Junior walked out into Electown's net. He held a hand under his chin thoughtfully. Was there any cure for corruption? He didn't pay too much attention as he strolled along.

((Battle 1))
((Christ you're high level))

Junior wanders across some Volgears.

VolgearA: 80 HP
VolgearB: 80 HP
VolgearC: 80 HP
VolgearD: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Junior.exe: 160 HP

Junior noticed a few shadows fall accross his path and he looked up to see the group of Volgears, "Hmmmm.... how irritating. I'm not really in the mood to let you interrupt my walk." Junior lit up the symbol on his chest. He faced the one Volgears, figuring he'd start with the edge of the group. He then fired a sparkling ray of light from his chest, powerful enough to wipe out the Volgear if it connected. He then channeled more power, this time into his fingers. He brought his hands together, turning them to the side and lining up his thumbs and then his fingers. Then, lining up the enemies in his sights, he fired a laser from each match-up, one blast being twice as big as the second. Of course, that was the way he wanted it. He then finally decided to request some chips, "Hey, Wes, help me finish these guy, please."

"Ah, okay. Just a sec. So, these viruses, eh? Easy fix." Wes said, "Sending Aquaneedle1, Markcannon1, Sidebamboo1. Let me know if you need anything else. I'll leave you alone now."

"Thanks. these should suffice quite well. Have fun with your game and thanks for letting me be alone for a little while." Junior expressed his appreciation before getting down the business. If his earlier strikes had hit home, there would be one half strength enemy and one full powered one. With the needles, he could take them both out. He held three needles between his fingers and quickly flicked one at the weakened opponent. Nodding with satisfaction, he then threw the remaining two at the last volgear that he had yet to strike. Then, just to be sure that his enemies were all deleted, Junior projected a cursor accross the field, which began to actively seek out enemies, set to fire automatically if it came upon any. He also summoned a kilby-like ally beside him, mentally directing it to destroy any Volgears that may still be remaining.

((1.) Soul Flash, 80+blind, VolgearA
2.) Soul Finger Shot, 80 to VolgearB, 40 to VolgearC
3.) Aquaneedle1, 20 Aqua VolgearC, 20x2 Aqua VolgearD
4.) Markcannon1, 70+15+ lock on, whatever's left
5.) SideBamboo1, 80+piercing up to two targets, whatever's left
6.) Dodge))
OTKO. ;~;

Get: Flameline1, 150z
"That didn't take much..." Junior said. Then, not giving the field a second glance, strolled off again, still deep in thought.

((Battle 2))

LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP
HanzA: 100 HP
HanzB: 100 HP
HoneyBomberA: 110 HP
HoneyBomberB: 100 HP

Junior.exe: 160 HP

"Not again..." Junior sighed, putting his walk on pause, "Not only are there more of them but they're all stronger too. This will take a bit of work." Junior brought his hands together and began to charge energy. As they glowed in unison, he brought them to face one of the hands, then released a gigantic blast of luminous power. He then thought to request some chips, "Hey, Wes, can you send me something to destroy these guys with?"

"Huh? You got more baddies already? Fine, I'll send you a sneaky combination to allow you to take them out quick." Wes selected the chips and sent them, "MistConv, GrassZone, Heatshot, Firehit1, Flameline1."

"Ah, I see what you want me to do. Thanks." Junior commented. He then got to work. He summoned a hand of water behind his foe, the other Hanz. Controlling it with his own hand, he formed a fist to cause the deadly object to slam itself shut. He had no doubt his own hand chip could crush the hand virus. He then moved on to main component of his plan.

Junior bent down and touched the net's floor. From the spot where he made contact, grass began to grow, spreading out accross the majority of the battlefield to create an area of green, crisp paneling. Now he would be able to take out the remainder of his foes with ease. He raised up his palm, generating a fireball in front. He lined it up with the two honeybombers, then released the shot, hoping to fry the pair in a single blast. Next, he channeled the power from another chip. His hand began to grow warm. He made a punching motion at one of the fish, causing a hand to leap from the grass, incinerating the patch as it attempted to eat up the Lark. Now for one more move to take out the last enemy and anything else he had missed. With a wave of his hand, fire sprung up in front of him. It began to travel along the ground, growing larger as it burned up the grass. It moved towards the enemy lines, charging through and continuing to travel a short distance before dying out. Junior just stood and watched, wondering if any of the viruses had managed to survive all that.

((1.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, HanzA
2.) Mistconv, 100 Aqua, HanzB
3.) GrassZone, turns wide area to grass
4.) Heatshot, 40 Heat+spread1, HoneybomberA/B
5.) Firehit1, 60 Heat, LarkA
6.) Flameline1, 70 Heat up to three targets, LarkB/anything left))
The viruses think to themselves, Damn, he's good, I wonder what hot chick is dating him? before being obliterated.

HoneyBomberA: DELETED
HoneyBomberB: DELETED

Junior.exe: 160 HP

Get: RiskyHoney1, 400z
"All in one go again... thanks, Wes." Junior said before moving on.

((Battle 3))
More Viruses.

MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP
MagneakerC: 70 HP
OldstoveA: 50 HP
OldStoveB: 50 HP
LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP
LarkC: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Magnetic (-1 action for each turn)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 160 HP
"Ugh.... this stuff... makes it hard to move." Junior mumbled, feeling his body being pulled down by the strange flooring beneath him.

"Sending GrassZone." came Wes's voice, "This should free up your movements. Now, sending MistConv, Cornshot1, Flameline1, Boomerrang1. You know, now that I think about it, some 2 chips would be nice... wonder where you find those."

"These chips do well enough... though I guess some extra fire power wouldn't hurt." Junior replied. Grass sprung up around his feet and began spreading out accross the field. Junior now was able to stand up straight. As he felt his movements become unhindered, he began picking out his first target. Since Wes had sent him something big first, he figured that he wanted him to begin with the stronger targets. He concentrated on the first Lark. The now familiar hand of water appeared behind it, reaching for the fish-like foe. He closed his hand to end that particular attack. Now he'd used his own power to hopefully down a second. Channelling his own energy into his hands and bringing both together, he turned to face the next Lark. He pulled his arms back as his fingers began to glow, then shoved the pair forward, releasing a large laser of light that drew power from each. He then took a step back to survey the battle field for a bit before beginning his next salvo. A second later he was ready.

Junior held out his hands, reaching towards two of the Magneakers. Kernals appeared before each which began spinning in front of his palms, gaining momentum. He took aim on both bugs, wanting to smash each seed into their midsections, to split the segmented foes in half. Then, with a pop, he fired, sending two buttery projectiles on a crash course with each of their respective targets. Figuring both of them to be slow, he thought he didn't need to worry about them as he then poured red hot power into his arm. He bent down, touching the ground to summon up a column of flame, which rode along the ground, burning up the grass in its path to increase its speed and size. With a sigh of relief, Junior stood back up, preparing to unleash one last attack which he hoped would end the battle. He brought his hand back over his shoulder, a large wooden board appearing over his hand. Using his shoulder to brace it for a moment, Junior looked at the enemy lines, trying to see any hostile figures. Nodding at some forms that looked like they might be enemies, Junior swung around, extending his arm to swing the boomerrang in a wide arc, before letting it go to send it twirling over the ground, in a deadly parabola. Junior took a deep breath, trying to prepare for the next round, if there was one. He had certainly hoped that had done it.

((1.) Grass Zone, grass terrein to large area
2.) MistConv, 100 Aqua, LarkA
3.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, LarkB
4.) CornShot1, 50 Wood, MagneakerA/B
5.) Flameline1, 70 Heat, LarkC/OldstoveA/B
6.) Boomerrang1, 60 Wood, MagneakerC/anything left))
((Wait... you should be stunned at the beginning of the turn at least... AHA!))
Junior wipes out most of the viruses.
And now a very very afraid Magneaker remains, with a weakened Lark. Junior is holding his Boomerang lopsided on his arm, as if preparing to throw it.

MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: 70 HP (Magnet)
OldstoveA: DELETED
LarkC: 30 HP (magnet)

Terrain: 40% Magnetic (-1 action for each turn), 50% Grass, 10% Normal (near Magneaker group)

Soulman_Junior.exe: 160 HP (Grass)
"Damn it..." Junior muttered as he realized that the previous panelling had affected him just enough to delay his boomerrang strike, which he then carried out in detail previously mentioned.

"Guess I miscalculated... oh well. Sending Markcannon1, Markcannon1." Wes said.

"Okay... guess I'll wrap this up." Projecting two cursors accross the field, Junior moved them around, probing the area for enemies. He set the shots he had prepped for automatic, so that as soon as he came upon a foe, the attack would fire and delete whatever virus remained.

((1.) Boomerrang1, 60 Wood, MagneakerC/LarkC
2.) Markcannon1, 70+lock on, whatever's left
3.) Markcannon1, 70+lock on, whatever's left
4-6.) Wait and dodge if necessary))
Death and Glory.

MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED
OldstoveA: DELETED

Terrain: 35% Magnetic (-1 action for each turn), 50% Grass, 15% Normal

Soulman_Junior.exe: 160 HP (Grass)

Get: MagBomb1, 500z
"Well that flooring was annoying.... perhaps I should watch where I'm going more." Junior commented, before walking off again.

((BAttle 4))
Meh. They're fairly normal.

HanzA: 100 HP
HanzB: 100 HP
HanzC: 100 HP
HanzD: 100 HP
OldstoveA: 50 HP
OldstoveB: 50 HP
OldstoveC: 50 HP
OldstoveD: 50 HP
HoneybomberA: 110 HP
HoneybomberB: 110 HP

Soulman_Junior: 160 HP

"Well, at least the ground is normal this time." Junior commented. He surveyed his situation. There were quite a few of them this time, plus the majority of them seemed tough. He'd need to kick it up a notch to survive this. The Hanz would be a major problem, so he'd do his best to delay them before moving on to the others. He removed his glasses, then shot the four of them a wink, releasing a wave of paralyzing energy. He then replaced his shades and brought his hands together. His next target would be the hives. He gathered power, then released it from his finger tips, which converged into a single beam heading for the wood virus. He then paused, "Hey, Wes, I need some chips again."

"Ah, okay. Let's see what you're facing here." Wes looked over the group, deciding what chips would be most effective, "Okay, sending Firehit1, Boomerrang1, RiskyHoney1."

"Thanks." Junior said, "No doubt I'll need more in a minute, so please stay close." He then returned his focus to the battle. He'd go for the other wood element now. With his hand glowing red and emmiting a large amount of heat, he took a swing at the enemy, a fist of fire launching itself from the ground in front of it. Waiting a second for his arm to cool down, he then summoned a boomerrang. He spun completely around before launching it and sending it spinning along its path around the battlefield. He was aiming primarily for the weak stvoes, but there was always a chance it'd hit something else instead. No matter how well his attacks worked, though, Junior was certain that there would be a large quantity of enemies left which would supply more attacks than he could dodge. He now prepared a defense. A chunk of honeycomb formed alongside his arm, creating a bizzare looking shield. He held it in front of him protectively before taking a step back and preparing to leap out of the way of enemy attacks. He could get more aggressive next round.

((1.) Sexy Wink, Stun, HanzA/B/C/D
2.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, HoneybomberB
3.) Firehit1, 60 Heat, HoneybomberA
4.) Boomerrang1, 60 Wood, Oldstove group
5.) RiskyHoney1, Counters for 5x10 Homing Wood
6.) Dodge))
Junior effectively paralyzes all the Hanz with his sexiness. He then bowls over the Honeybombers with a light show and a fist o' fire. He takes out 3 of the Oldstoves. Then another Oldstove blasts him with fire, but it doesn't work, and BEES SWARM!

HanzA: 100 HP (Stun)
HanzB: 100 HP (Stun)
HanzC: 100 HP (Stun)
HanzD: 100 HP (Stun)
OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED
OldstoveD: SWARMED

Soulman_Junior: 160 HP