The training begins

ScytheMan enters the Cyberworld, and finds himself surrounded by normal and punk navis.
"Salutations," he greets the crowd. However, their reply was in the form of chaotic yelling and running around in circles. Eventually, they ran away in fear, but virii sent by some of the scared Punk Navis quickly took their place.

"I guess I scared them. Sorry, master."
"Please stop calling me master," Ray angrily replies. "Anyway, this looks like a perfect training battle. Initialize fight mode!"
Virus Attack!

BillyA: 50
BillyB: 50
Lark: 100

Scytheman: 100

Battle 1 Start!
"So," Ray said, "to fight virii, first you must select BattleChips. To do that, you must..."
"Why are we going through the tutorial," ScytheMan interrupted.
"Just kidding. This battle should be quick. Sending cannon chip!"

In the instant the BattleChip was received by ScytheMan, his right hand turned into a cannon. He fired the cannon at the first Billy, and turned his right hand back into a buster, shooting at the two other virii.

"Analyzing virii remaining hitpoints," ScytheMan quietly said to himself.

1) BattleChip - Cannon at BillyA
2) Buster - normal shot at BillyB
3) Buster - normal shot at Lark
((For future reference, damages are supposed to be included in summeries.))

Each virus is slightly damaged from the attacks. Then the Lark fires back, unleashed a wave upon the navi.

BillyA: 10
BillyB: 41
Lark: 91

Scytheman: 80
"ScytheMan," Ray yelled, "are you all right?"
Seemingly ignoring the question, ScytheMan said "We should attack the Lark. It has the most HP left."
"Good idea, ScytheMan. Uploading a useful chip," Ray said as he uploaded the ShotGun Chip. Soon after, ScytheMan turned his arm into a ShotGun, fired at the Lark, and turned his arm back to normal. "Ready for the next chip, sir," ScytheMan said.
Ray told ScytheMan what to do about the Billy virii. "Sending RageClaw. Attack remaining enemies. You don't want to be stunned."
Doing as Ray suggested, ScytheMan slashed at the two Billys with his right arm, now a RageClaw.

BattleChip - Shotgun(50) to Lark
BattleChip - RageClaw(40) to BillyA
BattleChip - RageClaw(40) to BillyB
Scytheman scores a hit on the lark with his shotgun and he then twacks both Billies with his rageclaw. The dying Billy then gives him a little zap.

BillyB: 1
Lark: 41

Scytheman: 65
Calmly, ScytheMan said "... that Billy is going down. But first, I should take care of the Lark."
Charging his buster up, he fires a shot at the Lark. He then watches the Billy closely, and waits for the attack.

1) Buster - charging
2) Buster - charging
3) Buster - ChargeShot
(I'm not sure how to calculate the buster's damage... I looked at the formula that tells me how to do it, but when I calculated my first buster attacks, it doesn't add up correctly. Sorry about my ignorance)
<(Normal=(Atk x Rpd) + 5; Charged=(Atk x Chg x 4) + 30)>

The lark is deleted, but the Billy hits and stuns scytheman!

BillyB: 1

Scytheman: 50 <STUNNED, 1 LESS ACTION>
"Stunning," Ray muttered. "Oh, sorry ScytheMan."
"It is not your fault," ScytheMan replied. "Anyways, I can handle this. Time for an overkill!"
ScytheMan suddenly starts glowing. He runs up to the Billy, slashes, and does a backflip. He then raises his right hand, and a large version of his symbol appeared beneath the Billy. From the symbol came a beam, attempting to hit the virus.
"Way to go, ScytheMan!"
"It may not be finished yet, master. I better prepare to dodge."
1) Signature attack - StunSlash (30 + 20 + stun)
2) Dodge
3) [Stunned!]

(Thanks, Albel.)
<( Noprob ^^ )>

The overkill hour, starring, Scytheman.


Scytheman: 50


Rewards: 300z
" that the battle is over," ScytheMan asked, "should I jack out?"
Ray replied "of course. You need to rest. We should go to ACDC town next."
ScytheMan burst into flames. When the flames vanished, ScytheMan was gone.
"...I made the Jacking Out flame illusion better than I thought," Ray commented to himself.