Old home

Edgar slowly appears, still bloody after his battle agaist Kuman. His wounds, slowly healing. Edgar looks into the sky. He has not been here for about 4 years, and for a good reason. But he deside to heal himself here insead of his PET. At least it is traqul here, he mumered.

((Waiting for one more person))
Fluffy materializes on to a patch of loosely packed snow causing his paws to snick down on to the frozen ground underneath it. He lets out a savage growl upon noticing a strange navi standing not too far from him.
Edgar hear the growl, and turned his head to see this armor donning ferret as the cause of it. Saddly, what came to Edgar's mind was Great, first a giant bear, and now ferrets. What will the world throw at me next? Edgar then begins to speak, "Whoever you are, I mean no harm." Edgar is not ready to get in a second battle right now, and much rather things go out peacefuly.
Fluffy stares at Edgar, he notices that the navi is injured and still bleeding.

Heh, like an injured weakling like you could harm me, oh well you don't look like you would put up much of a fight any way.

He then stalks over to Edgar and says:

My name's Fluffy.
In a moment, Edgar's blood turn into little daggers, and shoots out at fuffly, only stoping half an inch from the navi. Edgar then goes, "Looks can be very desiving Fuffly." The daggers turn back into blood and go back into Edgar's body. "Names Edgar." He goes

((Ready for battle one))
Fluffy jumps back and let out a startled hiss; then the wonderful sent of blood fills his nostrils, and he starts shaking with his predatory desire to hunt and kill to bring down his prey and devour it. He can almost feel the warm sticky sweet liquid going down his gullet into his too empty stomach.

Claymore looks down at her now rapidly beeping PET. She lets out a weary sigh.

Fluffy stop that you know I told you it was boorish to eat other navis.

Claymores few words were enough to snap fluffy back to reality. He then looks Edgar in the eyes.

Don't do that in front of me if you want to keep your neck how it is.
"You know what, with a name like Fuffly it is hard to take you seruisly." Edgar said, chuckeling some. "And sorry, I like the way my neck is, and I will most liekly keep doing that."
Same old Sharo Network, same old Sharo nuisances.

Battle Routine Set, Execute!

MetoolEXA: 70
MetoolEXB: 70
MetoolEXC: 70
WeatherA: 80
WeatherB: 80
WeatherC: 80
Pengi: 80

Edgar: 160
Fluffy: 100
Fluffy sniffs the air smelling the viruses before he sees them, he turns to face them and lets out a low rumbling growl.

Claymore we have some viruses here.

Claymore looks down at the PET and the small army of approaching viruses.

Oh stop complaining they don't look that bad.

She then turns back to the videos games in her father's store

What I would give for an operator with an attention span fluffy thought to himself as he jammed all four of his paws down in the frozen earth sending spidery cracks down the ice towards the 3 weathers and the pengi viruses; when the cracks reached the 4 viruses vines sprouted from the ground trying to wrap around the viruses.

Break down:
Winding weeds on the 3 weathers and the pengi 10 to each and entanglement

((OOC turn spilic))
This wave of viruses was nothing out of the ordinary for Edgar. He uses to fight around this area years ago, and knows how to use the snow to his favor. The snow at Edgar's feet begins to turn blood red, and starts to spread towards the Virus group. The red snow mass was a few feet away from some of the viruses. Edgar snapped his fingers, and the red snow bursts out into spikes aimed to take out three of the viruses Fuffly attacked. This was not all Edgar could do. Edgar raised his arm towards what might be the last weather virus, and it bursts in to a massive of bloody shrapnel directed flying at great velocity. Edgar's next move was a massive burst of flames julting from his hand right at some of the remaining Viruses.

(1 wideshot WeatherB, C and Pengi 85 aqua
2 Shotgun WeatherA, splash MetoolEXC 50
3 Heatshot MetoolEXC, splash MetoolEXB 40 fire)
Not wanting to be shown up by Edgar Fluffy jumps back into action, He turns his head towards the first weather opening his mouth to reveal a large cannon, then shooting it at the weather. Fluffy then closes his mouth and jumps over towards the metools opening his mouth and shoots out a large blast of shotgun pellets to engulf them.

2. Cannon at weatherA (40)
3. Shotgun at MetoolEXA and splashing MetoolEXB (50)
((Doesn't make much of a difference in this case, but for the sake of consistency, make sure it's a full 24 hours before bumping. I'll warn if need be))

The Sharo-bound soldiers launch their coordinated attack, connecting easily as virus after virus goes down. One Metool manages to evade the assault by ducking under his helmet, and his wounded counterpart launches a vicious shockwave that blasts Fluffy head on, tearing into his coding and disrupting his core data. (40)

The Pengi, though trapped, also manages to connect with an icey burst of power, sending a cold wind playing over Edgar's body (30).

MetoolEXA: 20
MetoolEXB: 70 (HIDING)
Pengi: 70 (Entangled)

Edgar: 130
Fluffy: 60
Enraged by the heavy hit he had take from the metool, fluffy grabbed the for the heaviest thing with in his reach, which happened to be Edgar, and hurled him as hard as he could at the metool. Then he rushed forward, his eyes set on the pengi, his claws growing larger as he went. When he reach the pengi his claws had fully doubled in size, Fluffy slashed out with both of his front paws aiming for the viruses rather large, and red bill.

1. Flinging Edgar at MetoolEXA (20)
2. Rage claw at pengi (40)
3. Rage claw at pengi (40)
Edgar was about to attack the Pengi that just hit it with a blast of freezing ice, but Edgar seems to have risen off the ground. It seems that in fluffy's anger he picked up Edgar, and just lobed him at one of the mets. It was unknown if flew into the met or hit the snow, but he was not that happy about it. In a few seconds, a blood red hammer and sickle form in Edgars hand, and he set his eyes on the hiding met. In moments he charged, weapons in hand, ready to try and break the helmet of the met; however, before he reached the poor thing, his body busted into white flames. Edgar was ready to smash, slice, and flaming tackle whatever was around the met. It was not going to be pretty.

1 Blood pummel MetEXB (60 break)
2Heatshot MetEXB( 40 fire+splash on MetEXA)
Fluffy takes out the trapped virus. Edgar misses the met as he flies, but still manages to strech his attack forward far enough to land. The helmet is broken and the Met, feeling ashamed, bows its head and allows Edgar to finish it. The last met luanchs a shockwave, which strikes Fluffy.

MetoolEXA: 20

Edgar: 130
Fluffy: 20
Edgar saw what hit Fuffly, and how wounded he was. Even tough he threw Edgar at a met, even tough he threaten to eat his neck... He was still Edgar's ally at the moment and needed healing. Edgar's body started to glow a bright white around his wounds. In moments Edgar raised a hand at the met, and at Fuffy. They began to glow white, and a burst of white energy jolted out at there respected targets. The one targeting Fuffly healed him, and the one targeting the met would damage if it connected. With luck this will finish off this battle once and for all.

((0Holy strength
1 shoot MetEXA 8+20
2 Convert shot into heal for Fuffly 8+20 heal
3 Convert shot into heal for Fuffly 8+20 heal))
Edgar takes the last one out before healing his ally.


Edgar: 130
Fluffy: 76

Rewards: 300z each, extra 150z to Edgar