Warm Up!

Empress had appeared once again after jacking into the area. She had turned left, and then right after getting a good view of her surroundings. She could see she was in Electown's area for some reason. "Mind telling me why we're here? I thought you were waiting on a small delivery for me?" Empress had said as she shrugged.

Keera had sat at the table of SciLab as she had stayed distant from the counter. One leg crossing over the other in the real world as she smirked. "True...but who says we can't kill a little time. Let's do a quick run while our little upgrade package arrives. You never know what we'll find." Empress liked the way her NetOp was thinking. It went to show how close they were drawing a reasonable teammates.

"How right you are..." Empress had uttered as she had got into a fighting stance and waited for the coming viruses. "But wait Empress!" The navi's eyes had motioned from her enemies to the sound of her NetOp. "Before you go into a rage, I'd just like to warn you that as of now, your signature attacks don't function." Empress had growled hearing that. "What?" she had bellowed hearing Keera. She had no time to worry about that. She growled. "Nevermind! They won't be necessary!" Empress had said as she clutched her fists.

((Battle Numero Uno))

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP

Empress.exe: 100 HP

As the viruses approached, Empress had smirked as she had stood her ground. "Now then, shall we teach them a lesson?" she asked tilting her head to the right a bit as she had simply smirked at their presence like it was nothing but a mere joke to her. She felt pretty cocky today, and of course Keera knew why as she had slipped her PET under the table of the SciLab area and then plugged the palm of her right hand into the bottom socket.

"Is it because of that upgrade you're feeling a bit full of yourself Empress?" the Netop asked with a keen smirk on her face. "Maybe...or maybe it's the fact that I have such a generous Netop that'll slide me in a battlechip to simply deal with these fools." the Navi replied as she had kicked off the ground and went into a back flip as she had brought her right palm into view.

"So naive..." Keera had muttered as her eyes had closed to not show they were scrolling with data. It would be suspicious to anyone who saw her while she was loading the chip data by simply her will along with the wiring and system that was in her right arm to her neuro interface that was installed within her spine.

"Heatshot...downloaded." Keera had uttered as Empress had came out of a spin and let out a blast of the fire from her right palm like it was a blast from a cannon in a war zone. As the blast of fire flew downward, it's splash had aimed to strike the Cactus and burn them to a crisp.

"Two Ringlogs loaded next Empress..." Keera had noted as two large cylinder chunks of wood had started to materialize airborne. Empress had landed as she had saw the log pieces falling to the ground. She quickly ran forward and delivered a kick and then made a quick round house kick sending the second wood piece tumbling forward as the logs avalanched towards the Billy viruses.

Empress had then got on all fours as she had leapt to the side leaping out of the virii's view incase they would launch a nasty counter attack.
Action 1: Heatshot - 40 Damage @ Cacty A (x2 weakness damage) (+Splash @ CactyB x2 weakness damage)

Action 2: Ringlog1 - 50 Damage @ BillyA (+Roll @ BillyB)

Action 3: Ringlog1 - 50 Damage @ BillyA (+Roll @ BillyB)

Action 4: Dodge
((Bump diggity!!!))
Unfortunately, Empress can't quite get them all with her barrage of attacks, leaving one alive, a product of the missing heatshot splash.

CactyA: Deleted
CactyB: 70 HP
BillyA: Deleted
BillyB: Deleted

Empress.exe: 80 HP
Empress's eyes had opened wide a bit as she had saw the incoming attack from the cactus. "What?" She had uttered a bit surprised to see one cactus standing and on top of that, or on top of her at least, the cactus's attack had tumbled over her as she had rolled back and shortly recovered as she had stood on her feet again growling a bit from the quick cactus attack.

"You were hit by a mere cactus?" Keera had uttered a bit displeased. "Yeah...but don't worry about that." Empress had said as her right arm had giving off a faint glow as a ring of fire had traveled down her arm and then ignited at her palm. "I'm starting to worry if you can handle yourself." Keera's humor didn't phase the navi as she had lifted her right arm and took aim at the virus.

"Your humor never surprises me..." Empress had said as she let out a blast from her palm watching as the heatshot traveled down to the row the strike the cactus. She didn't waste anytime as she had moved quickly across the field assuming the worst was over for now as she stood tall waiting to see if the virus burned to a crisp.
Action 1: Take Aim

Action 2: Heatshot - 40 Damage @ Cacty B (x2 weakness damage)

Action 3: Dodge

Action 4: Dodge

CactyA: Deleted
BillyA: Deleted
BillyB: Deleted

Empress.exe: 80 HP

Get: 280z
"Our little...delivery...came in. Let us take our leave." Empress had lifted her head hearing her net op. She nodded as she had disappeared in a beam of light as she had retreated from the battlefield in one instant.

(Jacked out!)