Waiting for a sucker

DiDiver.EXE waited at a dead end on one of the web road. His arms were crossed and he was trying to figure out what exactly was going on in Akua's mind. The Operator claimed that he'd tell him "when the time is right." Hopefully Lashman would be able to find him, although he wouldn't be too hard to spot. How many divers do you seen on the internet?
LashMan pestered and annoyed Suloy until he jacked in again. He headed for the electown portal.
Finally, he spotted DiDiver.
"Hello. LashMan's the name."

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Jack In! LashMan on the Net
Di was NOT looking forward to this encounter. He failed to see what the purpose of meeting up with some random Navi was, and he wasn't pleased with Akua at all at the moment. What kind of Operator throws his Net Navi into a random situation and expects him to be just fine with that? What was worse for the aquatic Navi was his inability to hold small talk. He had no clue what he would be saying, and would have to hope Akua would pull through for him. That didn't seem likely.

Before long, a white Navi with black gloves and shoes walked up to Di. Lashman didn't seem to have any problems finding him, which was both a good and bad thing for the parenting program. As Lash introduced himself, Di stuck out his hand for a handshake and replied with "DiDiver." This won't end well Di thought to himself.

There was an awkward silence before Di attempted some small talk. Akua seemed to be watching the situation for the time being. "So..." he began, choosing his words carefully. "What kind of Navi are you? Are you like, an electric Navi, a Light navi...you know...that kind of thing." Di was apparently having a hard time with this.
"I'm a breaking navi. I find most weapons simply obsolete." LashMan began, "I really have a problem trying to recall my past. It just isn't there."

Suloy scowled. " I got LashMan as a refurbished navi. I recoded most of him."

LashMan coughed. " I thought you got Doc to do the coding."

Suloy, in spite of himself, grinned grudgingly at the memory of Doc meeting LashMan. Doc was really a street kid with a knack for programming, and later was hired at SciLab. That was four years ago, Suloy reminded himself. Doc was shocked to see this navi, and muttered something about militia and mafia.

LashMan smiled. " I've been Suloy's navi for several years. I really enjoy acrobatics..."

Suloy cut him off. "LashMan, you're going to bore him to death!"

"At any rate, I enjoy netbattles." LashMan concluded.

Suloy was beginning to sweat under that leather armor shirt he was wearing. The heat was getting unbearable. He tossed off his armor and looked back at the PET.
Di nodded and tried to appear interested, but in all honesty he wasn't. He was here by Akua's orders, after all. Di still tried to give as friendly of a response that he could, considering his apathy towards the situation. "I'm a Water Navi, obviously. So...yea..."

Di scratched the back of his head as both he and Akua took in Lashman's information. Akua set his com link to just allow DiDiver to hear what he was saying. "Alright, here's the plan," he began, keeping his voice low although it didn't matter anyway. "He said he liked to Net Battle, and he's also a Breaking type, so that must mean he's a simple, straightforward slow navi. I think we can take him out." Although Lashman couldn't hear what Akua said, the worried and confused expression on Di's face would be easy to see. Before Di could speak or respond, Akua switched his com link to allow Lashman and Suloy to hear. "Alright, how about we have a little Net Battle? But lets make it interesting. How does a little bet sound to you? 500 zenny should be reasonable, right?" Akua's voice was one of overconfidence, and Di didn't like it at all. "AKUA!" he shouted in protest. "We don't even HAVE --"

"So what do you say? Are you in or what?"

"Is that all you wanted? You're on!" Suloy shouted into the PET.

Lashman did not look pleased with Suloy.
"Suloy, snap out of it. We're battling, remember?"

Snap out of it, Suloy did. He readied himself for a good, long battle. Lashman, didn't look focused. When was the last time he had been in a situation like this?

With shocking clarity, he recalled a battle he had fought in five years ago. He was supposed to meet with "Boss", but instead, was ambushed by a net official. The battle that ensued resulted in deletion for the official, and Lashman having to be rushed to the treatment center.

Suloy growled into the PET. "Lashman, get ready!"
Akua was pleased. Here's 500 zenny coming my way, he thought to himself, overconfident about his Navi's abilities. "Well then, you can send the money to me after we win, right Di?" DiDiver wanted no part in this. "Akua!" he protested. "This is a terrible idea, and I think we should highly reconsider..."

"Di! Get ready!"

The navi sighed, preparing his buster in his right hand. If this fight was going to go how his virus battle did, then this was hopeless. He pointed it at Lashman and just fired a small volley of shots.

Health: 100
Action 1: Buster shot (2) - Lashman.EXE
Action 2: Buster shot (2) - Lashman.EXE
Action 3: Buster shot (2) - Lashman.EXE

OOC: I assume we wait for a mod or something? I'll double check with staff, unless you know how PvP fights go around here.
((If you are planning to do a legit PvP Battle, you can contact a mod and have him regulate the battle. In order to do so, both players need to PM their actions to that mod and get an OK from him. We do this so one player won't read what the other player is going to do and change his plan accordingly...

However, if you're doing this for fun, no need for me to rain on the parade.))

Quote (Omega)

OOC: I assume we wait for a mod or something? I'll double check with staff, unless you know how PvP fights go around here.

It's up to you, Omega.
Lashman.EXE took a deep breath and let loose a flurry of blows.
Lashman grimanced as one of DiDiver's buster shot found it's target. "Owwwch!"

Suloy cut him off. "Get back to the battle, Lashman."

Somewhat sweaty, he prepared to fire a last round.

Health: 100
Action 1: Buster shot - DiDiver.EXE
Action 2: Buster shot - DiDiver.EXE
Action 3: Buster shot - DiDiver.EXE
((This is no different from any other battle, so you still have to RP your actions, not just post a turn summary. You also need to post your attack descriptions in your summary.))
OOC: For the record, we both don't want moderation. We don't expect any rewards to be given to us either, so I promise we won't complain. We just want some good ol' old fashioned RP fighting. Don't you like how I speak for both of us? XD

Lets just follow the same sort of pattern that RE:RN guidelines give for battles. We'll each use 3 actions to dodge, attack, etc. although the outcomes of the attacks will be determined by each of us.

Di dodged the first buster shot but jumping to his right, but the second one found its mark on his left shoulder. It hurt, sure, but it was nothing that he concerned himself with. Lashman's flinch from Di's buster shot gave him an opporunity to follow up and prepare for an attack. Unused data began to swirl around in Di's right hand, forming into a ball of water. Di smirked as he thrusted himself forward just as Lashman fired his last buster shot. A quick duck left the shot to hit some random object behind him as he brought his arm back to throw his Water Balloon. Which he did, by the way.

Health: 98
Action 1: Dodge to the right (Lashman's left)
Action 2: Dodge by ducking.
Action 3: Action 2: Waterballoon(30: Aqua: Blast2) - Lashman.EXE
Lashman was shocked when the balloon landed. With no time to hurl himself out of the way, he braced himself for impact. A wave of cold water hit him like a brick wall.

"Auuuuuggggggh! Cold! Cold!" Lashman shrieked.
Suloy didn't look impressed. He prepared to slot in a card. (OOC: We can slot in cards, can't we?)

Lashman stepped to his left, and fired a buster shot.

Suloy shouted into the mic. "Lashman! Get ready!"
A stream of data appeared overhead.
"What on earth...?"Lashman sputtered

The stream slowly morphed into a cannon.
"NOW!" Came Suloy's almost demented shout.
Lashman fired, praying for a direct hit.

Suloy, for once looked satisfied.

HP: 68
Action 1: Dodge Left (DiDiver's right)
Action 2: Buster Shot - DiDiver.EXE
Action 3: Card:Cannon - DiDiver.EXE
OOC: Battle Cards are fine. I'm really flexible with all of this.

Di smirked at the success of his attack as he stood with confidence. This was easier than the strict Navi had originally had thought as he dodged again to his right. Things were looking up for Di, and for once he had a little bit of faith in his partner. That is, until a Cannon quickly and randomly appeared on Lashman's arm.

With little time to dodge, Di braced himself for impact as the Cannon blast knocked him over. His arms were slightly burnt from the attack, although he was mostly alright. He fired his buster twice as he stood to his feet.

"You would think that Akua would have warned me about an attack like that..."

Health: 58
Action 1: Dodge to the right (Lashman's left)
Action 2: Buster Shot (2) - Lashman.EXE
Action 3: Buster Shot (2) - Lashman.EXE
Lashman smiled at his success, but quickly sprang into action.
Two buster shots nailed him in the feet. Angrily, he dodged to the left and fired.

Almost instinctively, he dodged to the right.

HP: 66
Action 1: Dodge to the left (DiDiver's right).
Action 2: Buster Shot - DiDiver.EXE
Action 3: Dodge to the right (DiDiver's left).
Di dodged to his left, avoiding the single buster shot. His right arm transformed into a Cannon as he ran closer to Lashman, firing his buster with his left hand as some cover fire. When he was in a suitable range, Di fired his Cannon at the navi, hoping to increase his accuracy with the small distance between the two.

Health: 58
Action 1: Dodge to the left
Action 2: Buster Shot (2) - Lashman.EXE
Action 3: Cannon (40 + Knockback) - Lashman.EXE
Lashman took not only the buster shot; the cannon sent him reeling backwards.
Grimacing, he prepared for further action. In retaliation he fired his buster.

Noting Lashman's stunned expression, Suloy prepared himself.
"Go! Lashman! Signature Attack!"

As Lashman quickly tested his whip's strength, Suloy grabbed a card from his pocket. This navi was going down, Suloy vowed.

After Lashman lashed out with Whip Blizzard, in hopes of disarming the navi, Suloy slotted in another card. RageClaw. He had no idea how this card worked, he just prayed that it would pull them through.

HP: 44
Action 1: Buster Shot - DiDiver.EXE
Action 2: Signature Attack -DiDiver.EXE
Action 3: Card: RageClaw - DiDiver.EXE
Dodging buster shots had become easy to DiDiver by this point. He jumped to his right to avoid the single buster shot. Di fired his own buster in retaliation, no longer able to use the Cannon.

The whip got Di on edge. Generally, being hit with a whip sucked, and Di had fair warning as Lash tested out his whip. As soon as the whip would strike, Di rolled to his right, avoiding the attack altogether. What he couldn't avoid though was the Rage Claw, which struck him hard as Lash slashes out at him with the bear claw. DiDiver was beginning to take a beating.

Health: 18
Action 1: Dodge to the right
Action 2: Buster Shot (2) - Lashman.EXE
Action 3: Rolled to the right
Suloy was sweating a waterfall. This was ridiculous. How much more punishment can this navi take?

Lashman wasn't in much better shape. It was time to let up a little and cool down.
"Stay on your guard, Lash." Suloy warned him before heading to go buy some bottled water.

Lashman, alone, started thinking. The navi hadn't seemed exactly gleeful to be battling. There's no time for that. I'm here to battle now.

Somewhat halfheartedly, he fired his buster. Almost on cue, Suloy reappeared, water bottle in hand.
We'll finish this.

HP: 42
Action 1: Buster Shot - DiDiver.EXE
Action 2: Buster Shot - DiDiver.EXE
Action 3: Buster Shot - DiDiver.EXE
The Rage Claw certainly did a number on Di as he held his left side where the claw had struck. This fight wasn't working out for him anymore. Akua was starting to get fed up. "Come on Di! This guy isn't THAT hard! We know what he can do now, so it'll be a walk in the park."

Di rolled his eyes as he swallowed what his partner said. "You better be right about this. If he has something else he can use, then it'll be lights out pretty quick."

The injury slowed Di's reactions a little bit. The first buster shot hit him, but the other two were easily dodged as he moved from left to right to avoid the blasts. Now that he was a little closer and enough time had gone by, Di used his Water Balloon again, throwing it close to Lashman's feet to help ensure the attack's spread.

Health: 16
Action 1: Dodge to the right
Action 2: Dodge to the left
Action 3: Waterballoon(30: Aqua: Blast2) - Lashman.EXE