Stranger days...

Shadow was jacked in.He looked around for some free directions..."So can you find any?" Jaden asked. "I just got here!" Shadow yelled as he scanned for playnavi on google.
(I'm assuming you want viruses?)

It's a few viruses, out to greet the new navi!

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Shadow: 100 HP

(With a side of evil taco salad if you have it!)

Shadow quickly took a shotgun to the billyA.He suddenly stopped and started to get a blackish hue."Darkness of the Dragon!" He shouted as a large black dragon with purple darkness left his body and sped toward the BillyC.He then shot at BillyB with the canon.

{1.Shadow fires Shotgun at BillyA
{2.Uses signature attack on BillyC
{3.Shoots Can at BillyB (Untapped strength)
All viruses were pwned.


Shadow: 100 HP

Get: 300z

((Okay, side note. When you post your turn summary, be sure to present damages in brackets after your actions. So it really should look something like this.

Turn Summary
1. Shotgun to BillyA [50 DMG]
2. Darkness of the Dragon to BillyC [70 DMG]
3.* Untapped Power Cannon to BillyB [40 + 10 DMG]

You're welcome.))
((thank you))
Shadow kept on looking around for playnavi 20xx copies."Wow, that was tough for our fir-Hey!" Jaden shouted from Netopia."No more netsurfing for that stuff!" "Oh all right." Shadow conceded."So what do I do?" he asked."Well, we should probably find someone to tell us directions.Jack out and I'll we'll see if anyone on another net knows how to find a good place to train." Jaden said slowly.*Shadow jacking out*