Searching for the vandalizers

Dark Boy appeard at the portal linking from NetSquare to Elec-Town. Already seeing some red-graffiti marks on the ground, he started following the trail.

My first Official mission. I wonder how it will go. And what do I bring back as proof? Maybe a can of paint? A Letter?

Dark Boy after a while thought he saw some mysterious net navis heading into the next area...but he couldnt be sure. So he ran after them, and appeared into the next area and who knew what he saw....GRAFFITI EVERYWHERE. Every single thing he could SEE was filled with graffiti except some NetNavis slipping and sliding and links being stopped up...Dark Boy even slipped himself!

HOLY....THESE GUYS GO OVER THE LIMIT. We- AAACK! Ow....that is a very painfull fall!

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The mysterious NetNavis vanish into the distance, though Dark Boy can see one of them spraying red paint every which way.

And so, he starts on his journey into the mess of unreadable red messages and words. But not for long, as he soon encounters a trio of somewhat-angry looking viruses, also covered in red paint.

BillyA: 50
BillyB: 50
BillyC: 50

Dark Boy: 100

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Metal

Billys....the terrain is metal, so I can run, which is good. So...lets see...checking battle routines and strategys...Got it!

Dark Boy, in all freakyness ran up to the viruses and SHOVED them all close together!

*COUGH* *COUGH* Sorry I'm late Dark Boy!

Its about time...slot somethin' in

Shotgun, slot in!

Dark Boy then fired a blast at the viruses. And at the exact moment after he fired, he braced himself for the Electricity coming at him.


2.[Shotgun 50 on BillyB] (Spread Effect)
3. Braces Self (Dodge I guess)
Dark Boy attempted to herd all three Billys together, but sadly he only managed to get one pushed haphazardly against the other. The Shotgun did manage to take down the both of them, though.

The remaining Billy, a vein appearing to have popped in it's forehead, popped off a ball of electricity at Dark Boy. As he was really not doing anything but bracing himself, the ball connected, and sent painful shocks through his system and slowing him down slightly.

BillyC: 50

Dark Boy: 85 (Stun, -1 Action)

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Metal
GRRRRR....Stinking virus...

Dark Boy was completely surprised for the electric bolt, but kept focus. Even though he was -1 an action.

Dark Boy, Im running our battle routines and strategys through your mind right now. It should get you thinking. I also added a private message on which to use!


Hrrrm? You want me to do that? Well, I guess so!

BZZZZ BZZZ BUZZZZ! The virus yelled out his battle call.

Dark Boy grabbed his Dark Gun, readying his signature move. Then, as he was about to fire, he enabled his lock-on homing device. Dark Boy then fired a barrage of Dark Shots at the remaining virus! In a cloud of darkness, Dark Boy readied his next move.

That should teach THEM to mess with ME! Dark Boy yelled at the viruses.

Don't get cocky, Dark Boy. The virus may be alive, but possibly not. GUARD, SLOT IN!
Dark Boy then slipped his hand through the straps, holding the Guard around him.

[Signature Attack 60] (Cursor +1) on BillyC
[Guard1 60] on Possible on Coming Attacks
The graffiti-covered virus is thoroughly wasted.

BillyC: SHOT'D

Dark Boy: 85

Rewards: 150z

The graffiti trail continues onward, becoming a bit heavier in density...
Sorry, Master, my memory banks where confused from the Paralys. That hit was a mistake...I am truly sorry....

Huh? What are you talking about!? You Shot'D and Deleted the viruses! What more could I ask?

*murmurs something to self* I guess your right...anways its only a small amount of damage. Not much!

Hey Dark Boy, I have an idea. *SWITCHES TO PRIVATe CHANNEL* Change into that new Sunbath.GMO we got! It might trick the navis into thinking we have nothing against them....

That just, might, work!

Navi GMO Change! Sunbath.GMO!

Dark Boy's body armor all changed into his Sunbath style. Then
Dark boy ran, full speed ahead into the next area. He thought he spotted the mysterious navis again and headed full-speed at them, making sure they couldnt get away this time!
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Dark Boy dons a .GMO disguise and rushes forth. Unfortunately, the fact that one of the graffiti vandals had yet to leave kind of destroyed the idea. He jumps into the next area, with Dark Boy following.

The Navi finds himself in a large, square area. Across some magnetic panels, the five vandals stood in a row, their spraypaint cans held like guns at their waists. "Look, kid, we're getting sick of you following us. Just leave us alone and let us have our fun, alright?" one said, sneering. He experimented with his spray can by sending an ominous-looking red puff into the air in front of him.

VandalNaviA: 70
VandalNaviB: 70
VandalNaviC: 70
VandalNaviD: 70
VandalNaviE: 70

Dark Boy: 100

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (thick stripe between Dark Boy and VandalNavis)

Dark Boy, spray paint in the face, he wiped it all off, but compiled some of the PaintData into the PET.

You're not getting away with this one!

Immediatly Dark Boy sprung into action, running around and around in circles around the navis as fast as he possible could. Making SURE he didnt hit touch or be affected by the magnet panels. At maximum speed, the Navis could hardly see him.

Moving extremely fast, Dark Boy constructed a small err, tornado or whirlpool of air. The 5 navis all clumped to gether, hanging on to eachother for dear life. Even though the tornado did nothing but clump them together, they still felt scared.


Shotgun, slot in!

Dark Boy immediatly started aiming directly at the Navi right in the middle to get a perfect spread damage. Now, before he fired, an aimer appeared on top of the shotgun, and Dark Boy was locked on to the navis. (CURSOR ATTRIBUTE) He fired away! The Dark Boy was prepared and ready to dodge any oncoming attacks!

Turn Overview:
1. Tornado - Around all (I dont think that counts in the overview) [0]
2. Shotgun (+Cursor and +Spread Ability) on the VandalNavi in the middle of the pack
3. Dodge
<(Crap, forgot. Sorry man.)>

<(Apologies aside, you're godmoding here, or in other words saying how your opponent responds to you. That's a big no-no around here. Also, making whirlwinds and what not is a Wind-type attribute; Cursors shouldn't be mixing with it.)>

The vandals for the most part (though one was cowering behind another, obviously a wuss) were unimpressed by Dark Boy's running around them, their hoodies ruffling somewhat. One of them, apparently with a speech impediment of some sort, shouted, "LOL NO," raising his spray can. A puff of red shot out and into Dark Boy's path, making the Navi run right into it with a painful-sounding crash.

Undeterred, Dark Boy fired a Shotgun into the group. To his dismay, the spread was only large enough to hit two of them, but that was enough to send the two he'd hit reeling and cursing. One fired off another puff of red at him, but he was gone before it hit.

VandalNaviA: 20
VandalNaviB: 70
VandalNaviC: 20
VandalNaviD: 70
VandalNaviE: 70

Dark Boy: 80

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (behind Dark Boy and VandalNavis)
Yeah I thought I was GModding. Ahh well.

Dark Boy jumped back about 30 feet and got a grip on the ground. Then, he dashed ahead, readying RAGECLAW!!

Rageclaw1, SLOT IN!!

Dark Boy's fists ONCE again grew into thick razors and he dashed ahead at maximum velocity.


Dark Boydashed max speed at VandalNavis B, D, and E slashing at them with sharp claws.

Im sleepy so short post sorry.

Turn Overview:


POST #100!!!
Dark Boy went bonkers with the easily-spammable Rageclaw, slashing wildly at the three that hadn't yet been injured. Two got hit, but the last one managed to duck a swipe. He then took advantage of the opening to send a puff of the red into Dark Boy's face.

VandalNaviA: 20
VandalNaviB: 30
VandalNaviC: 20
VandalNaviD: 30
VandalNaviE: 70

Dark Boy: 60

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (behind Dark Boy and VandalNavis)



Dark Boy, duc tape your trigger down...we need you to start charging your gun..

Good Idea, Master.

*brrrrRRRRRRGGHHH!!!!!!* Went Dark Boy's gun as it started to increase in power.

Dark Boy ran a couple yards back, and sure to jump over the Magnet Squares. Then Dark Boy did a very strange, err, taunt. Trying to get the VandalNavis over here onto the Magnet Panels, he got out a cannon and fired it at VandalNaviE. Then Dark Boy got out a Guard and submerged himself underneat the plate, awawting any oncomming puffs of red that would somehow shoot waves of PAIN back at them! (Cursor +1)

Dark Boy, good strategy. Lets hope that the cursor ability gets the wave to home onto each VandalNavi!


[[CANNOn]] on VandalNaviE 40 Damage
Dark Boy inevitably starts charging his lazor. He then shoots a Cannon and hits a VandalNavi in the shadowy area under his hood. That's gotta smart... anyway, he tries to jump over the magnetic panels, but one accidentally catches him in it's hold and drags him down, sending him sprawling.
Undeterred, he throws up a Guard just in time for it to get painted red. The deadly red puff flies back and plasters onto the face of a VandalNavi, knocking him off his feet.

VandalNaviA: 20
VandalNaviB: 10
VandalNaviC: 20
VandalNaviD: 30
VandalNaviE: 30

Dark Boy: 60 (Magnetic panels, -1 action)

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (under Dark Boy)
I shot the cannon after I got accross the Mag Panels but whatev. Fien with me. ONLY 1 ACTION THAT SUCKS.

Dark Boy couldnt do much with his legs strapped to the ground with Magnetic Force, and his buster was still charging. All he could do...was nothing. He ran in place as fast he could, Kinetic Energy flinging him out of the mag panels, and like a bowling ball right into the Vandal Navis.

He ran WAY to fast so the navis couldnt do anything. He flung himself forward like a jet plane. He ran VERY far back out of reach of the vandal navis so he couldnt get hit with a blast of red puffy dung like substance.

Turn Overview:
[BUSTER CHARGED] Next turn - ready to fire
[Run SUPER FAST INTO VANDAL NAVIS and dodges all attacks] [1 or 0?]
[Mag Panels -1 Action]

Dark Boy, dont let anything hit you!
BUMP. ANd change that to ATTEMPT TO DODGE.