Mission: Breaking The Speed Limit

Zetaman ported in from the cafe and immediately exited the simple but secured page in order to enter the wider network. "Okay Vita, do you have those coordinates still? I'm going to need you to keep an eye on them if I can try this guy down." He told her, heading towards the first intersection.

"Don't worry Zeddy, I'm just... I'm, uh..." Vita said, tapping a few buttons. "Figuring out how to read these." She explained, sighing a little to herself and clicking again. "I know, I know. I'm going to send you the data right now." She told him, reading out what she could.

"Okay, let's see here... Got it." Zetaman said, covering his eyes from some distant light. "Geez, you could at least try and not patch me through to the raw data, this is giving me a headache." He cleared his throat. "No excuses, just let me try and find this guy."
Zetaman makes his way through the various streets and pathways of the Electown network at a quick pace-- the coordinates are fast-moving, but they keep zig-zagging every which way...

Eventually Zetaman catches a lucky break-- the coordinates seem to be heading this way!

He looks off in the distance-- and immediately flattens himself against the nearest wall as a large car shoots by at breakneck speeds. That thing would've flattened him!

As Zetaman is left to wonder just what that was, he hears another something coming from off in the distance...
"It looks like it's moving pretty fast." Vita said, still paying attention to the moving data. "Zeddy, you've got a better idea of how this works, don't you?" She asked, slurping on an ordered drink.

"Vita, don't distract me." Zetaman said, letting out a sigh. "Ah, finally got my bearings. Looks like it's-" He began, suddenly jumping against a wall as a large vehicle shot past at high speeds. "The hell? Our target is that?" He angrily growled, watching as the car shot off into the distance.

"Oh, it would be so cool to get a car!" Vita said excitedly, the idea of Zetaman in a convertible causing her to move closer to the screen. "Do you have a car to chase it with?"

Zetaman let out a sigh and watched his apparent target shoot into the distance. "Vita, please shut up." He told her, suddenly perking up. "Hold on, something's coming." He added, holding his buster and carefully looking to the next bogey.
The next 'bogey', it would seem, is in fact the target-- the coordinates change quickly as it nears... and then when it stops just a foot away from him, the coordinates are near identical. The display turns off, almost satisfied.

As for the target itself...

Is that a flying surfboard?

No... it just looks similar. The thing is a cobalt blue, and seems to be made out of some almost liquid metal... sensors line the front and side 'edge', and it appears to have a pair of buttons on top, as well as a space where a navi could stand comfortably...

Zetaman hears the voice from the transmission earlier again-- that same masculine, friendly tone, albeit a bit more hurried now. "Quickly, get on! There's no time to explain!"
"Well, get on, Zed." Vita urged, her shocked and confused Navi twisting his face as he tried to figure things out. He ended up jumping onto the board and balancing himself on it in a single fluid movement, ready to have the board suddenly shoot off again.

"Okay, but you'd better be able to explain on the way." Zetaman said to the board, narrowing his eyes to the distance to try and follow where the car had gone off to.

"Zed, don't be so mean to the surfboard. You heard his voice, he's the one who asked us out here." Vita said, holding her chin in deep thought. "I've never seen a virus shaped like a car before. Maybe it's some kind of new program?"

"Talking won't get us there, Vita." Zetaman pointed out sourly, trying to focus on his balance and this sudden race.
Zetaman can almost swear he hears the jetboard mutter something to the effect of 'not a surfboard' under what passes as its' breath before it shoots off far more abruptly than he could have anticipated, its' speed quickly rising to the frantic pace it was at before. They've stopped losing ground to the car off in the distance...

"My name is- well, not important. You can call me Slave-1, or 1 if my hobbies make you uncomfortable." Slave-1 says, chuckling a small bit. "That--" he adds, obviously meaning the car off in the distance, "--is carrying a one Crackerjack.exe, wanted in three countries for net-terrorism, fraud, identity theft, and extortion. How many counts of each is not on my records."

"As for why I called you out here..." The board seems to stop for a moment, slightly embarrassed, "My partner is chasing down this guy's boss, who- well, I'll leave him out of it since we're not chasing him... but without my partner riding me, I... uh... kind of have no weapons." The board admits sheepishly, gaining another notch of speed.

"Now, I do have a portable jack-out barrier emitter installed in my systems, and I've been using that to keep him from getting away... but it is starting to run low on power, so we need to apprehend him. Quickly." The board shudders beneath Zetaman, a silent command for him to brace himself...

Crackerjack.exe: 140 (Off in distance-- 24 movements away)
Car: 120 (Off in distance-- 24 movements away)

Slave-1: 100 [Mobility Junctioned to Zetaman]
Zetaman: 120 [Mobility Junctioned to Slave-1] (Generator Shield)

Jack-Out Barrier (Portable): 7 turns of power remaining!

Terrain: The terrain for the most part does not really matter, Zetaman realizes; the board is floating above the ground, so any adverse terrain won't effect it, and they're in Electown which is fairly free of rubble, if not buildings. The board is also the one moving, so even if they do come across obstacles, the only one who can really worry about them (short of ducking) is Slave-1.
"Wow! This is pretty exciting!" Vita said, starting to chew her fingers as she lacking popcorn. Through the screen of her PET and the data incoming, she was almost watching a little movie of her Navi flying through the air on a hovering board. "Zed! Take a shot at the car and we can end this quickly!"

"Vita, I can't do that." Zetaman said through the headphones, not wanting to let the irritation in his voice end up distracting his ride. "At this distance, I wouldn't be able to hit them - if my attacks could even reach that far." He pointed out, lowering himself so that he could keep his balance as they worked on catching up. The Navi lowered himself so that one hand was almost touching the board and his buster was raised and leveled ahead.

"Sorry Zed. It's just exciting." Vita said with a lonely hint in her voice, going through her bag to check out what chips she might have to load up.

"Okay then, Slave-1. You get us close enough and I'll have Crackerjack off the roads in no time." Zetaman said confidently, not really feeling it was the time to question anything going on. This was a mission, after all, and with direction he was more than ready to shoot first and ask questions after shooting again.
It is a good thing that Zetaman decided to crouch down-- immediately after he does he hears a mechanical whirring from within the board, followed immediately by the thrusters exploding with power, the sudden grip of G-forces previously unknown to him threatening to tear him off the board entirely.

The engine on Slave-1 roars as the Jetboard tears forward at unreal speeds, buildings that were blurry before the jolt becoming a gray streak now by comparison as the Jetboard closes the distance between it and the car in less than three seconds. Abruptly Zetaman is hit with a jolt as some sort of dampener kicks in, slowing the board all at once to match the speed of the car ahead.

The car ahead makes a hard left at the sudden predicament, rubber tires squealing as they scrape against the paneling of Electown net, and takes off down a narrow alley.

Slave-1, rather than making such a speed-bleeding move, instead does something of an odd maneuver, banking towards the right in a large turn.

The jetboard makes a large circle, going entirely vertically along a row of buildings as it works to make the right turn into a left through the alley-- all without losing a bit of speed. It is at this time that Zetaman realizes the square tiles he's standing on are actively holding him to the board-- no matter how fast the Jetboard goes, it should be hard for him to fall off under his own power. The only thing he'll have to watch for is getting knocked off by something else...

Slave-1 quickly catches up to the car, given their difference in speed, but hangs back enough to give Zetaman room to fire.

There's no room for the car to dodge in this alleyway... Zeta needs to hit him before he makes another turn. Quickly.

Crackerjack.exe: 140 (4 movements ahead)
Car: 120 (4 movements ahead)

Slave-1: 100 [Mobility Junctioned to Zetaman]
Zetaman: 120 [Mobility Junctioned to Slave-1] (Generator Shield)

Jack-Out Barrier (Portable): 7 turns of power remaining!

Terrain: The terrain for the most part does not really matter, Zetaman realizes; the board is floating above the ground, so any adverse terrain won't effect it. It is also lucky that they're in Electown which is fairly free of rubble, if not buildings, which the chase finds itself moving between rows of... most are as wide as the average two-lane street, though there are exceptions, both wider and thinner. The board is also the one moving, so even if they do come across obstacles, the only one who can really worry about them (short of ducking) is Slave-1.
Zetaman was able to keep his cool for the most part as Salve-1 took control of the situation and blast the two of them around corners and even along buildings of the network. His gaze narrowed onto the car that slowly came closer and closer, preparing his buster to start his part in all of this. "That's good Slave-1, keep doing what you're doing!" Zetaman called out, standing up a little more so that he could get his bearings onto his opponent.

"Geez Zed, you guys are flying!" Vita pointed out, the display on her PET constantly lagging due to the speed of the movement. She was forced to follow almost the raw data in order to plug in the chip. "Here you go, get that guy!" She told him, perhaps a little too loudly. She looked around sheepishly at those near her in the cafe, but they didn't care, busy in their own deals.

"Thanks, Vita." Zetaman told her, loading the chip immediately. "Alright little guy, do your stuff." Zetaman said, a burst of energy erupting from one hand as he loaded in the chip and created a bee that was crackling with energy. He half-threw it towards the car, the small bee picking up with its own power and shooting forward at high speeds.

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Zetaman began to charge energy into his buster. He looked ahead down the path, even if at the speed they were flying it was difficult for anything to be ahead for very long. "Let's see how well these guys can drive, hm?" He said mostly to himself, aiming into the distance carefully. He shot out a blast of green energy that headed well above and beyond their target, missing it completely. However, further ahead, the energy suddenly began to take shape and formed into three solid spears that arced onto the road in front of the car, slamming into the ground and setting themselves up like obstacles.

Without saying a word, Zetaman raised his other arm and summoned a shield into place in an instant, then prepared himself to block with it should a counter attack arrive. "Okay Zed, keep up the good work." Vita said, still focused on the chase.

1: Arrow1 Battle Chip: Car (100 Elec Damage + 10 Elemental Bonus + Homing)
2: Charging Bolt Towers
3: Bolt Towers Signature Attack: Car (Summons 3 10 HP objects, deal 30 Elec Damage on Contact)
X: Generator Shield (1 Hit Shield)
4: Blocking with Shield
As the bee flies out to meet the car's backside, a shield flies up to greet it, blocking the hit entirely. Poor little guy... I guess it's better than splattering against the windshield, anyway.

The car's driver turns around in his seat as Zetaman charges, and fires at him through the back window of the vehicle, shattering it. Slave-1 quickly jerks to the side enough to dodge the hail of bullets, and then jerks hard to the other side of the alley, dodging the follow-up spread.

The driver curses, or so Zetaman believes, and then turns back around just in time to spot the Bolt Towers.

The car swerves abruptly to the side, tires leaving long black marks on the paneling below as they bleed off speed in an attempt to stop. Slave-1 does same, faced with the prospect of crashing straight into those very same towers himself (If not the car).

The car barely bumps a Bolt tower as it comes to a stop, spreading electricity throughout the entire thing, and then takes off again down the alley it's facing, the entrance narrow enough to scrape the paint off the sides.

Slave-1 follows, hot in pursuit, as the chase continues... the car swerves again, turning once more, and comes out onto a wide street, wide enough for even the car to dodge attacks being thrown at it. It also appears to be more populated than the narrower back ways that the chase was in before, as a few stunned bystanders watch as first the car, then Zetaman and the Jetboard streak off down the road.

Beneath him, Zetaman hears Slave-1 mutter something about 'Risk Assessment', seemingly deep in concentration.

Crackerjack.exe: 140 (3 movements ahead)
Car: 90 (3 movements ahead)

Slave-1: 100 [Mobility Junctioned to Zetaman]
Zetaman: 120 [Mobility Junctioned to Slave-1] (Generator Shield)

Jack-Out Barrier (Portable): 6 turns of power remaining!

Terrain: The terrain for the most part does not really matter, Zetaman realizes; the board is floating above the ground, so any adverse terrain won't effect it. It is also lucky that they're in Electown which is fairly free of rubble, if not buildings, which the chase finds itself moving between rows of... most pathways are as wide as the average two-lane street, though there are exceptions, both wider and thinner. The board is also the one moving, so even if they do come across obstacles, the only one who can really worry about them (short of ducking) is Slave-1.
Zetaman was expecting his opponent to be able to counter, but the shield was a little more than he had hoped for. Not letting the action get him down, he was able to deal a strike as his spears fell into his enemy's path, though a lack of foresight showed as Slave-1 had to dodge the same obstacles. As they blasted out onto the new road, he aimed his Buster, ready to leave another wave of attacks. "Give me the shotgun and cannon, Vita." He ordered over their private line.

"Nope." Vita said adamantly, going through her chips. "You should apologize to 1 for putting the two of you in danger like that!" She ordered, frowning. "And I saw people pass by you. Or, uh, you passed by them. You can't put them as risk with attacks like that!" She told him, crossing her arms. "You'll just have to use these instead." She told him, loading them in.

"Vita, that doesn't..." Zetaman started, the chips loading in. "Sorry about the towers. Wasn't thinking, Slave-1." He muttered a little, bringing his buster up for an attack. He leaned his head towards his buster arm as it transformed from the first chip. Carefully taking aim, he made sure to try and lead his attack just enough so that he'd be able to strike his opponent in case off a dodge. A ring of electricity appeared on his buster and shot forward like a thrown discus. It was a launched attack rather than a blast like a Cannon would provide, but as the ring shot forward and started to lose its speed, Zetaman had aimed it so that it would curve just enough to slam into his foe - if he was on target, of course.

After his attack was off he immediately raised his shield in case of an incoming attack, waiting for Slave-1 to catch up a little more before he launched his second attack. He tried to keep his upper body steady by using his hips in most of the turns, and now he leaned down. He reached out with his buster again as it transformed, then watched for his opportunity. He blasted off a wave of ice and sleet towards the back end of the car, under where Crackerjack had twisted around to. If he was lucky, there might be a mechanism there to freeze up, or if Jack got in the wave, a program.

1: Take Aim at Car with ZapRing1
2: ZapRing1 Battle Chip: Car (40 Elec Damage + 10 Element Bonus + Stun 1)
3: Block attack.
4: IceWave1 Battle Chip: Car (80 Aqua Damage)

Bolt Towers 2 Turn Cooldown Remains
"Risk Assessment complete, level acceptable." Slave-1 mutters, attention finally returning to Zetaman. "You don't have to mention it, I'm fine with sudden stops and starts, just so long as he doesn't get away. Your only mistake was the fact that there's so many side-paths for him to escape from, so you'd have to block him from all sides."

The board accelerates ever-so-slightly as it continues. "Although it's rather moot now that we're on a wide road like this. Just focus on taking him out."

Crackerjack fires at Zetaman and Slave-1 again as he takes aim-- although the board dodges once more, he manages to get in a few lucky shots with that rapid-fire of his... the board doesn't make a sound, however, instead re-positioning itself so Zetaman has a better shot.

Zetaman lets off the ZapRing at the same time that Crackerjack fires off a barrage of needles at Zetaman-- the first needle strikes his Generator shield and bounces off, but the second strikes him directly in the chest (50), and the third Slave-1 narrowly tilts him away from. Zetaman feels the needle speed by his right ear, just barely avoiding contact.

Zetaman's attack has similar success; the car's wheels stutter and then lock up entirely after the Zapring strikes, causing it to spin out. The car strikes a nearby building, Crackerjack cursing loudly as he attempts to get it moving again...

Zetaman, however, has other plans. He fires at the nigh-on defenseless vehicle with an Icewave, finally ending the chase with its' deletion and dumping Crackerjack on the paneling.

Some chunks of the building that Crackerjack's car slammed into come down around them, making a few piles of debris on the field off to the sides.

Crackerjack.exe: 140

Slave-1: 85 [Mobility Junctioned to Zetaman]
Zetaman: 70 [Mobility Junctioned to Slave-1]

Jack-Out Barrier (Portable): 5 turns of power remaining!

Terrain: 30% Normal (Road) 50% Buildings (Along edge of road) 20% Rubble.
"So do I just need to weaken him, or can you take him in if I go a little overboard?" Zetaman asked, crossing his arm in front of himself. Electrical energy began to crackle off the rubble nearby and crawl across the ground until it leapt towards him in a wave that focused onto his wounds and covered them up with restored armour. The energy continued along his arm until it formed into another small shield on his arm.

"Nice work on taking the car down, Zeddy!" Vita said, holding one of the earpieces of her headphones on and going through their chips with the other hand. "Well, now that you're off the roads you can really let loose." Vita told him, plugging in a couple of chips.

"About time." Zetaman responded, activating the first chip and causing a small bomb to appear in his hand hidden behind the shield. "Okay Slave-1, let's finish this." He said, targeting the downed target Navi. He pulled his arm back and then lobbed the bomb at him, quickly activating his second battle chip and widening his buster to accommodate the weapon's shot.

He knew that his bomb wouldn't be a flawless weapon, but he could only hope. In either case, either his opponent would be stuck in the stun of the blast radius, or he would be jumping out of it. He hadn't seen Crackerjack move on his own yet, so there was no telling what kind of dodge he might expect. He reacted to the situation though and thrust his buster forward, aiming quickly and taking the shot, blasting a spread of energy at his enemy.

Zetaman hunkered down onto Slave-1 and pulled his shield up in case there was going to be some kind of large counter attack. "Hey Slave-1, how do you do on Magnetic Terrain?" Zetaman asked, planning for his next move already.

1: Static Charge Signature Attack: Zetaman (Restores 30 HP)
X: Generator Shield Signature Attack (1 Hit Shield)
2: MagBomb1 Battle Chip: CrackerJack (30 Elec Damage + 10 Elemental Bonus + Blast 2 + Stun 1)
3: Shotgun Battle Chip: CrackerJack (50 Damage + Spread 1)
4: Prepared for Block
Zetaman draws in static from the surrounding area, healing himself, and gets ready to chuck a bomb at Crackerjack. At least, that would be the plan... if Crackerjack were still there. Zetaman hears a noise behind him, prompting Slave-1 to suddenly speed off; the sound of steel hitting pavement a moment later is enough to tell him what happened. The board makes a about-face, revealing Crackerjack trying to make a break for it.

Slave-1, of course, doesn't let him. The jetboard clears and surpasses the distance between it and Crackerjack in a flash, then swerves in front of the criminal once a bit away. "Give it up, Crackerjack. Come in quietly." Slave-1 says from below-- you get the feeling that if he had eyes, he'd be glaring daggers at the wanted navi.

"Like hell I'll do that!" Crackerjack says, taking another swipe at board and rider with his widesword-- but Slave-1 dashes out of the way once again, faster than the navi can swing. Zetaman chucks the Magbomb at Crackerjack as the board makes another pass, but the somewhat absurd speed messes with his aim a little. Crackerjack easily dives out of the blast radius of the bomb and gets up, only to be greeted by a nice face-full of buckshot.

"Keep in mind, Zetaman. The mission is to arrest him. You may assail him with attacks until he ceases resistance, but if he is deleted, we lose our chance. Incapacitate, but do not kill." Slave-1 mutters from below.

Crackerjack.exe: 90 (Widesword x1)

Slave-1: 85 [Mobility Junctioned to Zetaman]
Zetaman: 100 [Mobility Junctioned to Slave-1] (Generator Shield)

Jack-Out Barrier (Portable): 4 turns of power remaining!

Terrain: 30% Normal (Road) 50% Buildings (Along edge of road) 20% Rubble.
Zetaman was doing what he could to keep up the battle, but he was suddenly becoming stricken with a feeling that he hadn't known before. It would have to be nausea or motion sickness if he could call it anything. With him and Slave-1 whipping around at high speeds, not only was his aim being thrown off but so was his sense of the space around him. Still though, the gravity should have been dampened enough for it to not take this kind of effect on his systems. Something else was wrong.

"Are you okay, Zed?" Vita asked, furrowing her brow at some of the activity going on. She wasn't focused too much on the battle and wasn't worried about him missing with the bomb, of course. With the battles they had been through she knew that things wouldn't always hit their target. Something else was strange about everything, however. "Zeddy, there's something weird coming up in your systems. Are you trying to activate something?"

"What the hell are you talking about, Vita?" Zetaman responded, his attacks connecting as a sudden wave of nausea overcame him again. He dropped to one knee, gritting his teeth and holding his chest. It wasn't a virus attack, his systems would have recognized that kind of thing instantly. He hadn't been struck by an attack that could have caused it either. Poison gas? No, there was something else wrong. He had to end the battle quickly so that he could figure it out. "Load up a chip, I don't care about what's going on." He added to Vita, using their personal communication line as to not bother Slave-1's focus for their dialogues.

Zetaman loaded up his next chip and focused forward at Crackerjack. "You sure mutter a lot for a flying surfboard." Zetaman commented to Slave-1, no mere note of jest in his voice. "I know what I'm doing. If I was out to delete him, I wouldn't be as careful with my attacks as I have been. He just better be willing to give up."

He gripped a fist tightly and activated his FireHit1 chip, causing flames to behind to form around his hand. He tilted his weight forward to hopefully let Slave-1 know the direction he was after, using the movement as a feint for his attack. He forced himself back up into a standing position after his slight fall earlier, allowing him to get a good swing in. The battle chip would look after the attack, luckily he wouldn't have to be in literal hand to hand range. His fist burst out with a flaming strike towards Crackerjack, enough to cut through a good chunk of energy.

-----[Splice Break]-----

1: ???
2: FireHit1 Battle Chip: Crackerjack.EXE (60 Fire Damage + Impact)
As Zetaman collapses, Crackerjack takes the initiative-- he fires on the defenseless navi, three shots hurtling towards him. Slave-1 bursts out of the way at the last moment, however, nearly knocking Zetaman off but dodging the shots.

Slave-1 doesn't respond to Zetaman's assurances, instead slowing down a slight bit as the navi steadies himself, rising to his feet, and launches the flaming punch. The burst of fire hurtles towards Crackerjack, who throws up a Guard in response. The flaming fist impacts, prompting the guard to fire a silver beam of light-- which slams, full-force, into Slave-1.

The Jetboard pulls out of the way, quickly dipping behind some of the rubble nearby. "You should go ahead and take him on on foot, Zetaman. If I am deleted, the jack-out barrier will immediately fail and we will lose him." Slave-1 says from below, keeping the pair hidden. "If you have some form of recovery to use on me, that would work as well."

Crackerjack.exe: 90 (Widesword x1)

Slave-1: 25 [Mobility Junctioned to Zetaman]
Zetaman: 100 [Mobility Junctioned to Slave-1] (Generator Shield)

Jack-Out Barrier (Portable): 3 & 1/2 turns of power remaining!

Terrain: 30% Normal (Road) 50% Buildings (Along edge of road) 20% Rubble.
Zetaman wasn't in a very good situation as his first strike ended up returning right back towards him. However his opponent, either through great tactical thought or a complete lack of accuracy, had aimed the Guard1's counter into Slave-1, no doubt more than the hovering board could stand to take. He would have cursed under his breath, if he hadn't been caught in a handful of split-section decisions instead. Zetaman disconnected from Slave-1, suddenly able to move far more freely on the board as he stepped forward off of it. The split of the two programs was no doubt distracting, as the movements of Slave-1 were now separate from the Navi.

His fist still flaming, Zetaman quickly punched forward again just before the energy left his grasp permanently. The second flaming punch headed towards Crackerjack's side, Zetaman assuming that the guard wouldn't be able to absorb a second attack so quickly. His leap left him with very few actions to take, and he didn't want to overwhelm and destroy his target. Rolling to the side to absorb his movement off of Slave-1, Zetaman stood up with his shield at the ready and a challenging glare towards his opponent.

[Splice End]
3: FireHit1 Battle Chip: Crackerjack.EXE (60 Fire Damage + Impact)
4: Prepared to dodge/block.
Crackerjack ducks under the flaming projectile launched his way, teeth gritting together. "So, you finally decided to fight me on foot, eh?" Crackerjack grins. "Finally, I can jack out then!" The navi grins triumphantly.

Nothing happens.

Crackerjack pauses for a moment. "I said, now I can jack out!"

Still nothing.

"Jack me out already, Carmichael!" Crackerjack roars, gaze skyward. "What do you mean the jack-out barrier is still-" A look of realization dawns on Crackerjack's face, and his eyes scan the surroundings. "So, that little piece of crap surfboard is around here somewhere, eh?"

The navi pivots his head around, and a couple of loud pops echo out from his neck in response. "Well then, I suppose I'll just have to TAKE YOU OUT!" The navi hurls the widesword at Zetaman, who sidesteps it easily, and then fires a shot off at the navi from his gun; Zetaman's Generator Shield absorbs the blow.

Ranged attacks failing him, Crackerjack lunges for Zetaman...

Crackerjack.exe: 90

Slave-1: 25 (Hiding behind rubble)
Zetaman: 100

Jack-Out Barrier (Portable): 3 turns of power remaining!

Terrain: 30% Normal (Road) 50% Buildings (Along edge of road) 20% Rubble.
"Vita! Load up the Rage Claw! I'm moving into melee!" Zetaman called out, leaping forward to meet Crackerjack head to head. Energy wrapped both his arms and then shattered with the noise of loaded data, a deadly claw wrapping one arm and another shield attached to the other. In the clash, he raised his shield as a guard to block off an incoming attack, lashing out with his claw on the other arm in a wide swipe outwards.

"Okay Zed, there you go." Vita said, her eyes flashing over the incoming data she was getting. The chip loaded up just fine, but something was still off about Zetaman's data. "Are you sure that you're not doing anything Zeddy? I'm... I'm still getting some weird data spikes or something..."

"I don't care right now, Vita...!" Zetaman replied, jumping away from the clash with Crackerjack and maneuvering around him to get a better angle to move back in. "Okay..." Zetaman said, suddenly feeling a confusing wave of energy overtake him. "VITA! Prepare systems for DARK SHADOW CLAW SLASH!" He roared in a voice that sounded somewhat distorted.

"...Zed?" Vita said, freezing in place and staring at the screen. While the operator froze up, Zetaman suddenly leaped forward with his claw raised high in some kind of spectacular display.

"Could this be? The legendary Dark Shadow Claw Slash? Certainly if the attack connect, it would destroy any program that it touched! How could a Navi dare use such an attack during an arrest? Certainly, the..." Zetaman narrated, suddenly stopping in the middle of a sentence. His eyes moved from a glazed over glare to the hard look he normally had. The moment he stopped talking, he just moved forward into a hard and calculated slash deep into Crackerjack's melee range.

"Are you... Okay?" Vita asked, still frozen.

"I'm... Fine." Zetaman replied, jumping back away from his opponent to dodge away from any slashes that might come in.


X: Generator Shield Signature Attack: Zetaman (1 Hit Shield)
1: RageClaw1 Battle Chip 1/6 Uses: Crackerjack (40 Damage + Slashing)
2: Movement
3: RageClaw1 Battle Chip 2/6 Uses: Crackerjack (40 Damage + Slashing)
4: Dodge Action
Crackerjack grins as he and Zetaman near each other. The criminal navi reels one arm back, upon which a giant drill forms, and thrusts it at Zetaman-- who attempts to parry the attack with his Rageclaw out of instinct. The drill revs up as the deadly claws near, knocking them aside, and then smacks straight into Zetaman's Generator Shield.

The drill scrapes against the shield for a few moments in futility, but then friction steps in, allowing the drill to bore straight through. The sharp tip catches Zetaman on the shoulder as he attempts to sidestep the massive drill, and carves a deep hole inside. (60 + Breaking + Knockback + Piercing)

Zetaman lashes out a second time with his Rageclaw as Crackerjack revs up the drill again, and manages to carve a deep gash in his side even as the drill's rotation knocks him away. (60 + Breaking + Knockback + Piercing)

The drill disappears as Crackerjack stumbles back, gritting his teeth. Zetaman takes the opportunity to leap away.

Crackerjack.exe: 50

Slave-1: 25 (Hiding behind rubble)
Zetaman: 1 (Undershirt activated)

Jack-Out Barrier (Portable): 2 turns of power remaining!

Terrain: 30% Normal (Road) 50% Buildings (Along edge of road) 20% Rubble.