Hunting for Information

After the quick rest from the previous battle, Alphonse walked out from the Net portal and stepped into the Netopian server. He flicked his wrist and cracked his necks, looking over the restless land.

"Humm...Been such a long time since I came here."

With a nostalgic smile, he started to walk towards the virus-infected land to gain the neccessary information for his mission.
Something seems strange about this part of Netopia Net. Alphonse feels his hair on end--wait, it really is on end. Literally, his normally perfectly-groomed hair is rising off his scalp and forming spikes.

Static electricity? Or something else...

Before Alphonse can reflect on this, a group of viruses attack!


Alphonse:140 HP

Battle start! (Not mod-locked... yet)
Alphonse was slightly shocked by what he saw, both the horde of viriis and his sudden hair-do. Alphonse sighed and glanced at the viriis while trying to comb his hair back the way it was.

"My my...This is going to take a while to do."

"Lesse...1,2,3,4,...13 viruses?!! Hahaha!! Today must be our lucky day!"

"Not much of a lucky day..."

"Still! This is gonna be a piece of cak--*Click*"

" What did you do..."

"I...did nothing."

"Oh dea—"


In a flash, Alphonse's body was covered in a silver light and slowly revealed a pure white armor. Alphonse was now in a brilliant white suit of armor, covering his entire body from head to toe with white metal. Beneath the pearl helmet, Alphonse smiled and stretched his body.

"Good day!! Today is such a marvelous day, isn't it, my comrade!!"

"Er...Yea, sure is?"

"Just because of this fine mood. I'll be taking these philistines all by myself!!"

"Well...You are by your sel—"


Alphonse summoned up a large cross-bow like gun and quickly grabbed it by the trigger. A red arrow suddenly materialized inside the gun and began to burn fiercely. Alphonse pulled the trigger and fired the arrow towards the enemy. Surprisingly, the arrow mysteriously multiplied into legions and rained down on to the viriis. Alphonse reloaded the gun with the same red arrow and shot it in an arcing angle.

"Well, that should take care of some of them. We should retract and prepare for the next attack!"

"Sure...You do that."

So, Alphonse added weight on to his feet to the ground, in order to gain traction, to prepare for any upcoming attacks.

1: Activate WhiteKnight.GMO
2: Heatshot [45/Fire/Spread] @ Trumpy A/B & Maru-01 K
3: Heatshot [45/Fire/Spread] @ Maru-01 A/B/C
4: Prepare to evade.

((It feels like my RP-ing sucks compare to the other players TT^TT))
The knight in shining armor leaves a path of destruction in his wake, shattering more than half of Marus and heavily damaging a Trumpy. In response, the other Trumpy begins to play, the strange melody coating all of the other virii in a green light!

The Marus swarm! Alphonse doesn't feel so good!

TrumpyA:60 ((SONG!))

Alphonse:80 HP ((GLITCHED!))
Alphonse placed his hands over his stomach, groaning silently.

"What's going on...Grr, my body..."

"You ok? What's going on!"

"It's most likely a glitch, my comrade."

"A what?"

"It's a type of error in my program. It's very noticable but I have no clue what's causing it!"

"Err...yea, what ever you said. But you can still fight, right?!!"

"Sadly, my comrade, I need few seconds so I can try to patch the error."

Surprisingly, while Alphonse was having a conversation between K, his focus was dedicated towards the swarming Marus and their attacks. Alphonse turned his face towards the Marus in order to evade their attacks. After the assault, Alphonse's concentration was now focused into his own body to attempt to fix, or at least lessen, the glitch.

"So? Did you fix that gli...Glit...That glit-thing"

"*Sigh* Even though I ran the fix-program, I have no idea if it took effect onto the error."

"Damn...But still, we can't just stand around and do nothing! Let's go, Alphonse! Sword chip in!"

As soon after K sent the chip in, a silvery long sword materialized in front of Alphonse. Alphonse grabbed the sword tightly and quickly ran towards the singing Trumpy. He raised his sword high, gleaming bright with sunlight, and struck the blade down at the Trumpy. Alphonse stopped his assault soon after he felt a sensation over his legs. He didn't know if it was the glitch or the after-effect of curing the glitch, but he knew he couldn't take any chances. Alphonse sheathed the sword onto his belt and prepared to evade.

1: Evade Marus' attacks
2: Try to fix Glitch
3: Sword Slash [80/Sword] @ TrumpyA
4: Prepare to evade
Thankfully, the white knight managed to evade the remaining Marus, though he fails to fix the glitch. The tiny error quickly spreads to his language subroutines and infects the communications link, integrating Alphonse's unit designation and corrupting his voice files. (17 damage) A small error message appears on K's screen, instructing him on the parameters of the glitch. Ouch, vowels.

As Alphonse moves in for the kill, he finds his blow deflected by the singing Trumpy virus! However, the shock causes the musical menace to stop its triumphant tune! Is this his chance to finish the job?


Alphonse:63 HP ((GLITCHED!))
((Special Glitch: Language penalty. Alphonse will take 1 damage for every "A" spoken by Alphonse))


Alphonse responded to K's call and rushed towards the Trumpy with full force. He unsheathed his long sword from his belt and adjusted the sharp end towards the neck of the Trumpy. Soon after the assault, a message appeared on K's PET. K stared blankly at his luminating PET screen, trying to read what the message was saying

"Hey...Alphonse, can you look at this thing for a sec? I don't know what that is..."

"Certainly, Comrade..."

A paper thin screen appeared in front of Alphonse listing the details of his errors. Even though the helmet was covering his entire head, it was obvious that he had a grim look over his face.

"Oh De...*Sigh* This is going to be tough..."

"What's going on, Alphonse? What's wrong!"

"A very...Interesting glitch. Supposedly, if I say the word...Well, a certain word, It'll eventually lead me to a grim end."

"Errr...Yea, what ever your trying to say. If talking is gonna hurt you, then stop talking -___-"

"Appreciated, Comrade...Oh...I just said the wor...*Sigh*"

Alphonse sheathed his sword back into his belt once again and took his cross-bow out. A large bronze arrow was loaded into the barrel of the bow and quickly aimed the tip towards the group of Marus. He pulled the trigger and released the bronze arrow straight towards the Maru with blinding speed. Alphonse placed his gun onto his belt and prepared for an attack.

1: Sword Slash [80/Sword] @ Trumpy A
2: Bit-o-talking
3: Shotgun Blast [50/Spread] @ Maru-01 K/J
4: Prepare to Evade
Alphonse brings his sword down upon the trumpy in a devastating blow, shattering both his own digital blade and the viral instrument in the process. As the battered fragments of trumpy fade slowly into the network, Alphonse banters with his operator, taking damage in the process (13 damage). The Marus, still recovering from their previous charge, thankfully take no action against the gleaming white navi as they prepare for another strike. That hesitation is all that the knight in shining armor requires as he quickly dispatches three more Marus in a single shotgun blast.

The remaining viruses swirl, prepared for a final assault!


Alphonse:50 HP ((GLITCHED!))
((Special Glitch: Language penalty. Alphonse will take 1 damage for every "A" spoken by Alphonse))
((Sweet :3 I forgot that Shotgun hits 3~))

"Sweet!! We can win this battle!!"


"Err...You ok?"

Alphonse crossed his arms and stared towards K. He almost growled towards K as he tried to spell out every word, trying to avoid the unneccessary damage.

"I C * N ' T T * L K!!" (*= Just leaving the word out)

"...Sure, what ever you said"

Alphonse bashed his head against his palm, just thinking how much of an idiot K can be. He tried to ignore the ongoing conversation between him and K and jumped into action. Alphonse identified the swirling viriis and equipped the deadly RageClaw onto his gauntlet, changing the fingers into sharp blades. He rushed towards one of the Maru and thrusted his hand forward to grab it by the head; after grabbing the Maru, Alphonse pitched the virii towards the remaining Maru. The claws of Alphonse's gauntlet disintergrated and Alphonse immediately grabbed his crossbow and shot a barrage of bronze arrows straight towards the Trumpy and the other viriis that could've survived Alphonse's previous attack. He tossed the cross bow aside, which disintergrated the moment it left Alphonse's finger, and planted his legs down to the ground to get a firm grip.

K was looking quite bored, since he couldn't have any conversation with his digital friend. As impatient as he was, K started to bable out random things.

"You know, I should really try to get a girlfriend"


"You got one?"

"...No...K, could we talk about this later?"

"Fine (TT^TT)"

Realizing he had some time to spare, Alphonse looked back into his system to find the source of the glitch, as well as the cure.

1: RageClaw Grab [20 Damage each] @ Maru-01 A to Maru-01 B
2: Shotgun Blast [50/Spread] @ Trumpy B / Surviving Viriis
3: Prepare to Evade
4: Try to fix the glitch


Alphonse:47 HP

The glitch leaves Alphonse's systems, as a neat pile of zenny appears at his feet.

He feels a rumbling in the area... and the zenny data is glowing oddly.

Take it and run?

Or leave it as bait?
((Why are you doing this to me!!!! *Runs away crying*))

"Hey Alphonse, why aren't you getting the money?"

"Somethings...Odd about that zenny data. As much as I want that data, I have to pass, K."

"Oh come on!!"



"Fine then, but upload the EnergyPack. We can't go unprepared."

K slid in a chip and Alphonse's body was shining brightly. All of Alphonse's wounds and damages was cleaned right off his armor and body. K and Alphonse nodded and He slowly approached the zenny with full caution.

[Used EnergyPack]
A clammering of beating hooves shakes the Net, as a dark figure, at least twice as tall as Alphonse, storms out of the shadows and grabs the zenny data, scarfing it down as fast as it can.

"Damn it!" Three cloaked figures quickly follow, useless broken shackles in their hands. "Easy job, they said..."

"Focus! You get his left side, I'll take the right! Hurry!" The figures draw another set of manacles, and circle the giant--

With a furious stomp, the giant huffs and puffs, steam rising from its nostrils as it rams the center figure, the dim light reflecting off its cobalt horns as it tosses the cloaked Navi into the air. The corpse lands next to Alphonse--a HeelNavi?!

With an amused snort, the strange creature storms off, shaking the Net as it goes--

"Well. Who's going after him?" One of the remaining HeelNavis gripes, as it looks over to see where the leader had landed--and spots Alphonse. "Whoa! Wait, you there!" It yells, as it brings out a Sword. "You saw nothing, you hear? Nothing!"

"We'll make sure of it." The other snarls, as it draws a chaingun. "You'll be taking the information to the grave, fool... Blame yourself for being here at this ungodly time!"

HeelNaviA: 150 HP ((EQUIP: Vulcan1!))
HeelNaviB: 200 HP ((EQUIP: Sword!))

Alphonse: 147 HP

What the hell?! Battle Start!
((I used the energypack, not the mini I'll edit this later, I have to go somewhere soon TT^TT))
Alphonse stood there dumbfounded by the situation he was quickly thrown into, along with K. He scratched his helmet with confusion and tried to recollect what was going on.

"Err...Was that...An Ox?"

"I do believe so, Comrade. But it looked rather...Powerful for a virii, even if it was high leveled one."

"That must be the Cybeast that we have to look for!! Let's get to it!!"

Alphonse looked towards the two furious Heelnavi, revving their weapons for action. "But first we have to get through them!"

Quickly, Alphonse changed his expression from the serious talker into a pumped fighter. He raised both of his hands forward and waited patiently for something to happen. In few seconds, two different colored streams beamed into Alphonse's palm and shaped two different weapons. On Alphonse's right arm was his long sword and on his left was a burning Halberd firmly pressed between his armpit. Alphonse locked his vision towards the gun-wielding and dashed towards it with surprisingly fast speed despite his heavy garments. He was daring and fearless enough to ignore the barrage of bullets shot towards him as Alphonse was running towards the Gun HeelNavi and raised his sword forward. It was only a split second before Alphonse and Heelnavi would collide; Alphonse gripped his sword tighter and adjusted it to point the sharp tip to the Chest of his opponent. Alphonse retracted away from the Heelnavi and thrusted his blazing halberd straight at the Heelnavi's chest. The halberd burned up and turned into ashes and Alphonse sheathed his sword onto his belt. After his lightning quick assault, Alphonse kicked the ground and back dashed away from the enemy and prepared to evade upcoming attacks.

1: Examine Alphonse's situation
2: Sword Tackle-Stab [80+10 Untapped Power/Sword] @ HeelNavi A
3: Halberd Impaler Stab [60/Raises Evasion for one turn/Fire/2TCD] @ HeelNavi A
4: Evade
"Just my damn luck!" The HeelNavi groans, as the blazing charger raises not one, but two solid points against him. As Alphonse crashes, however, he sees a flash blur before his eyes--before a cut slashes into his abdomin!

"Apologies..." The Sword-wielding HeelNavi rasps, the flaming halberd buried in its shoulder. "My partner here... he's not made for combat. So until I breathe my last, your opponent is me!" The ashes floated away, and the HeelNavi assumed a duelists's stance. "Scanner, at least be useful!"

"Hmmph!" The Vulcan-wielding HeelNavi scoffs, a bit miffed at his partner. "I don't need to be babied, Stryker. Let's get you patched up..." Holstering its weapon, "Scanner" released a pulse of green light into his partner before grabbing a blue orb out of the air, slamming the smokebomb on the ground and fading into the mess--

HeelNaviA (Scanner): 150 HP ((EQUIP: Vulcan1!)) ((SMOKESCREEN!))
HeelNaviB (Stryker): 180 HP ((EQUIP: Sword!)) ((HEAL! +40!))

Alphonse: 147 HP
"*Sigh* This is going to be a tough battle, Comrade."

"Damnit! How can they have a recover chip AND a smoke screen! That's not fair!!"

"And to add that, they seem to be working more as a team...Be in full caution!"

"Heh, I should be saying that to you!!"

Alphonse slowly slid his crossbow out with his right arm and aimed it towards the cloud of smoke covering the HeelNavi duos. "Since I can't see, I guess I have to rely on luck!" A large burning arrow was lodged into the barrel of the crossbow and quickly retracted back to lock in place. As reckless Alphonse is, he was also careful to ignore unnecessary damage, so Alphonse thrusted his left arm out and a large silver shield generated onto his arm. Alphonse raised his shield up towards the enemy and shot hundreds of burning arrow straight at the smoke cloud, hoping that it would at least hit one of the HeelNavis. He placed his crossbow back into his belt and kept the guard up high while preparing to react to any movement.

1: Put up Guard1 [Reflect 60 Damage]
2: HeatShot [45/Fire/Spread] @ Smoke Cloud
3: HeatShot [45/Fire/Spread] @ Smoke Cloud
4: Prepare to evade
"Look at him..." Scanner guffawed, as he let loose a volley of shots from the darkness, scattering Alphonse's shield. "Is the likkle paladin Navi scared of the dark? Typical civilian."

"Idiot!" Stryker yelled, as he tackled Scanner aside, a flaming arrow barely missing through the smoke. "Gloat after we delete him, not before!" Drawing his blade, he charges through the smoke--only to blasted by a second arrow!

"Oh, you're in for it now..." Scanner smirked, as he imagined his partner's rage.

Alphonse barely saw the hole in the smoke before a blade snaked milimeters from the gap in his helmet, the wind slicing at his eyes--he leaps back...

HeelNaviA (Scanner): 140 HP ((EQUIP: Vulcan1!)) ((SMOKESCREEN!))
HeelNaviB (Stryker): 135 HP ((EQUIP: Sword!))

Alphonse: 147 HP
As soon as Alphonse landed from his swift dodge, he felt as if his strenght was drained and his legs started to feel loose. It was pure luck. Even if Alphonse was prepared for the attack or not, the Heelnavi's speed and fierceness would've left a memorable wound to Alphonse. Slowly Alphonse closed his eye and caught his breath, regaining his focus and strength.

"...Yo-You ok?"

"We better stop underestimating them. Even if they look like a normal Heelnavi, their powers are far above normal."

"Humm...Haven't you realized how the sword Heelnavi always goes full frontal and protects the other guy?"

"Actually, you are right, Comrade. Did you think of some plan?"

"Yea! It goes like thi—"

"Wait!...Tell me quietly."

Few seconds later, both K and knighted Alphonse nodded and stared towards their enemies. Alphonse's silver shield shrunk down to a petit stature while He was preparing for something. K had a large grin over his face and slid in a fire-red chip into his PET, "MAGNUM B-CHIP, SLOT IN!!" As soon after K slid in his chip, Alphonse's right arm starts to burn with towering fire, slowly shape shifting into a cannon 3/4th the size of Alphonse. Alphonse held the gun with his left hand due to its weight, but he raised his awareness to dodge those pesky blades. The cannon's tip charged with thick fire and shot a titanic fireball straight towards the Smoke screen where the shooter was residing in. K's plan was simple, but effective. K was hoping that the sword Heelnavi would react to the Magnum and either try to deflect it or cover for the gunner. A devilish trick, but being nice guy all the time just doesn't work. The cannon disintegrated into piles of ashes and Alphonse's shield grew in size in order to protect him.

1: Regain Focus/Plan out
2: Prepare to react.
3: Magnum Shot [140 + 5 + 10/Fire/3 Multi w/ Charge] @ Smoke Screen
4: Put up Guard.
The massive fireball goes unobstructed through the air, straight into the smokescreen--"I'm not touching that, Scanner!" Stryker yells, as he swipes again, Alphonse sidestepping the strike and pulling a shield.

"Shut up! I said, don't freaking--" Scanner angrily retorts, as the air convulses from the explosion. "--baby me, you idiot!" Alphonse stares on in shock, as the remnants of a Barrier dissipates around Scanner.

Suddenly, a roar and a shriek from behind Scanner rings through the air.

"Shit!" Stryker yells, as he spins around. "Scanner, we got to go, now!"

"It's not our--" "It'll be our deletion if that thing gets on the news! MOVE!"

Another orb of smoke, and Alphonse was left with his shield, wondering what the hell just happened.

HeelNaviA (Scanner): 140 HP ((FLED!))
HeelNaviB (Stryker): 135 HP ((FLED!))

Alphonse: 147 HP


The smoke begins to dissipate, and Alphonse can see tracks leading into the ruins ahead...