A new rival appears

A cool breeze drifts across the landscape, as steam rises above several heated natural springs. The mist begins to cluster around a single point as a gust of wind rushes past, a small fire begins to burn and grow as it takes a humaniod form. The fire quickly extinguishes and flies off in the shape of flower petals. A slim navi stands near a pool and begins stretching.

"yosh! Let's get this competition started then! We're winning this competition no matter what! You got that scrawny?"

Kenji merely nodded as he invisibly floated by her head in a bored manner waiting for his challengers to arrive.
Nachahmen finally made it up to Kira, when suddenly, he reformed into his normal state, and became somewhat static.

"Eh? I've never seen that before. What could be the problem...?" Zanzo said, checking his PET. Upon looking through the processes, he discovered the Process Upgrades acting strangely. "Hm. I don't know near enough about this tech to do anything myself, but if it's messing with Nac, I'd better see it fixed." He then turned to Keito. "Sorry, dude. I've got to get thic checked out, and there's no one better than Scilabs' Suitachi for the job..." Zanzo then jacked Nac out, causing him to disappear from the net in a fuzzy purple flash...
Kira opened her mouth ready to taunt and insult the purple-suited navi when her vision began to blur. She quickly looked down at her hands in shock, and her eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. Her body began to glitch, her data began to malfunction and giant glowing signs reading WARNING DISC READ ERROR flashed and spiraled all around her. She began to twitch uncontrollably then stopped suddenly, remaining there, floating in midair motionless. Kenji assumed a physical body and looked at his own data, sensing errors as well, but noticed no physical changes. He stared in horror at Kira's lifeless floating body. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her violently.

"Kira? KIRA!?!? WHATS WRONG!?!? Wake up!"

He pulled her down to eye level and gazed into her eyes. He reeled back in shock and let out a light yell. Kira's once glowing yellow eyes were replaced with the blue screen of death.

Back in the real world, Keito was typing furiously on his laptop, searching through every piece of data he could work with. Over and over he received the same error message every time he tried to retrieve the lost data. He let out a frustrated grunt and violantly shoved his laptop in his bag. He packed up all of his gear in a huge rush and sat up from the cafe and stormed out, causing quite a scene as other customers turned their heads to look.

"Hey... she's gonna be alright... right?"

"I don't know! This piece of crap isn't powerful enough to fix this, and i don't even know where to begin fixing this. Where did that guy say he was going? Scilabs was it? Ugghh, sorry man, we need to cut this vacation short."

"I don't care! What's the point of going to an Onsen without fanservice!??!? That's like going to japan and not watching a single anime!"

"Nice set of priorities you've got there."

"Hey, i'm the comic releif! This is how i can express myself!"

A Lightning bolt struck the effeminate navi, and in a flash of light, he logged out.