it is to pain over hatred!"

She closed her eyes tightly as she reached to her jacket and grasped her PET.

"Shut up Empress!"

Empress's eyes narrowed as she had glanced towards the screen's view. She could make out the top of Keera's flowing hair from where she stood. She had clinched her fists as tightly as Keera clinched the PET.

"No! That's not my name!" she had yelled as Keera opened her eyes with the small clefts of wetness at her cheeks.

"When you sealed away your heart, you sealed away my true power! Our true power! You put it in that chip and you're wondering if it was something you regretted. That's why you always carry it around with you!"

Keera shook her head slinging the tears away from her eyes.

"N-no! It's only because I'd use it for emergencies! It was a fail safe!"

Empress had thrust her hands out as she pointed a finger from above.

"Failsafe my @$$! You want to be one again! Say my name!" Empress demanded as Keera had reached grasping the box.

"...and make us weak?" she had bellowed as she threw the box at the wall, but her index and middle finger holding the chip in grasp.

"....and make us whole! Say my damn name!" Empress cried out as Keera had smacked her palm connecting herself to the PET.

"Anything to make you shut up!" she had said as she took the chip sliding it into her Cybernetic arm and her mind eyes changing from violet to blue upon the slot in. She had felt it rush back to her. All those paining memories in her heart, those feelings, every beat of her chest was heavy as if they were all rushing back like they were late. Her PET glowing as the crest of royalty had shattered and started to reform. Empress body had glowed as it became nothing more than a shadow then a augmenting light combined with it.

"What's my name Madam Keera?" she had asked in a more calm and smug voice.

"Upload Majesty! Execute!"
As Majesty walks along, she comes across two Snowblows, which are shuffling towards a patch of ice a few yards away. Upon hearing her approach, the pair turns around and lets out a bellow of challenge. Then, out of a small crack, some slime oozes out and takes the form of another virus. It stands directly in her path, almost seeming to say, 'Welcome to Sharo!'

Slimey: 90
SnowblowA: 100
SnowblowB: 100

Terrain: 94% Normal 5% Ice 1% Cracked

Majesty/Empress: 160

Battle 1 Start
(Holy Frick! I meant to post this in Sharo RW, not Sharo Net! ROFLMAO! Well Majin got on the job so I'm not going to let his efforts go to waste. I'll do this without sig attacks then since Majesty was already approved.)

As Majesty's body had finally came into form, her red dress had blown into the air along with her long dark colored hair. Her blues eyes had scanned herself as she could feel the sleekness of the tight black boots that felt as if they were meant for speed. She had smiled as she felt the material along her gloves that stretched to her arms and to her shoulder blades were her dress cuffed over. She had let out a sound chuckle to herself almost amazed by her own strength that had went dormant when Keera closed her heart.

"Moths to the flame..." she had said elegantly stretched her arm forward while leaning on her boot's toe. "...I am the temptation that will scorch your desire."

"Wanderers of the darkness....I am the burning passion that will give security to those who follow my light." She had said as she brought her arm around until it fallen to her side.

"The forever grace...Majesty!" With that introduction, she had let her blue eyes turned behind her to see the vid screen of her NetOp as she watched over. Her left eye squinting as she used the other to see Majesty who was in concern. "Ms. Keera!"

She smiled shaking her head. "D-don't worry about me. It's just...hard to adjust having these feelings again." she had said nodding towards her Navi. She stood up as she had grasped her PET while smiling warmly, something that Majesty had almost forgotten her NetOp could do every since they both were changed for the worst.

"Right, but I'll need your help to engage these viruses. It seems as if I'm not completely awakened yet. I can feel my strength coming...but very slowly." she explained observing herself thoroughly as Keera had nodded.

"Well then...let's fight as a team should."

Majesty smiled. She liked the sound of that. She had taken her right and tossing it into the air. "Let us go Ms. Keera!" she had chanted. "Show them your passion!" she had chanted loudly as Keera's eyes had lit up a warm blue color that was almost compared to the moon around her pupils the rings had lit as she began transferring the data.

"Wind! Battlechip in! Download!"

With a load of the battlechip, and Majesty's hand raised in a might pose, the large wind box appeared in front of her as it had sat silent, but then started to quickly turn with a low hum to blow at the viruses powerfully. She hadn't set there useless as she quickly leapt into the air bounding with her quick speed as she took her hands and pulling herself into a tossed flip to become airborne while Keera had acted along with her.

"Boomerang1! Download!"

As she chanted that aloud, a massive Boomerang had appeared in Majesty's grasp. She had took her hand from her high view and spun around freely adding a touch of speed to the Boomerang as it cut through the air heading towards the virus units that had sat on the ground. With the power of the fan, they were in nothing short of a nasty surprise seeing that they were trapped with their backs against the wall.

"Yes! Keep your passion burning Ms. Keera! I haven't felt like this for ages!"

Majesty had chanted while Keera had only thrust her hand into the air readily.

"That I will! Magbomb1!" she had called out.

Majesty had landed on the ground letting her feet touch down as her legs spread with her left arm reaching to grasp the terrain and her right stretched out gripping the Magbomb. She had slung her pulled back arm with a mighty swing letting the wind of the Windbox carry it to her targets that were being blown aback. She aimed dead center for the slimy blob knowing it might be a problem anyway, and plus it was a number one target for the attack's type.

"MachGun1! Download!"

Majesty had smiled as her arms lifted arming herself with the massive gun torrent pointed at the Slimey virus mostly. She had sounded off as the crosshair had taken it's time intercepting it in sight.

"My love is like a gun! It goes-"

The sound of her voice was cut off by the massive rain of bullets and gunfire. The shots had started to fire off to mow down the targets until they were no more which was the navi's aim as she swung the large torrent back and forward trying to catch every last one of them. She was enjoying this battle not as some soldier or a job, but as a true warrior. She loved this feeling!

She had let the torrent vanish from her arms as she stood ready. She wasn't sure, but she felt that she had the ability to move quickly if she could ready to attempt to dodge an attack.

Action 1 - Wind - 100 HP Obstacle (+Lower Enemy Accuracy)

Action 2 - Acrobat - Get Airborne

Action 3 - Boomerang1 - 60 Wood Damage (Acrobat - Boost Speed when thrown) @ SlimyA, SnoblowA, SnoBlowB

Action 4 - MagBomb1 - 30 Elec Damage (Stun2 + Blast) @ SlimyA, SnoblowA, SnoBlowB

Action 5 - MachGun1 - 30 Damage (9 shots) @ SlimyA, SnoblowA, SnoBlowB (3 Shots each)

Ability Action: Sword Play
The weirdo passion girl starts off her assault by conjuring up a wind. She then whips forward a boomerrang, which slices through the Slimey and also a Snowblow. Unfortunately, rather than turning around, the wind spurs the weapon on and it flies way far away, into infinity. She then throws a bomb, which crashes into the two Snowblows, though the Slimey isn't in close enough proximity to be hit. Majesty then goes postal on the enemies, pulling out a machine gun and pumping them full of lead. The slimey goes down in the first shot, before the gun's aim is readjusted and it tears through the Snowblows' remaining HP.

Slimey: DELETED!
SnowblowA: DELETED!
SnowblowB: DELETED!

Terrain: 94% Normal 5% Ice 1% Cracked

Majesty/Empress: 160
Wind: 100 (1/3)

Rewards: Airstorm1, 113z
Majesty had placed a smile on her face as the battle had come to an end, shot down in a glorious blaze of gunfire and remnants of what was left of the viruses. Her blue eyes shifting to a flicker of a comm screen that opened up to her right showing black slendor hair that was in a mess.

"Ms. Keera! Are you...alright?" she had asked lowly, and her voice getting even lower as the panting was slowly being replaced by the sound of a low sounding laugh. The navi's expression twisting into a smile as she had took noticed of Keera's hair going across her face and sitting relaxed as she lifted her head showing her eyes that sat on the navi. Her face had a delighted smile that had a guilty pleasure behind it.

"That felt so good! It's been so long since I've felt like this. I believe we should ready ourselves for some more fun!" Keera had suggested with her ally nodding her head in response.

"Right! We're in agreement then! Jack out so I can fully restore you to your former glory Empr-...I mean Majesty! Yes!" she had said as Majesty lifted her right hand holding it as if she readied to catch her breath.

"Yes! Jacking out Ms. Keera!" Majesty had said as the navi's body had emitted a light before bursting in a quick flash and confirming her log out from the Sharo computer network.