Scrounging for memories.

"--tiGAWDAMMIT!" Frag roared, shaking the area around him as he landed clumsily. He felt shaky--the new form lacked the humanoid balance that he had enjoyed, and it was only after he mastered the movements of his tail when he could walk. Using the appendage as a third leg, he tentatively moved to steps, then to leaps, then to a running gait--all stomping on the Netscape, which had taken the form of volcanic rock.

He glanced into a nearby pool of water--man, he looked ridiculous. Across the block that now served as his head, there was this... jagged squiggly that he supposed was his "mouth". He reached for it--and found that there were no arms.

This was going to be a long, long day, Frag reflected.

((Battle 1, plz!))
Virus Attack!

ShrimpyA: 100
ShrimpyB: 100
Firepheonix: 110

Frag: 100

Battle 1 Start!
Frag knew he had company. Just how, he wasn't sure--he couldn't see anything. Then he took another sniff--the distinctive aroma, a mixture of sea salt and petrol, wafted into his system...

He spun around, to face the trio that had thought they would take him from behind. His tail lashed behind him, and he pawed the ground with his foot--he couldn't explain it, but he felt... anxious? No. That wasn't it. This was an excitement, a true desire to battle...

He was hungry. With a booming shout, Frag charged, each of his steps slamming the floor as he rushed aggressively at the Shimpys--

"What the--" Joseph muttered, as he rapidly slotted in two chips. Sudden aggression? But Teal was... No, this isn't Teal. This, this...

This was how Red acted.
Joseph smacked himself--by making the new GMO, he had inadvertantly made Red the head unit. Or at least, made it a bigger influence on Frag acted as a whole--Shit, no time! "ElecReel! Bubbler! Battlechips in!" He screamed, hoping that Frag would still have some of his facilities left--

Golden horns erupted from Frag's head, as he yelped in surprise, yellow and black stripes running over his head. The growl in his head died down, only... to be replaced by a vision of sizzling Shrimpys--"GWAAAAH!" Frag roared, clutching his head with nonexistant arms as he swung around wildly, coils of energy leaping from horn to horn--

"Get a hold of yourself!" Joseph yelled, as he resisted the urge to slam his PET against the bench--

Kill. Need. Pain. Suddenly falling silent, Frag stared through the bloodred eyes of the ElecOgre that the chip embodied, his head now a writhing mass of energy--

Without warning, the coils of lightning spiked out from Frag's horns, skittering across the ground like a beast while Frag's head shifted again, adopting a sleeker blue form.

The calls for blood silenced. The essence of the Shrimpy from the Bubbler felt strange out of water, but it was content to just let itself be aimed, at the flaming bird that loomed overhead. That's... that's right... Frag shuddered, as he regained his control. "I... I am the STRONGEST!" He screamed, as he fired the spray of suds, stamping his foot down in fury as he lashed out with his tail, sending the tip of his tail like a javelin at the flying virus--

2. ElecReel (100 elec, multi-targets), Shrimpys
3. Bubbler (50 aqua, spreads), FirePhoenixA
4. Block: Impact (20, knockback), FirePhoenixA
Frag's excellent use of elemental attacks wipes out the trio of viruses with little fuss.


ShrimpyA: DELETED!
ShrimpyB: DELETED!
Firepheonix: DELETED!

Frag: 100

Rewards: Get 400z
Frag resisted the urge to eat the virus's remains. There had been so few... he would need something bigger for a proper meal, any--NO! He scratched his head first with his nonexistant arms, then with his reattached tail.

What the hell was going on with this form? He tried to think about other things.

A noise. Somewhere far in the distance. A strange flowery smell, one that he hadn't noticed--

As Joseph loaded the zenny, Frag lumbered off into the steam--

((Going to the Onsen. :P))