"Come, let's sing the busting song!"

Arr! Green Beam of Death!

Oh wait, it's a blue wall. My bad.

Where was I? Ah yes. Bugman. He's milling around like a small, round navi waiting for a moderator to start a random encounter.
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
Cacty: 70 HP

Bugman.exe: 100 HP

-Let's go-
((Has it ever occurred to you that people in the Battle Network universe could just live off of beating up virii?))

"Koih. When was the last time we did this?" grumbled the wee, green guy.

"Less moaning, more catching munnies for games! They won't stop us from unholy amounts of electronic entertainment!"

((Also, they could have navis in their videogames. How awsome would that be?))


((Come to think of it... you could play with your navi in two-player! Huzzah!))

Bugman parted his feet, steadying himself by widening his centre of gravity; both hands clasped together as though praying for good luck; spyglass atop his skull glowing an eerie green. Dark, deadly vines sprawled out of the glassy headpiece, snaking through the air towards the scrambled squad of virii. The beams of light ensnared the prickly Cacti, cocooning, consuming and crushing it into tiny fragments of data.

Insect-like wings of paper-thin light burst out from Bugman's back. Buzzing into a droning pace, they lifted him into the air, high enough to dodge anything thrown at him, whilst he considered the next move.

1: Zephyr Compression - Cacty (70)
2,3,4: Dodge
((STOP AUTOHITTING! <whacks Lego over the head with a book>))
The Cacty was forcefully removed from play.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Bugman.exe: 100 HP
((D'oh! And here's me thinking that Sig attacks always hit.))

Metools will be metools. Probably the worst kind of virus for their intended purpose. Bugman surveyed the rabble that clustered below, marking each for a shot from his favourite, triple-barreled shotgun, now taking the place of his right arm.

Enemies in sight, he descended on wings of green blurs, screaming down in a spiraling dive to avoid any incoming fire. The distance between him and the first target shortened, bringing it into range of an anti-data slug fired at the helmeted cranium. The second shot came from directly overhead the twin of the first victim, driving a powerful shell downwards at point-blank range. Using the force of the gun to slow his speed, the round navi barreled past the third metool, twisting to face the pickaxe-weilding foe, braking roughly on the digital panels and launched the last bullet towards the awaiting virus.

Firearm smoking, Bugman grinned back at the centrepoint of his attacks, to see if his comment would be heard by any survivors.

"This, is my boomstick." B)

1: Dodge
2: Shotgun > MetoolA (50)
3: Shotgun > MetoolB (50)
4: Shotgun > MetoolC (50)

((EDIT: Nice ave, Sin))
((Why thank you. I admire yours with a great passion.))

MetoolA: DEATH

Bugman.exe: 100 HP

Get: Cactball1, 300z
A large blocky word appeared over the charred ground where the metool foes once stood. A faceless voice read it in an echoey tone.


<<Well that was a surprise. We survived the first encounter without a scratch.>>

"Blargh. You're much too pessemistic."

Bugman beamed a toothless grin as he... ate... the money and chip data.

((nxt baatel pls kthxbai))
Bugman dashes forth and crashes into some viruses.
Oddly enough, neither party is hurt.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
MetoolEXC: 70 HP
OldstoveA: 50 HP (Metal)
OldstoveB: 50 HP (Metal)
OldstoveC: 50 HP (Metal)

Terrain: Checkerboard of Metal and Normal Panels. (50% Normal, 50% Metal)

Bugman.exe: 100 HP

((Does it mean by 100% Base Damage?

Quote ()

-Adds 100% Base Fire Damage
-Adds 100% Base Elec Damage
((It's basically just saying x2 DMG for those two elements))

((HOLY SHIT! I have over 1000 posts! o_O))
((Congrats, T.T))

Roy checked the new chip. A multiple attack, wood type bowling ball. Well, the more the merrier. Or so those guys at the console arcades say...

<<Alright, Hotshot, save the theatrics for an emergency. The DMs love that kind of stuff.>>

"Fair enough. But what are these?" Bugman asked, gesturing towards the gang of pots and helmets he bumped into. "Never seen them before. DataDex.EXE, activate!"

A sharp pop announced the arrival of a small green orb. DataDex, a program with a similar appearance to it's host navi, reveals information about enemy foes, armed with an extensive database. Two slanted eyes point towards a "3" shaped mouth with four blue spheres orbiting the main green body. A pallette copy of Bugman.

"Arr! Tharr be OldStoves, the burning of cakes make angry virus!" blared the DataDex, it's heavy accent and loudmouth grammar mimicking the questionable sanity of it's designer. "WARNING, YARR! Underfoot metal panels cause the scorching to Hurt! Yarr!"

<<Yeah. I'm guessing you shouldn't get hit by those fire things.>> said Roy, a warning in his tone.

"Bleh. Better give me something to take them out with."

The novice operator looked at the new chip again. Surely wood wouldn't do well against any form of burnination. Best go for the old "One, Two, Full Of Holes" approach.

Both of Bugman's arms glowed and reformed as the staple shotguns that were prized in his inventory. Since the targets were right in front of him, he might as well get this started before they had a chance to get in the first shot. Aiming each barrel at the closest stoves, the twin shells of digital death were blown straight at their iron barred faces. The force of both discharges sent his light body flying backwards, catching himself with his frail-looking wings before he hit the ground. He retreated, hovering over the checkerboard floor, watching and waiting for any retaliation.

1: Shotgun (50, backshot) at Oldstove B
2: Shotgun (50, backshot) at oldstove C
3: Dodge
4: Dodge
Stoves are blown out. Bugman dodges the shockwaves from the Metools.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
MetoolEXC: 70 HP
OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED

Terrain: Checkerboard of Metal and Normal Panels. (50% Normal, 50% Metal)

Bugman.exe: 100 HP
"Gwahaharr! Immediate threat nyu-tra-laised, yarr!"

<<That was... more effective than I thought.>> Roy admitted, slightly in awe.

"Yahaha! Nobodies like them can't hope to beat my shmexy curves!" declared Bugman, hands on suggestible hips and face raised haughtily into the air.

<<Careful. Pride comes before a kickassing, y'know. Those mets nearly had you.>>

"The key word there is 'nearly'.", the navi pointed out, "Besides, those don't look like normal mets, right DataDex?"

"Yarr!", agreed the floating encyclopedia, "Remaining targets be Metool Elites! They'll buccaneer your weedy wings if they get half a chance, gyarr!

Bugman looked at them. Green coloured, in contrast to the origionals. And looked slightly taller.

"Meh. Whatever. It's still a met. Just gimme something with their names on it."

The something was round and prickly and grew out of Bugman's right arm, covered in white light as it formed. He looked at it for moment, bewildered.

"And.... what the hell is this"?

<<It's what we picked up from the last battle, if you payed attention. Meet CactiBall! Now throw it before the mets start rebelling.>>

Ah well. Might as well see what it does.

Bugman hefted the light ball into a lobbing position. He swung it above him, getting a feel for the weight and distance, then threw it down at the group of metools. Avoiding any retaliation, he doubted that the cactus would off one of them entirely and asked for a compliance chip. The cannon replacing his left arm, he targeted the stricken virus, firing a slug of anti-data towards it's elite cranium.

Still flying above the ground, Bugman held back in an evasion stance, wanting to see what a MetoolEX would do compared to it's yellow brethren.

1: CactBall1 (3x20) at MetoolEXB
2: Dodge
3: Cannon (40) at MetoolEXB
4: Dodge
It dies.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXC: 70 HP
OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED

Terrain: Checkerboard of Metal and Normal Panels. (50% Normal, 50% Metal)

Bugman.exe: 100 HP
"Oh, so it's just a bowling ball. That was... boring." grumbled Bugman.

<<Don't complain. It's dead, right? Focus is key to ownage.>> Roy quoted from a long gone magazine.

"And on that note..." the spherical navi replied, hands together in a focused afterthought and paper-thin wings blurring against the digital backdrop. A dull, olive light burst bright from the focusing scope he wore on his head, the green rays snaking and ensnaring the near-blinded metool. A single command, and it was crushed like a grape. ((Goes off on a long tangent about grapes and crushing. White vans come into it too, somewhere.))

Six down, the trio turned their attention towards the surviving foe.

<<Time for a bit of strategic thinking.>>

"Time for a bit of viral ass kicking!"

"Honk Honk! I'm A Clown!"



(^.^ )b

<<If we use the metal panels, we could take it out in one shot! Commence the burning!>>

Bugman's wings snapped to a sudden stop. Spiraling downwards as before, evading the chance that the lone virus still had the heart to fight back. He hung low, weaving towards the final target, flying over it's head to land on the steel floor directly behind it. If the metool turned, all it would see was a life ending burst of fire.

1: Zephyr Compression (70) at MetoolEXC
2: Dodge
3: Dodge
4: Heatshot (40 Metal Panel doubles attack = 80) at MetoolEXA
They die. But Bugman somehow gets hit by a shockwave.

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED

Terrain: Checkerboard of Metal and Normal Panels. (50% Normal, 50% Metal)

Bugman.exe: 60 HP
((Crap! Forgot about the auto-hit. T.T Sorry.))

<<Hoo... That should be enough. Stay there and rest for a bit, i'll be back in about ten minutes, alright?>>

Bugman watched him leave, then decided to walk around a bit.

((Ye Gods! This writing is horrible! And i'm gonna be in the event...

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks, Sin.))