Leeet's BUST SOME!

((i need to know how to bust viruses i need a battle mod to help me bust some.. *sigh* i really just need to know how it works, do i like battle viruses that the mods put out there then the mods tell me if i won or lost?

someone tell me i'm new))
(Blader, you ARE NOT APPROVED YET. Please wait until an Admin tells you you're approved in your registration thread before asking, and make an actual Roleplaying post in the real world and the net world after you're registered and before you request a battle.
((O_o ok i thought i was approved))
((You realize that if you need help there's a Suggestions and Questions Forum, right? D:
No, you are not, officially approved, there hasn't been a final say in your registration topic as to which you've been approved or not.))

((Remember when posting Out of Character, or OOC, in the RP area use double parentheses to surround your comments.))