Cross: the lone wolf

a red flash comes from nowhere and strikes the ground sending up a cloud of dust and in the middle of the dust is a human shaped shadow. when the dust settles cross is stang in the middle one of the net roads of electown's network

Gale: cross this is the first time we've been in this area be ready for anything

Cross: roger ::places his right hand on the hilt of his sword and his left on the edge of his sheild as his visor and mouth guard slide into place::
Virus Attack!

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Bloody_Cross.exe: 100 HP

cross: ::readies his sword and sheild:: gale viruses!

gale: roger ::inserts a cannon chip:: cannon battle chip in download

cross: ::his left hand changes into a cannon and he takes aim at billyA:: are you ready ::fires the cannon at billyA but the virus moves to the side only getting hit with the sdge ov the blast::
Gale: cross time to end this use the world in flames

Cross: roger ::charges his fire energy into his cross sword and slams it into the ground causeing flames to shoot up from under the billies deleating them but leaveing cross tired::

Gale: cross log out ::logs cross out::

cross: ::his body changes to the words log out and he return to the PET::
<(Oi, oi, oi. This just won't do.

First off, the godmoding has to go. In other words, no deciding what your enemies, in other words the Billies, will do. That's the mod's job.

Also, your sig attack, World in Flames or whatever, is severely overpowered. Being able to delete three Billies at once is not possible for a Level 0 Sig Attack, unless you've absolutely HEAPED nerfs onto it or you've got a To-All Program attached to it, neither of which you've done.

Oh, and here we don't have "edge shots" or "grazing blows". Either you with with something or you don't. Simple as that.

Next, your RPing itself. Life doesn't play out like a script. Life plays out more like a book, eg:

Bad idea:

NaviA: *simply* The time has come for me to leave you, OperatorA.
OperatorA: *distressed* No, NaviA, don't leave! If you leave I won't have an alarm clock to wake me up!
NaviA: *scoffing* Learn for yourself, OperatorA. Now, farewell! *throws down a smoke bomb and escapes*

Good idea:

"The time has come for me to leave you, OperatorA," NaviA stated simply, his words simply chosen but meaning a lot.

OperatorA was shocked. "No, NaviA, don't leave!" he called, "If you leave I won't have an alarm clock to wake me up!"

NaviA positively laughed at his Operator's ability to think only of the smallest things in situations like this. "Learn for yourself, OperatorA," he scoffed. "Now, farewell!" he finished, throwing down a smoke bomb and escaping into the wilds of the Net.

And finally, you need a summary. A typical one looks like this:

1. Cannon to BillyA (40)

2. World of Flames to Billies (20 each, 2-turn CD)

3. Dodge

And that's about it. Take my advice to heart and use it, please.)>