Enter Yoka...Blanco!

Blanco beamed down into Yoka Net."Hmph, emptiness. What a waste of space!" he thought to himself, annoyed at the area around him for no real reason.Blanco began to walk around, looking for something to occupy him while Danny was busy eating on the other side of the PET.Blanco suddenly heard a noise behind him, and out of his boredom turned with a smile, readying his Dynamite to beat some little Viruses."Come on little bugs! I just want to play with you! It won't hurt!...much.".
Blanco wanders around freely, ready to rampage at anything in his way.

Trudging along, he spots a ghost, which mysteriously disappears, but reappears farther away. He decides the virus is easy pickings and chases after it when...


...the navi rolls away just in time to avoid a gunshot from a Cannondumb! The Spooky virus was just luring him into a trap! Time to teach these guys a lesson!

CanonDumbA: 50 HP
Spooky: 30 HP
CanonDumbB: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blanco.EXE: 100 HP


((This will most likely be of use to you.))