The Kitsune and the Electric City

Kitsune appears in the net, and the first thing he sees is a Heelnavi robbing a Normal navi. As the Normal navi runs away, Kitsune memorizes him.
"That wasn't very nice," Kitsune murmered. "Should I......"
"Go ahead," Scott replied.
"Hey, over here," Kitsune yelled to the evil navi. "I have a game I wish to play with you. If you win, I'll give you all my zennies."
"Fine... I'm too tired to rob you, so I'll take this opportunity to take your money this way.
Kitsune created three fireballs, and put all of his zennies in one. He then moved the fireballs around, while secretly retrieving the zennies from the correct fireball. He kept the fireballs moving while he took the stolen data from the mean navi.
"Guess which one the zennies are in," Kitsune asked him. "I'll give you two tries.
Obviously, the navi got both guesses wrong, and when by the time he found out he was conned, Kitsune was far away. Placing the data in the path of the oblivious, robbed navi, he quickly ran to search for viruses.
"How did I do," Kitsune asked his operator.
"Great! That was amazing," Scott replied.
"Wait," Kitsune thought out loud. "Is that.... a virus?"
Yes, yes it is.
More than one though.

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Kitsune.exe: 100 HP

"This should be easy," Kitsune sighed. "Can you send me a Rageclaw, pal?"
"No problem, Kit," Scott replied, sending the chip data to his navi. "What's the pla-"
Before Scott could even say "plan", Kitsune had already sprinted so fast that it looked like he teleported. A track made by claw marks could be seen going from where he stood, through the path of the Billies, and obviously ending at Kitsune. Starting to dodge, Kitsune fell over face-first.
1) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40dmg] to BillyA
2) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40dmg] to BillyB
3) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40dmg] to BillyC
4) Failed dodge [Kitsune only has 3 actions per turn [img][/img] ]
Wow, looks like they all actually hit. The viruses attack in angry retaliation.

BillyA: 10 HP
BillyB: 10 HP
BillyC: 10 HP

Kitsune.exe: 70 HP [Rageclaw]
Kitsune growled in pain, but shook off the attack. He then scanned his surroundings. "Nothing to use from this invironment in my attacks," he said, "but those viruses look very weak. What's the plan?"
"The plan," Scott replied angrily, "is to - are you listening? Good. The plan is to finish off two of the viruses, and dodge. This way, you'll be able to stay alive if any attack. If you attack all three, one might escape the attack, and hit you."
Kitsune quickly executed an uppercut to the first Billy, then slowly walked backwards. He hoped that any electric attacks that that come at him might run out of power before hitting him. He also was slightly injured. He finished his assault by using the power of the wind to send the second Billy flying straight at him, and quickly - but powerfully - thrust his paw/claw/fist at this unfortunate virus. He then recoverred his energy lost from the injury, but could not recover any HP.
1) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40] to BillyA
2) Dodge
+) Gust to BillyB [send flying towards Kitsune
3) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40] to BillyB
Kistune's attacks work. The remaining Billy is too scared to retaliate.

BillyC: 10 HP

Kitsune.exe: 70 HP [Rageclaw]

"Let's see... how far do you think I can hit this last virus," Kitsune asked.
Scott's reply was simple. "Dunno. Time to find out?"
Kitsune stood up on two legs, and quickly spun around. He spun so fast, claws extended, that he looked like a tornado flinging knives around. He then tried to crash into the virus and send it flying. After he stopped spinning, he looked to where he thought the virus would be sent to from that maelstrom attack. "One hundred yards, at the least, right?"
+) Gust to self, cause rapid spinning
1) Rageclaw[40] to BillyC
2) Rageclaw[40dmg] to BillyC
3) Rageclaw[40dmg] to BillyC


Kitsune.exe: 70 HP

Get: Thunder, 200z
"Woah, that must be a new record!" Kitsune didn't listen to this exclamation by his NetOp, distracted by the chip data. "I found data for a Thunder chip," he said, "I'm sending it over, along with the zennies the viruses dropped." After receiving the zennies, Scott slotted in a blank chip, which was re-written into a Thunder chip. "Okay, let's go back to ACDC Town."
Jack out