Looking for a Fight

Axis beamed into the warp from which Jomon's HP was. He then walked around, looking for a decent fight. "You know, you could be at home studying for that physics question." Jaden laughed a short second before saying,"I already figured it out. It's obvious that with Energy, it just needs the variable of Planck's constant and a free photon to work. Nothing to hard." Axis was puzzled. "Then why did you say you needed more time?" Jaden paused before replying,"It was necessary. Earlier, I did not have a way to test it. But I recently did with the High School lab." Axis nodded and gave a short,"Ah." As he continued to look for viruses.
Virus Attack!

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Axis.exe: 100 HP

"Hm, looks a bit harder than expected." Jaden simply commented with a laugh. A large red claw covered Axis' hand like a cyber-sword. Black long nails covered the end like serrated knives. And a black symbol was embedded on the top of the hand part. "Let's go! Go get them, Axis." Jaden encouraged Axis. Axis quickly sprang forward with a light leap and then as he drew near to them, slashed sideways in a long arc with the claw.

{Strategic Move
{RageClaw [40]
((Rageclaw can only hit one target. And please state your damages in your turn summary.))

Axis dashes toward a Billy, swipes it, and then retreats, having a thunder ball narrowly miss him.

BillyA: 10 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Axis.exe: 100 HP [Rageclaw]
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Axis, having seen the thunderball, attempted to jump back to dodge any more, if they came. "Stop messing around, Axis. Delete them." Axis bit back a "Why don't you!" comment and then threw 2 shuriken at BillyA, and 6 shuriken at BillyC.

[Strategic move
[BillyA [10], BillyC [30]-Shuriken Throw
((State what attack you're using too.))
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Axis throws some shuriken, deleting a virus and damaging another. However, he is then hit by a thunder ball, the metal floor contributing to his pain.

BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 20 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Axis.exe: 70 HP [Rageclaw]
The pain... hurt worse than before? "Axis, snap out of it." Jaden muttered through the mic. Axis was stuck between a hard bed of nails, and a rock full of snakes. Which to choose. He chose the first one. To endure the pain. Slowly he overcame getting shocked, and rose. "Let's do this." He muttered as his hand began to transform with swirls of data and light. "Shotgun chip in, download!" Jaden shouted and then the spirals disappeared to show a new sparkly shotgun barrel overtop of his hand.

"Okay, take them both down. You can do it!" Jaden encouraged him. Axis strafed them to the right to get a better shot at them. When they were completely lined up vertically, he kneeled down to take the shot. "Hehe, bulls-eye." He muttered and then fired the shotgun at them.

[Free dodge
[Tactical movement
[Shotgun attack at both of them lined up
24-hour bumpage?
((Remember to state your damages.))
Axis' attack flies true, deleting both of his enemies.


Terrain: 100% Metal

Axis.exe: 70 HP

Get: Thunder1
Axis stood up. "Well that wasn't so bad. Let's look for more." He said. Jaden nodded as they continued to search.
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More Viruses!

SwordyA: 60 HP
SwordyB: 60 HP
SwordyC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Axis.exe: 70 HP