Killing time on the Net

In a whirlwind of gel and black digits, Binary appeared on the Net. "AWAITING ROUTE!" he called to Chris, who opened a window seconds later.

"Just wander around until you find some viruses. We'll decide what to do then," Chris commanded, typing something up on his laptop.

<(Battle 1, FirstBarrier active.)>
Binary slithers across a grassy floor and comes across... an apple?

A genie-like thing pops out and shoots a seed at the amorphous navi, who retreats back as he surveys the enemy.

Three apples, one Brush guy... doing something, and... oh god a tank.

AppleSamuA: 70 HP (IronBody)
AppleSamuB: 70 HP (IronBody)
AppleSamuC: 70 HP (IronBody)
Brushman: 100 HP
Catack: 120 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Binary.exe: 180 HP (Barrier)

"Alright, I've only ever seen the Catack before, so we're going to have to play theory for a moment," Chris said, mostly to himself. "The Brushman's obviously going to do something with paint, but what he'll do I have no idea. AppleSamus probably sit in their shells as defense, then pop out to spit those seeds. Catacks, obviously, blow the shit out of stuff because, well, they're tanks. So here's what we'll do."

He took three choice chips out of the folder: the Energybomb, the Firehit, and their new chip, the Lavaball. "Catacks don't move much, so it should be an easy hit for the Energybomb. The grass should double the strength of the Firehit, and make it able to delete the Brushman. And Lavaball can break through defenses, so use that on one of the apple things. You got that, Binary?" he explained.

"AFFIRMATIVE!" Binary screeched back, accepting the chip data and springing to work.

As Chris had commanded, the Catack was first priority mainly because it appeared to be the most dangerous, and well-known. In a flash of light, the Energybomb was loaded directly into one of Binary's hands, making the hand flash dangerously and swell up to dangerous proportions. While he started to twirl his arm around like a lasso, his optics scanned the Catack, gaining a loose lock on the virus for a better chance at hitting it. When the scans were done, and Binary's arm was close to resembling a helicopter's propeller, the Navi abruptly halted his arm of all movement. The hand swollen with the flashing light of the Energybomb flew right off the arm, and sailed through the air at the Catack. Upon hitting the ground, it detonated in three flashes of blue light, each one just as deadly as the one that preceded it.

Binary's hand was completely obliterated in the explosions, but it was no trouble to simply form a new one and move on. Without skipping a beat, he loaded the Firehit, this time in his other hand. The appendage suddenly started glowing white-hot, steaming slightly. After a second of looking around, Binary found the odd-looking Brushman, and clenched his hand into a fist instinctively. Winding up, Binary threw his punch, his arm stretching through the group to punch at the virus. Once his hand hit something, it exploded in a brilliant flash of white flames. Again, the hand could not be recovered; not that it mattered.

After regrowing his other hand, Binary loaded up the newest chip, the Lavaball. He loaded it, and at first nothing seemed to have happened. Then suddenly, a cocoon of hardened magma formed around his head, spitting smoke and fire from tiny cracks in it. Some of his optics were obscured as he did this, but he did his best to locate the AppleSamus and choose one to attack. In a grossly predictable maneuver, Binary pulled his head back, stretching his neck back to at least six feet. Then, like clockwork, his neck sprang back, and his head detached, flying in an arc at one of the apples lying on the ground. The hardened shell of magma shattered upon contact with the ground, sending forth a gushing wave of liquid hot lava that burned the grass around it.

Chips expended, Binary retreated backwards, his base forming an often-used snake tail for more effective movement. From what he could tell, the AppleSamus had a certain range they could shoot at. He aimed to stay out of that range.

*Streamlined... (+1 Accuracy to Energybomb)

1. Streamlined Energybomb to Catack (40x3, +1 Accuracy)

2. Firehit1 to Brushman (50x2 due to Grass)

3. Lavaball to AppleSamuA (120, Breaking, x2 due to Grass)

4. Dodge out of range
The Energybomb flies through the air and lands on the Catack. As it explodes, the virus begins to move forward, but it proves to be too late as the attack wraps up, destroying it. The Brushman, which had started scurrying around, then gets slammed with a punch that takes it out before it can do anything worthwhile. Binary chucks his last weapon, which hits the Applesamu. The virus is protected by an Ironbody, but the attack, which has breaking properties, shatters the defense and eliminates the target. An Applesamu then popped open and spit a seed at the navi, but Binary evades.

AppleSamuA: DELETED!
AppleSamuB: 70 HP (IronBody)
AppleSamuC: 70 HP (IronBody)
Brushman: DELETED!
Catack: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Grass

Binary.exe: 180 HP (Barrier)