Training Time!

Tekkai beamed into the area with a flash of light blue and a freezing cold fog surrounding him. His hood over his head and his programs ready to go. Well....shall we begin sir? Tekkai asked. Of course. Start searching the area for some viruses. Shin replied. As Tekkai searched the area, he had a bit of a hard time finding any viruses at first. *sigh*....What a bore....this is taking too long... Tekkai said as he made a complete stop. Shin sighed as well as he nodded his head at Tekkai, telling him to just sit and wait for a bit before starting to walk again. Tekkai found a nice icy stump too sit on, and he quietly waited for a virus to appear.
(As a note, Sharo is NOT the place for newbies. I'll give you as easy a battle as I can for Sharo Net, but if you stay here past battle 1, you're asking for trouble. Kay?

And yes, this is EASY for Sharo.)

The new navi is lucky! He only meets a small raiding party of viruses.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
Pengi: 80 HP

Tekkai: 100 HP


((Darn...sorry. OK, so one battle, then I move on to an easier net area. Got it))

Tekkai opened his eyes and noticed some viruses coming his way.'s about time. Tekkai thought as he hopped down from the stump and got into a fighting stance. OK Tekkai, here is the plain. I want you to start off by yourself, and if you need battle chip assistance, then I will step in and load some, Got it? Shin explained. Tekkai simply nodded his head as he stared down the virses. Alright...concentrate.......concentrate........OK, lets do this! Tekkai said as he quickly jumped into the air.

Tekkai came crashing down in front of the two MetoolEX viruses and slammed both his fists into the ground, creating two of his water shock waves, and sending one each at the two viruses. Each of these chock waves had a Chinese dragon head in the front of them, which was more for show then anything else. Tekkai then quickly put his body weight on both hands and arms, flipping over the Pengi virus. Shin then decided himself to step in. OK Tekkai, your normal attacks are not strong enough to beat these guys that easily, so here comes a chip. Shotgun, Chip in, Download! A gun formed on Tekkai's hand, and he quickly dashed back a little and fired the shotgun chip right at the Pengi virus.

Turn Summary:
Action 1: Water Shock waves from the Prophesy Gauntlets at: MetoolEXA (8 Dmg)
Action 2: Water Shock waves from the Prophesy Gauntlets at: MetoolEXB (8 Dmg)
Action 3: Shotgun Chip Used on: Pengi (50 Dmg)
(You know how our battles work, right? What you're suggesting now are regular buster shots. The damage formula for which is Attack*Charge*2. Your shots would do 8 damage.
You do have the following battlechips:
Cannon (40 damage)
Shotgun (50 damage, can splash to another enemy)
Rageclaw (40 damage, use until broken. Mod decides when it breaks. You can also pick up enemies and throw them at eachother for 20 each.)

Using battlechips takes an action.
Dodging is a good idea, too. One action spent to dodge is basically a "one attack misses free" card. But it doesn't always work. Most of the time, but not always.

And lastly, your sig. It is pretty straightforward. Good job. And it takes one action.

Sorry, the REAL last thing: Post damages by your attacks. This helps the mods.

Care to change your post, or do you want to keep it the way it is? Albeit with damages added to the summary.)
(( For the most part I knew those things, except for the Rageclaw being more then one use, thanks. Anyway, I modified it, and also added the damage to the summary.))
(Thank you for using the Mandatory Battle Knowledge training prog. Pls come again!
Anyways, nice job. Thanks much.)

Tekkai manages to land two small hits on the Metools and a major blast on the Pengi. The weakened aqua virus subsequently shoots out a blast of ice, which Tekkai easily sidesteps.

MetoolEXA: 62 HP
MetoolEXB: 62 HP
Pengi: 30 HP

Tekkai: 100 HP
Tekkai made a few flips back as he began to think of his next move. He didn't want to use another chip so quickly, and his basic attacks were too weak to have any good effect. But then, he thought of a good way to attack, and conserve energy as well. He decided to charge his buster and attack the already weakened virus. Alright....I hope this will work.... Tekkai thought too himself as he began charging his weapon. After an fair amount of time, Tekkai's fists began to glow, and he quickly dashed behind the Pengi virus again, and slammed his palms to the ground, unleashing a more powerful shock wave this time around, right at the Pengi virus.

Turn Summary:
Action 1: Charge
Action 2: Charge
Action 3: Charged Shot at Pengi (Attack+Charge x8= 32 dmg)
The charged shot takes out the Pnegi, but a powerful shockwave from the met really deals damage to the navi.

MetoolEXA: 62 HP
MetoolEXB: 62 HP

Tekkai: 60 HP
Tekkai landed down on one knee as he gasped for air after the hit from the metool struck him. Heh...that hurt.... Tekkai said. Next time make sure to dodge Tekkai... Shin said as he loaded another Chip. Tekkai gained some powerful claws as he quickly caught his breath and dashed head on at the viruses. He slashed at one of the Metool's with his new claws, hoping to damage the virus. He then quickly leaped over the first virus, and landed behind the other Metool.

He quickly dashed up to the viruses backside and tried another slash, this time at the second Metool. OK Tekkai, the attacks of these viruses are limited to the ground, so if you jump up into the air, you should be able to avoid the attacks for a bit. Shin said. Yes sir....Tekkai replied as he took a few steps away from the viruses. Tekkai then quickly leaped into the air, in hopes of evading any ground restrained shock waves from those viruses.

Turn Summary

Chips Activated: RageClaw
Action 1: Rageclaw to MetoolEXA (40 dmg)
Action 2: Rageclaw to MetoolEXB (40 dmg)
Action 3: Evade/Leaping into the air
Tekkai manages to hit the enemies with a slash each before barely dodging a shockwave that ran along the ground.

MetoolEXA: 22 HP
MetoolEXB: 22 HP

Tekkai: 60 HP
Tekkai landed back on the ground below, but did not waste any time as he quickly dashed right up to one of the metoolEX viruses, and tried another slash with his rageclaw chip. Afterwards, Tekkai took a few steps back, instead of simply attacking the other virus with his claws as well, seeing as how they could break at any moment.

Shin...should I go ahead and give it a shot? Tekkai asked. ....Sure, why not.... Shin replied. After being given the go ahead from Shin, Tekkai stood his ground, as his gauntlets began to glow. He put his right arm out, and suddenly it began to change. Ice and water starte to flow around it like two streams of power. Once the two streams connected, Tekkai's arm began to take an entirely new shape. This is the first time Tekkai has ever tried to use this program since Shin first installed it, so he was a little nervous. After a moment or so, Tekkai's arm had finally finished taking on it's new shape. A dragon head had formed from his arm, and though it looked like a real dragon's head, it was actually a powerful cannon, ready to be fired.

Tekkai looked in amazement at his newest weapon. So...this is what Shin has been working on for the past month or so huh....not bad... Tekkai thought as he aimed his cannon at the other virus. OK......Lets finish this! Ready....Aim....FIRE!!! Tekkai yelled as a powerful burst of streaming, icy cold water blasted from the dragon cannon's mouth. Heading straight for the virus. Tekkai then once again quickly jumped into the air, in hopes of staying clear of any attacks.

Turn Summary

Action 1: Rageclaw to MetoolEXA (40 dmg)
Action 2: Torrential Dragon Stream Burst to MetoolEXB (40 dmg +Freeze effect, if he survives)
Action 3: Evade/Leap into air
Tekkai finishes off the viruses, but not before they both blast him! Saved only by his undershirt, it would probably be a good idea to not stay in the net much longer.



Prize: 450z
Tekkai was slammed by the attacks as he fell to the ground. He layed there for a moment before contacting Shin. Shin, I should jack out for now...of else I will be deleted.... Tekkai said as he tried to get back to his feet, but quickly collapsed back to the ground. Alright. You earned a good rest. I will jack you into an easier training area later.. Shin said as he quickly jacked his navi out.

Tekkai, Logging Out!