A cat, a doctor, and a god

An explosion of electricity leapt out of the NetSquare hyperlink, but instead of a lightning bolt, a Navi landed on the panels of the Netopian network instead. Raiden straighted and looked quickly around for any immediate threats.

A secure, cocky grin slid across his face, and he immediately slipped into a more relaxed stance. He turned to face the hyperlink, awaiting the other two that he had agreed to come on this trip with. They had better show up soon, or he was just going to continue without them.
Cheshire floated through the link, leading DNR by the arm. She didn't seem to notice that she was currently in a headlock. She did, however, notice the shy navi's spontaneous change in body language. Guy was eager to battle, it seemed. All the better. A smile crossed her face to match his. This would be fun, all right. She craned her head around the doctor's strong arm, checking if the rest of the doctor was there too.
"Ahhhhh Netopia! A new place we've never visited ever....."

DNR's voice floated towards his compatriots as he finally walks through the link to the Netopia Net. HE looks around the new area, blissfully unaware of the girl that was wrapped along his strong arm. "What was I gonna doooooooo? Oh right! Sorry Cheshire! Heheheh..." He finally lets go, putting his hand on her hair and messing it up like an adult to a small kid. He smiles as soon as she smiles but the fact that he looked eagar to fight was . . . . strange to both Navi and netop.
And behold! Viruses await them!

GaiaA: 100 HP
GaiaB: 100 HP
VolgearEXA: 120 HP
VolgearEXB: 120 HP
WallaA: 100 HP
WallaB: 100 HP

Raiden.exe: 140 HP
Cheshire.exe: 140 HP
DNR.exe: 120 HP

-And so the battle begins!-
[Benchmark Passbreak roll: 4
This round's Passbreak roll: 7]

"Tch, come on," Raiden sighed disparagingly. His invincible grin didn't slip as he shook his head in the faces of the viruses that had shown up to cut the group of Navis own to size. He squatted down and locked his fingers into the meagre gap between one floor panel and another. "Good thing I'm here, huh?" he called in a general manner to DNR and Cheshire. "You'd probably be in some real trouble without me."

Raiden pulled back the tile directly in front of him. The air immediately began to howl and the ground began to rumble, as if a giant vacuum cleaner had been switched on directly underneath the path that the Navis and viruses stood on. Energy was forcefully detached from the environment directly around the viruses. The glittering airborne sparkles that were dragged away left behind a block of rapidly greying air and floor. The viruses semed as if they were trapped in something that strongly resembled a giant cube of grey gelatin. The shimmering energy was funneled down through the hole that Raiden had opened, and vanished into the blackness of the abyss below.

That done, Raiden pushed the displaced tile back into its slot. Electricity was already crackling around his hand and spreading up his arm at an alarming rate. Instead of totally consuming his body, as it seemed the electricity would do, the jumping and crackling shell halted at the top of his shoulder. He expended little brainpower in choosing his target and slammed the palm of his electrified hand into the ground. The lightning discharged itself into the network faster than the eye could trap. A second later, it had completed its journey through the server and exploded upward in a flurry of bolts from underneath one of the walrus viruses.

"Any reason why you're being more of a jerk than usual?" Anti inquired as she slotted in a chip for her Navi's use.

"You just do your Operator thing and don't distract me while I'm doing the work down here, all right?"

She was too taken aback to formulate any kind of witty reply before he closed the audio link between himself and the Real World.

A sphere of blue lightning grew from a spark between his curled hands. Loose cannon bolts shot out from the expanding ball of electricity and plasma, leaving tiny scorches where the fell to the ground and dissipated. Raiden locked his eyes onto the other Walla, which was floundering around in the lag area, and gave the ball of lightning a gentle toss toward the virus. It sped through the air under its own power, sliding effortlessly across the borders of the grey gelatin cube on its way toward the walrus.

Just before it touched the virus, the network a few feet behind it seemed to shudder, and the attack looped over on itself on the borders of the lag site. A very small part of the Internet visibly collapsed inward upon itself and formed a perfect replica of the electrical sphere, in the place where it had been half a second ago. The second burst of lightning followed the path that the first had took. The network, trying to manage the lag and render the attack at the same time, had glitched right up.

Anti, always omniescent despite the situation, jammed a second chip into the port on the side of her PET.

"Don't worry, you guys, I'll be over to help in a minute," Raiden told DNR and Cheshire as he raised one hand and extended his first two fingers to point at the pair of Wallas trapped inside the grey Jell-O lag field. The very air around the two viruses seemed to explode, sending blasts of magma and gouts of smoke flying every which way in slow motion. "Just try and keep yourselves alive for that long."

Anti said something, but Raiden couldn't hear it.

[1. Lag Wall @ GaiaA, GaiaB, VolgearEXA, VolgearEXB, WallaA, WallaB (lowered accuracy, lowered dodge)
2. Thunder God @ WallaA (60 Elec damage, stun)
3. Thunder [replay] @ WallaB (40 + 20 [50% of damage added as Lag Wall side effect] = 60 Elec damage, possible stun)
4. Flameline1 @ WallaA, WallaB (70 Fire damage)]
"Wh-what the?" Polonius exclaimed as he saw the new and weird-looking viruses. The Netopia Network was a marvel for the med student to behold, as this was the farthest net he has ever been in, topographically. As the other viruses looked menacing enough, only two of them looked interesting enough for the duo to try out... the Gaias. With their metallic hammers that can level an entire building had one been in the net, Polonius felt at the time that these were to be particularly the best ones to deal with first. "So DNR, f-f-f-feel like these viruses should be defeated?" he said to the white-haired one.

"Nah" DNR said, waving no towards his net operator, who looked perplexed and puzzled by his electrical navi's reaction.

"....No? Polonius replied again, trying to find out why he would said that at, of all moments, during a battle with battle-crazed navis.

"That's right! N-o. Nope! Fighting is just too much work, man. I mean, we're doctors for Netfrica's sake!" He says, laying back on the floor, in front of Cheshire, sighing as he looked up towards the bleak Netopian network's sky. "What are we even doing here, defeating viruses that can clog up the network and disrupt everyday programs!? We leave that to the professionals!"

"B-b-but DNR! We are professionals! We clean up the network so the hospitals do not get disrupt! Why would you even say that!? The brown man said towards the pacifist program, who's now scratching his head, not even understanding the boy's train of thought. "Meh... fine I'll fight but I reeeeeeeeeaaaaallly don't want to" he divulges as he gets back up. He stretches his leg and calf muscles, working up towards the pelvis. He doesn't even notice the fact that he is thrusting his pelvis in front of Cheshire, which may possibly make her enraged by his impoliteness.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Polonius Shuffles through his chips, picking up the Sword and Shotgun chips. "Shotgun, Sword Chip! Vaccinate" He said as he inserts them. As the double barrel chip forms in DNR's right hand, he looks down, shamed by what he is about to do. He walks, tears actually dropping from his eyes as he raised the gun towards the two Gaias. He finally said "I'm....sorry...." as he activates the gun's triggering mechanism. . .

1. Shotgun (50 to Gaia A and Gaia B )
2. Sword (80 to Gaia A )
3. Sword (80 to Gaia B )
Ability: Swordplay
Raiden's generally derisive attitude didn't seem to affect Cheshire in the least; if anything, she became more cheery. "Keep alive? Been doing it for the past couple of years, and I don't really see a reason to stop now. I'm not going to drop dead for a couple of pretty faces just yet; I've got stuff to..."

The tail end of her dismissal was cut short by a burst of laughter. A loud groan was heard over the commlink. "D, what the hell are you doing? You like me or something? 'Cause you're going about it all wrong." Cheshire knew full well that this doctor-surgeon-fighter guy wasn't idiot enough to express affection through pelvic thrusts, but she felt like messing with him anway. She gently pushed him out of her way, focussing on the virus duo that it seems had been left to her. Little floating furnaces, the same things she had found in Electown. But...

"Hey, Chess, what's up with those things? They're purple." Arco had noticed too, it seemed. Really, though, she'd have to be colourblind not to. It wasn't just the colour, though, it was the way they carried themselves. Overall, these virii seemed a lot more confident in their abilities. The flames spouting from their underbellies seemed larger and more violent, too.

"These things are like stronger versions of those Volgear furnace dudes in Electown. A good thing, too; the others were pansies. Still, chances are I could take them out with one well-aimed shot... Might as well go for the overkill, though." An evil grin played across her face, and the chain-tail swayed merrily behind her before snaking from her hips to her arm. The first chip burst in her mind, and water began to slither down the length of the chain. She swung it in a wide arc, water flying everywhere and positively soaking the adventurous trio, before bringing it around at the two flying furnaces. She drew the chain back before lashing it out again. A quick jerk of the arm brought it back to its true application, a whip. It moved with enough force to totally penetrate one virus and strike at another...

She returned the chain to her soaked hips and stood back, surveying the damage that they had caused. "You guys are good... Man, this city doesn't stand a chance! We're freakin' badass!" She took on a more relaxed stance and rose a couple inches into the air.

"Chess, you're gonna have to be a little more carefull... Confidence is great, but remember that we've never been here to battle before. Who knows what's in Netopia?" Arco wasn't as worried as she sounded, though; the team really was badass.

1. Wideshot (80, [.A], Aqua) VolgearEXs A and B
2. Bubbler (50, [.A], Aqua) VolgearEX A [Possible splash to VolgearEX B]
3. Dodge
4. Dodge
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ZAPPED! BLASTED! SLASHED! WATERED?! The trio of badass navis sent the viruses back to where they came from.


Raiden.exe: 140 HP
Cheshire.exe: 140 HP
DNR.exe: 120 HP

All Get: 200z
Raiden Gets: TwinFang1
Cheshire Gets: Flameline1
DNR gets: 200z
Cheshire gave a mighty yawn, stretching her arms luxuriously. "Man, the country's huge, and they don't have the same security as we do here... But these guys were wimps." Still with the stretching regime, she bent her torso to one side, then the other, before lowering herself into a sitting position. "I'm ready to go whenever you guys are. Let's see if we can find something as badass as we are!"
Raiden grinned and pumped his clenched fist victoriously as the combined strength of he, DNR and Cheshire proved to be far too much for the viruses to handle. A cascade of data fell from the deleting corpses. A packet of chip data slid to a halt at his feet. He touched one toe to it, and the TwinFang1 data was instantly assimilated into his systems.

"Pitiful," he grinned at DNR. "Pretty crappy job you made of those Gaias, huh? Come on, even the girl did better than you."
"Oh . . . .. Ohhohohohohhohohohooooo! What do we have here huh?" DNR laughed out loud as he heard Raidene bellow out this farce. "Oh I will need a fork after this... Its THE best way to eat popped Egofish!" He commented as he walked towards him, both of his hands behind his back. His Caucasian pale face had the shinning brilliance of pacifism as he just kept smiling. When he finally reached the messed up clump of hair that was connected to Raidene, DNR's head inched toward the earpiece and simply said "Now listen to me bobblehead, your an awesome fighter I can tell ya that.... but you just can't kill for the damn fun of it. I may be weak.... but when you will have to realize that cocky -headed attitude is just gonna slip you up towards the edges of deletion. I'm saying this cause I care of you lugnut" He added a noggie to that statement as he continued "But your gonna lose more than your life if you keep acting like that." He walked back towards Cheshire as he said out loud "And THAT is what I call badass" He pointed to her and made a "Click" sound as he turned back.
Suddenly Viruses! Hundreds of them!

Maru-01A: 20 HP
Maru-01B: 20 HP
Maru-01C: 20 HP
Maru-01D: 20 HP
Maru-01E: 20 HP
Maru-01F: 20 HP
Maru-01G: 20 HP
Maru-01H: 20 HP
Maru-01I: 20 HP
Maru-01J: 20 HP
Maru-01K: 20 HP
Maru-01L: 20 HP
Maru-01M: 20 HP
Maru-01N: 20 HP
Maru-01O: 20 HP
Maru-01P: 20 HP
Maru-01Q: 20 HP
Maru-01R: 20 HP
Maru-01S: 20 HP
Maru-01T: 20 HP
Maru-01U: 20 HP
Maru-01V: 20 HP
Maru-01W: 20 HP
Maru-01X: 20 HP
Maru-01Y: 20 HP
Maru-01Z: 20 HP
Maru-01AA: 20 HP
Maru-01BB: 20 HP
Maru-01CC: 20 HP
Maru-01DD: 20 HP

Raiden.exe: 140 HP
Cheshire.exe: 140 HP
DNR.exe: 120 HP

[Benchmark Passbreak roll: 4
This round's Passbreak roll: 2]

Raiden raised one pointing finger and opened his mouth, clearly to give DNR a huge chunk of his mind. He never got past the first syllable. Anti cut in, summing up the current situation quite nicely.

"Holy sh--"

Raiden's head snapped around, and his jaw dropped. Swiftly, before the loss of control could be noticed, he reeled it back in and shut his mouth with a definite clack of teeth.

"Right. This looks like fun." Raiden regained his composure in the blink of an eye. He cracked each of his knuckles in quick succession as he sized up the veritable army of airborne electrical entities that faced the trio. "Come along then, sidekicks. You let me take care of the mob, and you clean up what's left, you got me?"

He raised his right foot and slammed it down on the tiles with his entire weight behind it. The force of the stomp knocked a huge, jagged length of panel free amongst a flurry of smaller shards. The long sharp-edged, suspiciously boomerang-shaped fragment of panel leapt into the air. Raiden's hand was waiting to grab hold of it when it reached the peak of its jump.

"Tonight," Raiden began, swinging the Boomerang around behind him with a flurry of leaves that kicked up out of nowhere, "we dine in the Undernet."

With a mighty, muscle-wrenching twist on the spot that left a vortex of fallen leaves spinning in the Boomerang's wake, Raiden hurled the weapon deep into the giant crowd of Maru-01. It vanished without a trace in the shimmering wall of electrical network anomalies, but he was sure that it was doing its job somewhere in the heart of the mob.

The second Battlechip of the fight arrived on his systems deck. Three jets of water burst up between the cracks in the panels that had been left behind by the extraction of the Boomerang. Raiden straightened up from where he had hunched down after the throw, and the geysers straightened with them. The water physically detached from the ground, revolving in the air until the jets formed three long, sharp spikes pointed directly at the Maru-01. Raiden flung his hand toward the crowd of glitchy intent, and the Aquaneedles shot off, vanishing into the riot just like the Boomerang had done.

Raiden's eyes skimmed over the seething carpet of Maru-01, searching for a block of viruses that hadn't yet been touched by the Navi's wrath. His opportunistic grin lit up as he lit on a clump that was neatly outlined by a small space in between themselves and the rest of the army, and Raiden snapped his fingers. He was a god, and the slightest gesture bent the Internet to his will; three wide spouts of magma burst upward through the panels and reached for the black sky, sending reams of ash and globs of magma flying every which way. A moment later, their fury had run out, and the towers of flame were collapsing inward on themselves.

The god dropped to one knee and slammed the palm of one hand into the battered tile. The ground was immediately caught in the clutches of a powerful earthquake that seemed to be centred on Raiden's hand. The panels writhed and buckled. As Raiden removed his hand from the ground, the ground followed. It seemed to be stuck to his fingers and as malleable as putty as he raised a wave of it into the air, forming a wall of tile between himself and the seemingly infinite Maru-01. The side of the barrier that faced the viruses was rimed over with a thin silver sheen, much like a mirror, and probably just as effective as one. Raiden raised the wall of panels into a short curl that reached well above his head, and then closed his hand. The wave of ground immediately detached, and he squished himself into the shadow of the wall--but not before firing another superior grin at DNR and Cheshire.

[1. Boomerang1 @ Maru-01A, Maru-01B, Maru-01C, Maru-01D, Maru-01E, Maru-01F (60 Wood damage each)
2. Aquaneedle1 @ Maru-01G, Maru-01H, Maru-01I, Maru-01J, Maru-01K, Maru-01L (20 Aqua damage each)
3. Flameline1 @ Maru-01M, Maru-01N, Maru-01O, Maru-01P, Maru-01Q, Maru-01R (70 Fire damage each)
4. Guard1 (Reflect up to 60 damage)]
"Holy Shhhhhhhhrubbies Raideneman!" DNR uttered out in boyish character like a true sidekick. In Squeaky, boyish tone of voice he grabbed onto his leg, crying his little boyish tears out like a scared, miniscule Chihuahua. His eyes, closed, aimed up towards the sky as he cried out "What are we gonna do sir?!", shaking the god's right leg like it was a palm tree. As the cocky Thunder god leaped into action, stomping the ground he let go, ready to give the army a complete surgical makeover.

Meanwhile, in the abrupt boring scenery of the computer room, Polonius looks on with terrified looks at the multiple amounts of those viruses. "Th-there must be 20—no thirty viruses!? How c-c-can we beat those?" he said to his general practitioner helper. DNR scoffed and laughed at the med student's worries and replied, "These guys are easy Bellatrix. There's no need to worry about the situation, they can easily get bored and leave us alone...."

"B-but this is--- . . ."

"MADNESS! Absolutely madness!" somebody boomed out of the computer room as it caught not only the med student's attention, but the navi as well with everybody in the room. Looking near the counter in the north, which was right next to the door, one can see that the voice came from an employee who shared Polonius's skin color. He had what looked like two earrings on his left eyebrows, looking in the style of a punk rocker. This bellowing fellow was talking to what looked like a giant out of a magical and mystical fairy tale. He looked at least 6 to seven feet tall, covered in plenty of jewelry: chains wrapped around his neck, and plenty of earrings all around his body, more of them concentrated on his bald, shiny head.

The punk dark skinned man said, "Sexres, why is it that the company has such a terrible policy on bringing food into the lab? All the union demands are just bread and water." The man called Sexres bellowed a dark, deep laugh as he bellowed out "Come Rionitus, let us reason this, it would be a heretical waste of time to make a scene besides all of these peoples on their computers... all for a single misunderstanding..." The man called Rionitus finally said " Fine, let's go to your office" as he pats Sexres's shoulder chain. Sexres's nodded as they go together into the brown door behind the counter.

Seeing now that the conflict has refined, Polonius seems permanently stuck on a bewildered look, as he slots in the Rageclaw chip without looking at his PET, muttering what seemed like the word "Madness"

As the melee chip infused with the white haired navi's systems, growing out what looked like steel nails on his sky blue boots, he couldn't quite shake out the words that were said. "Madness!? MADNESS!?..... This is Netopianeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." He continued on that long "e" sound as he rushed toward a group of Maruballs with his elongated toenails, hoping to grab two of them and fling them towards two others.

Looking on again to another group, he cannot help but make a pre-emptive victory dance, screaming like before "Goooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaallll!" with a toothy grin on his face. He ran towards them again, kicking an imaginary soccer ball on his extensive nails, before attempting to repeat his last action, hoping to fling two Maruballs onto another couple of them.

Now, huffing and puffing his little lungs out, the white haired wackjob now rushes again, now making even more sidesteps to avoid the imaginary goalie near the two Maruballs. In his deep, complicated mind, he hopes that these sidesteps are enough to avoid any incoming shots by these balls. Finally reaching the third group, he bellows out: "This is where they fall!"

1. Rageclaw throw ( Maruball R and S to T and V 20 to each )
2. Rageclaw throw ( Maruball W, X to Y and Z 20 to each)
Ability: Swordplay
3. Rageclaw throw ( Maruball AA, BB to CC and DD 20 to each)
"Look, Arco! Man, look at how many there are!"

Cheshire let out a squeal of delight as she watched the gigantic mass of viruses before her. Finally, something that at least looked like a challenge. "Here we go! This is gonna be a lot of fun!" She grinned back at her teammates with a cheery thumbs-up. They had already started to spring into actions, the tiny ball-like things swarming around them in a panicked manner. Arco didn't like the look of this... If they had any kind of strategy programmed into their tiny round skulls, they could flank Chess and company easily enough.

"Chess! Hold the line! Give them nothing, but take from them everything!" She shouted much louder than was necessary. The faint sloshing of water from all directions indicated just how confused she had made her fellow patrons. She was glad no one could see her right now, so no one could see how red her face was. Outbursts like that were quite unlike her. She sank lower into the water, quite embarrassed with herself.

"Right! We will stand and fight!" Cheshire's loud voice pierced the sounds of battle, probably managing to rattle some poor passerby halfway through the city. There was a great deal of shouting going on, but not enough to throw the girl off balance. Though she didn't look it, she was nothing if not sturdy. A long, wicked javelin came into her hand out of nowhere, and another laid across her back. The other navis had already taken a significant bite out of the horde. She smiled, and as she did the spear in her hand burst into flame.

"Navis!" Her voice was even louder than before. "Prepare for glory!"The spear of flame was thrust into the air. Her face was the grinning face of Death herself. In addition, she had found herself on a particularly high hummock of land. All this gave her speech a rather inspiring effect. She threw the blazing spear then, the coup de grace which landed somewhere in the rough middle of the battlefield. The very air around the thing burst into flame, probably carrying a couple of the little 'bots with it.

"We're in for one wild night.." Arco muttered, a sigh escaping her lips. "If these guys have already lost it..." She could just imagine what it would be like once they met bigger and meaner groups of viruses. Total armageddon came to mind. Just her luck, landing in a group just as crazy as Cheshire... A mournful smile crept across her face and she settled back. Might as well enjoy the ride. If these guys were as similar to Cheshire as she thought, worrying would get her nowhere.

The spear of ice was in Cheshire's hand, Cheshire was in the air, and the landscape was in chaos. Spotting a particularly large swarm, she suddenly swooped down like a valkyrie, the frigid spear nearly doubling her velocity as she flung it like a blue thunderbolt. It didn't hit the earth with the quiet shink its brother had, instead showing surprising initiative and springing into action immediately. Where a cloud of dirt should have been, instead there was a splash of water that exploded into a small wave. She couldn't see from this distance, but she was confident that she had managed to wreak significant havoc. She drifted back down to the earth below, a quiet smirk on her face. Time to see how they had fared.

Raiden's own smirk, not so much quiet or amused as purely derisive, didn't go unnoticed. "So, big boy..." She purred, drawing close to the arrogant navi. "You keeping up alright?" The mocking concern in her voice was enough to bring Arco's blood to a boil, and she wasn't even the one it was directed at.

"God help Raiden..."

1. Flameline1 (70, [A], Fire) any six remaining virii
2. Wideshot (80, [A], Aqua) any six remaining virii
3. Dodge
4. Dodge
[Voodoo Initial Roll: 9
First Virus: 10
Second Virus: 17
Third Virus: 20
No doll get]

In a glorious display of chip usage, epicness, and true kickass power, the navi trio absolutely decimate the Maru forces.


Raiden.exe: 140 HP
Cheshire.exe: 140 HP
DNR.exe: 120 HP

All Get: Maruball, 1800z
The army of Maruballs evaporated under the weight of the trio's combined assault. As the explosions heralding the viruses' deletions subsided, several pieces of chip and Zenny data were left glittering on the network floor. Two sets were quickly snapped up by Cheshire and DNR; Raiden settled his attentions on a packet of Zenny and a Battlechip, both of which were immediately assimilated into his systems.

"Sure I'm keeping up," Raiden responded to Cheshire's faux concern. It seemed as though the infuriating nature of the comment had gone flying right over his head. He leered at the female Navi, relaxing into an easy posture again. "Are you? Heck, virus busting isn't the sort of thing for a delicate lady to be spending her time doing. You had better keep behind me, with DNR. Otherwise, you might get hurt."
The small, messy-headed navi has attacked verbally for the past two battles. "It has to stop sometime sooner of later" DNR hatched within his deeper more serious thoughts as that guy kept rambling along about how his own talents. Because of Raidene's annoying ramlings, it seems to the doctor navi that the only sensible person to talk to is Cheshire; after all, she seems as insane as he is. "What an interesting couple they would be..." would be what Polonius had thought in his head as DNR placed a hand on Cheshire's left shoulder as he smiled a happy grin on his face, saying " Ohhh, don't worry about her 'little' Raidene, you should keep yourself running up ahead of us. I mean it's not like we'll trip you up Mister Speed God" as gave a fake laugh; making apparent of what he felt toward the other teamates. Polonius on the other hand, wanted to ease all of these hardships by writing up a text message on the PET:

" To the two Netoperators: I formally apologize to all future comments to your navi throughout this little busting spree. Also, to Arco especially, please please please don't get mad at Raidene, for some reason or another, he seems to be acting this way. I just hope that us three can teach him through team work about how important we are to him. Maybe he'll let out on the insults after that. - Polonius Carbonium "
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More Viruses. Well... Not as many as last time, but quite a bit. A blanket of Holy Panels line the area, with spots of Cracked panels here and there.

Quote (Panels)

-Halves Damage received.
-Changes to Broken when stepped on.
-Changes to Broken when hit with certain attacks.

MolokoA: 100 HP
MolokoB: 100 HP
MolokoC: 100 HP
MolokoD: 100 HP
MolokoE: 100 HP
SmasherA: 120 HP
SmasherB: 120 HP
SmasherC: 120 HP
SmasherD: 120 HP
SmasherE: 120 HP
BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
BandcoonC: 50 HP
GaiaA: 100 HP
GaiaB: 100 HP
Trumpy: 60 HP

Terrain: 3/4 Holy, 1/4 Cracked

Raiden.exe: 140 HP
Cheshire.exe: 140 HP
DNR.exe: 120 HP

-Apparently virus attacks seem to increase in number when faced with bands of navis-