Daisy in Electown

Daisy came out of the portal to the Net square, and was dazzled by the surroundings. After a but of walking around, looking at the many shops in the area, Virgil began to speak to her "Hello Daisy, from what I can see you seem to be enjoying yourself. I'm about to send you something, that when used will ward off viruses some... on a side note, I seem to be speaking to Junior's netop. So if there anything you want me to ask him about." Daisy then responded "Thanks... Um... you could ask him... about requiem..." It was then that Virgil put in the Sneakrun subchip, and a faint aura surrounded Daisy. "Alright, I might." Virgil said, before turning his attention back to Wes.

((Ready for battle 1
Sneakrun in effect
Junior cross activated))
Bump number one
(Blargle. Moddage away.)

A quintet of Electown viruses greets the combat experience lacking navi!

OldstoveA: 50 HP
OldstoveB: 50 HP
OldstoveC: 50 HP
CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP

Daisy: 160 HP <JuniorCross>

"Input random virus busting tutorial here?" Rang a voice throughout Daisy's mind, causing her to be starteled. "No!" she nearly shouted at her netop "Err, I mean I already have the gist of it already..." Daisy added, before Virgil began to speak. "You have the gist of it? Well, alright, in that case..." In the span of a second, Virgil managed to grab a wideshot from his collection of chips and slotted it into his PET. "Show me what you have the 'gist' of then." Virgil finished, with a slight chuckle towards the end of the sentence. Daisy felt the power of the chip coursing trough her systems. "I'll show you more then what you were probably expecting Virgil~" Daisy said with a sexy sort of tone, as she bleed out of her hands and looked upon the five viruses. The blood from her hands moved around her body, around the upper part of her chest and around the waist. In a matter of moments, is started to shape and form into... A pair of panties and a bra?

All Virgil could manage to do in response to Daisy's tone and that barrier was raise one of his eyebrows. Something seemed... off about Daisy. She was acting somewhat off. Maybe it had something to do with whatever Junior showed Daisy. Well, while Virgil was trying to figure out why Daisy was acting that way... Daisy sprang into action. She dashed forward, leaving a trail of blue energy behind herself. The trail spread out, extending a few meters out to each side of her. She ran past the stove like viruses, and the trail started to glow brighter, and more powerful as it closed onto the viruses. Moments before it reached them... it would have been able to rip them in half.

"How's that?" Daisy asked Virgil, turning on her right foot to reface her foes. "...What did Junior show you?" He asked, his voice showing some confusion. "...Um, Virgil... I don't think now is the time... and did you say don't worry?" Daisy then asked, rather unsure why Virgil wanted to know now, but not earlier... "Well, that was before... Well, look at what your 'armor' looks like..." Virgil said, causing Daisy to look down at her... 'armor' "... I... don't think there is anything wrong with this..." Daisy said... Before Virgil just sighed. "I'm going to send you one more chip... I'm sure you will know what to do with it." Virgil said, right before slotting in a Markcannon."

Daisy just sighed a little bit, as she felt the power of the markcannon go trough her body. Her right hand began to glow a bright white, the power from the chip. Her left hand; however, started to bleed out. The blood started to form around it, creating a lance. Daisy looked at the two cacties, knowing that the next two attacks should finish them off. The energy in her right hand busted outward towards one of the cacties. Right after the shot was fired, she charged towards the last of the Viruses. The long piercing weapon poised to rip right into her foe.

((Passive, barrier on self
1Wideshot1 Oldstove A, B, and C, 60 aqua
2Markcannon 1 CactyA, 70+10+lockon
3Daisy's blood pummel CactyB, 90 aqua+break
The enemies are hence mauled and bashed to pieces. Shimmering data remains as their leave.

Reward: 300z
Daisy looked at the remains of the battle field... and became a little bit woozy. In a flash of light, her cloths were replaced by the normal labcoat, and other garments she normally wear. "Wha, what happened?" Daisy asked, in a confused tone of voice before looking down, and seeing the armor her blood guard created earlier in the battle. Her face turned a bright red, unable to speak, trying to figure out what happened moments before. "Daisy, you alright?" Virgil asked, with concern in his voice. "Ya... I think so..." Daisy responded, the undergarment like armor going back into her body. "...I gave Junior's Op my e-mail... feel free to respond to anything they send..." Virgil had to add, with Daisy giving a small 'alright' while she ran the past events trough her mind.

((Ready for battle 2
Sneakrun active))
More viruses. Will they never end?

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyC: 70 HP
CactyD: 70 HP
CactyE: 70 HP
CactyF: 70 HP
CactyG: 70 HP

Daisy: 160 HP [Juniorcross]

((...Eon, I am not crossed, that was last battle so it has ended and is on cooldown... and did you skip a letter by mistake?))
"More plants I see...Well, Junior's netop said something confusing... so I'm only going to send a single chip while I talk to him a bit more. Sorry Daisy." Vigil said, before slotting in the Bamboosword. "Alright." Daisy said, before she started to look down, as her blood came out of a cut on her wrist, and started to form around her body. She was somewhat unsure about what it was going to form, seeing as earlier it was panties and a bra... But when it became a chain shirt, she just sighed. At least... I am thinking somewhat straight now. processed in her mind. It was seconds after that she started to charge at her foes. Her right hand now holding what seems to be the handle of a sword.

Upon getting about ten feet away, a burst of green energy burst out of the handle Daisy was holding. It shaped itself into a long curved blade, the tip leaving a green trail behind itself. Daisy was still closing the distance, the blade started to glow a brighter shade of green as she did. Right when Daisy got into striking range, she used her right foot as a pivot point for her body, spinning herself and the blade at the Cacty horde. The blade released a kamaitachi effect, the ground receiving a massive slash mark from what appeared to have been nothing. Daisy did not stop at that slash, as she managed to spin around two more times by using the already built up momentum from her charge. By using that, Daisy managed to release two more kamaitachi style attacks upon her foes. With luck, the battle would end right then.

((Passive, barrier on self
2Bamboosword CactyA, C, and D, 80 wood
3Bamboosword CactyE, F, and G, 80 wood
4Bamboosword survivors, 80 Wood))
The battle is swift, but going near something that attacks with its head is probably not the best of ideas. Slight pain results.


Daisy: 140 HP
((Er, your post... confuses me some... Did I win? if so, are the rewards hiding or something? And if it is no problem, could I know how many viruses attacked? ))

You took damage from the fact that at each slash, one cacty attacked. The first one was absorbed by your barrier. The next just face'd you as it was slashed. 20 damage.

Prize: 450z)
Daisy took the Zenny, and rubbed her chest from where she managed to get struck at. When she was done, she continued along her way.

((Battle 3
Sneakrun active
Strange...Means I did not RP well enough for that dodge to be counted from what I can see... Or one was alive for the last slash... Oh well, no matter.))
(One lived. Just one. But attacking it close-range allowed it to hit.
Also, it's battle 3. Rolls, rolls... aaand... sorry, Medic. No SP.)

The third battle with sneakrun allows Daisy to find a fearsome beast, it's massive bulk revealing that it is, in fact, a giant... stove? Eh?
Well, a giant oldstove it is, with silver plating covering most of its body, and blue flames in its mouth.

BigStove: 500 HP

Daisy: 140 HP

"I am sick of that Motha Effing Stove, on the Motha Effing BattleFIELD!!!... Sorry, Samuel. L. Jackson moment..." Virgil said in response to the finding of the massive stove like virus, chuckling some towards the end. "What are you talking about?" Daisy had to ask her Netop, her right and left hands now bleeding out. "Nothing. Just random commenting... Say, I wonder how fast you can take that thing out..." Virgil answered, the blood coming from Daisy's hands now beginning to form a shield in front of herself. "Well, anyway. I'm going to send you two chips; rest will be up to you Daisy my dear." Virgil finished up, his voice being cheery at the end when he slotted in a Wideshot and an airshot into the chip port of the PET.

"Alright." Daisy said, feeling the power of the wideshot entering her systems. She decided ageist using it at the moment, instead using the blood from the still bleeding hands to form a crossbow in her right hand, with a single bolt ready to be fired. She took aim at the massive stove, and pulled the trigger, sending the bolt roaring towards the monstrous Virus. Daisy channeled energy into her left arm, causing it to glow a bright blue. Daisy knew she needed to stack up the damage, and so she was going to hit the stove with everything she can. Daisy positioned her arm to be pointing towards the stove, the energy still building up. Daisy sent the power of the Wideshot to accompany the buildup in her arm, and that was when the energy burst outwards towards the stove. The sheer force able to cause massive damage to whatever hit, more so thanks to the Wideshot data in the blast.

Daisy now felt the energy of the airshot entering her data, and she just sighed at it. The damage from it was somewhat weak, compared to what her last attacks were able to accomplish. However... an idea popped into her head. Daisy sent the chip data into her feet, and fired the energy downwards at a 45 degree angle behind herself, sending her flying up into the air. She managed to make the trajectory so she lands behind the giant stove safely. Upon her landing, she turned around to face the back of the stove. She made a dash towards the back, maybe to push it or something... Well, maybe Daisy would now find out about one of her latest abilities by touching it... the ability to drain life from her foes.

((Passive, Barrier on self
1 Daisy's blood pummel, 90 Aqua+break
0 Inner spirit, 70 hits of 1 aqua
2 wideshot, 60 aqua
3 Airshot assisted dodge to behind the stove
0 Lifedrain, 50 lifedrain+aqua
4 dodge))
(...Actionless sigs are so broken...)



Daisy: 140 HP

Prize: 550z
After smiting the giant stove... Daisy just went off to find a place to do some shopping... Last I checked females like to do that sometimes...

((Battle 4, sneakrun... Shouldn't I be at full from using my lifedrain sig? Or was there an effect I did not know about?))

HeelnaviA: 150 HP
HeelnaviB: 150 HP
LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP
LarkC: 100 HP
Magneaker: 70 HP

Terrain: Normal

Daisy.exe: 160 HP