Volt In Electown

Voltman skidded to a halt, looking around. There were reports of a navi claiming to have a rare chip, and he was to figure out the source of it. He continued jogging, and barely minded the scratches he had sustained from his previous battles.

(Mission, Start! 150 HP)
The navi that Voltman was seeking was a couple meters away in front of him, with what appared to be liquid metal covering the right half of his body. The navi slowly turned, it was a normalnavi in design, with a strange looking visor, which extended moreso than the normalnavi's usual design, and the "emotion" eyes were black, there was no sign of any.

"So, the IPC sent a runt, eh?" The navi laughed, throwing his head back and roaring with mirth as he simply looked at the navi with what could only be described as amusement on the blank face, then strode away, not even bothering to look back and be cautious as to the navi behind him and any sneaky attacks that navi might pull.
(Uh... yeah. I'm currently in Adult.GMO. Just a technicality, really. Because I don't know if "runt" would really apply if they're both just normalnavi alterations)

Voltman made a great deal of looking shocked, backing a step away as the navi spoke.
NO! He's onto me! I must flee! Fleeeeeeeee!!!
And with that, Voltman ran. He jumped past a nearby corner, hiding out of the navi's view. He quickly changed to his child form, and areagrabbed to another outcropping on the other side of the navi. He skipped out, putting on his best cutesy face for the navi.
Excuuuuse me, mister! Have you seen my big brudder? He came here telling me we would see the viruses, but he just ran this way! Have you seen him?
Voltman continued with the cutesy act, while preparing a guard in case the navi attacked him. If he didn't, then Voltman would still have the guard. He decided to up the ante a little bit, attempting to get information about the strange metal coating...
Hey, mister? Why does your side look so funny? Is it a chip? Is it a... Grabphic, er, Graphic bottle, er... GMO? And why do your eyes look so funny?

(Personality change, Go! Please tell me if the Areagrab I used in this strategy means that I can't use it in battle.)
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ooc:Just because someone is called runt doesn't always mean it's in terms of size. It's just the general usage.

The navi groans, then just turns a cold eye at the "child" of a navi, blasting it with a series of quick attacks, and hitting it too quickly for the guard to come up, when it had, the guard simply reflected one of many weak attacks, the weak attacks forming an extremely strong one altogether.

"Don't try fool me, runt." The navi spoke, lifting up his amored fist and pointing at the now prone navi, "But I'll answer your question, runt. This is armor."

(Okay then. No problemo.

Am I not allowed to use my areagrab? Or do out of battle uses not count?)

As the attacks struck Voltman he flew head over heels, eventually landing a few feet back, smaller injuries combining to create the impression that he was in several pieces. Suddenly, a red light began to engulf his body.
The various injuries leaking data around his body stopped healed and the scattered electricity flew back to his body. Voltman was almost ready to charge at this bastard and try to slash him to within an inch of his life, but reason intervened just in time.
The kid act isn't doing me any good... I'll have to just do this the old fashioned way, then.
And with that, he activated Adult.GMO once more. Standing up tall, he faced his foe.
Let's go! Elementalblast!
Shigeru quickly activated the three chips his navi had indicated. Voltman quickly fused the boomerang and the wideshot, creating a rippling blue boomerang in his hand. He wound up, and threw it at the enemy. About halfway there, he shot it, splitting it into the original chips. The wideshot continued its curve, while the boomerang swerved off to attack the enemy from the other side. The two attacks flew at the strange navi from the front, and three sudden bursts of flame appeared at the navi's sides and back. With impending doom from the front, and no escape to the sides, Voltman was pretty sure they would hit. Shigeru,, on the other hand, was a little more skeptical.
It's too obvious... the attack is too obvious. Something's going to happen.
Voltman, not caring about the intricacies of battle, simply focused on getting ready to dodge if that navi pulled out his uberbuster again.

1-3. Elementalsurround! (Wideshot+Boomerang from front for 130 damage total, and Flameline1 to his sides to prevent escape. If he runs into the sides, it's 70 more damage)
4. Dodge

(No energypack used. Just Shigeru being a worrywart.)
(Gentleman 1: Why I say, is that a bump I see?
Gentleman 2: I believe it is! And what a large bump it is.
Random person: Really? What does it look like?
Gentleman 1: See for yourself! *points down*


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BuMpAgE mAxImUs!)

A series of attacks pound into the strange Navi, it scatters up a cloud of debris obscuring Voltman's vision. Wary of the impending danger, Voltman backs up--to find a silver javelin headed straight for him!

Like a doe in headlights, Voltman takes the hit in his shoulder--but coils of electricity curl around him, dispelling some of the damage!

"So you were a sparky runt..." the Navi growls, as it steps out from the cloud of debris. "It'll take more than that to shock me, fool!" He yells, as he brandishes his right arm, the liquid material shimmering in the light--but what's frightening is his left arm, where long rows of javelins similar to the one that had struck Voltman had appeared.

Battle Start!

???: 335 (???) (???)

Voltman: 130
Voltman grinned, pumping his fist into the air as clouds of data flew up when his attacks connected.
That was easy.
Too easy
Ah, you're just being overcautious. Who could survive a pummeling like thaOW!
Voltman was interrupted by a silvery spear striking his shoulder. The damage was minor, but tendrils of the strange substance started corrupting his data. He fought it with all of his power, but he was failing. Suddenly, his electricity shot out, dispelling the spear and the strange invading substance. The strange navi chose this moment to reply.
"So you were a sparky runt..."
Voltman pulled out a spear of his own, twirling it around his body and finishing in a combat stance, pointing it at his foe. The tip visibly glowed with electricity.
Damn straight. Shigeru, now!
Shigeru quickly manuvered the desired chips onto the image of Voltman on his holoscreen. The rageclaw, markcannon, and heatshot all downloaded at once, threatening to overload his systems. But he quickly rerouted the data, saving his internal systems a good frying. He downloaded the gun chips first, and was surprised to feel their old lightness return, a feeling that had not occured since Shigeru had reconfigured his systems to run better on sword type chips.
Ah. Right. The change. I've reconfigured your systems once again. Your failing points in gun chips are now gone, but unfortunately the damage boosts from swords are as well. You still have skill in the area of melee combat, however.
Psh. Tell me something I don't know.
Okay. You've been standing there for over a minute talking.
Voltman's face paled beneath the visor, and he quickly looked around for his enemy. He spotted him where he had been before.
Still, Voltman wasn't one for subtleties. He charged at the navi, loading the heatshot data into the markcannon. He held it up, aimed it in the general direction of the navi, and the chip did the rest. A small cursor whipped out at high speed, locking onto the chest of the navi. No sooner had it done this than it fired, the heatshot giving the blast a red tint. It really was quite imposing, Voltman realized.
Then, following his blast, he charged at the navi. The rageclaw activated, but felt slightly heavier than it usually did. Still, Voltman could compensate. He brought up the claw, spinning around to give it centrifugal force like the stone that felled Goliath. The claw connected with something, there was a sickening crunch from near his claw, and he took the opportunity to roll out of the way before jumping into the air with a slash. He flipped backwards from the force of his blow, hopefully having dodged the navi's attack.

1,2. Flaming Markshot to ??? (70 null damage, 40 fire damage, high accuracy from Markcannon?)
3,4. Rageclaw to ??? (40x2)
*Skill: Swordplay (Free Dodge)

(Demon, do I have the guard and the areagrab I used before the battle back?)
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The flaming Markshot merely puts a dent in the silvery material that streams along the Navi's body, before the armor smooths out again. With a vicious snarl, the Navi meets Voltman head-on, the row of spikes shattering as it met the claw, only to reveal--another claw?! Voltman nearly gets his head swiped off, as he backs off from his assault to the Navi's laughter--

"Don't be scared, runt!" He guffaws, as he gives chase, the blank emotional visor shining the light as a maniacal grin encompasses his face--

???: 240 (???) (RAGECLAW!)

Voltman: 130

Oh, balls. I get this impending feeling of doom...
And to add to it, I only have the Rageclaw, a Cactiball, and a Cannon left.

LET'S GET IT ON!!! :angry:)

Voltman's eyes narrowed as the strange navi taunted him.
"Don't be scared, runt!"
Voltman grinned.
Are you? Because you should be.
Shigeru quickly slotted in the last two chips. Was Voltman serious? Did he really know what he was doing?
Voltman pulled up his blaster, charging it with electric energy and pointing it at the charging navi. He seemed too immersed in the battle, so he might have not noticed the net dimming as it lost its power, but Shigeru noticed. He brought his hand up to his eyes just as Voltman fired, and it was a good thing.
A beam of pure electric energy fired out at the navi, glowing white from the power it had amassed, and nearly blinding Shigeru through the PET. As the Electric Blaze faded, Voltman disabled the Rageclaw temporarily to bring up a cannon. But then, he did something unexpected. He loaded the cactiball into the cannon, placing it directly in the center of the glowing ball of energy.
Wasting no time, as the stun from Electric Blaze wouldn't last but a while, he fired the blast directly at the navi. He could see his plan taking effect in his mind, and was playing it for his younger self...

*In Voltman's head*
Voltman and MiniVolt are sitting in a movie theater-esque area, but with only two seats, and a view of Voltman's plan on the screen. Little Volt covered his eyes, but peeked between his fingers, as the navi took a swipe at Voltman with his rageclaw.
Weren't you scaaared?
Nope. I wasn't.
He didn't dare tell his younger self that he couldn't see the navi at the time. Best to just let him keep thinking he was the bravest big brother figure ever.
Then, the screen jumped a little. The video they were watching was now all Voltman's speculation.
MiniVolt gasped as the electric blast engulfed the navi, paralyzing him with help from the metal stubstance surrounding him. The navi stood there, rooted to the spot, and the view turned to Voltman. He loaded the Cactiball, and fired. The screen entered slow motion as the blast traveled the small distance between Volt and his adversary, but sped up as the cannon broke a momentary hole in the armor, which the cactiball then kept open as it bounced through multiple times, doing major damage to the navi.
Do you think that's a reeeeal Bubonic Placement?
You mean Bionic Enhancement. And honestly, I don't know...

*In the battle*
Voltman jumped backwards, trying to scan the navi without success. What the hell was that armor?

1. Electric Blaze to ??? (40, paralyze, elec)
2,3. Cacticannon! (40 from cannon, used to blow a hole in the armor for cactiball to hit 3x20 wood damage)
4. Dodge

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(Post finished)
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CactBall1 -
Damage: 3x20
Accuracy: C
Description: Rolls a cactus ball at one enemy, hit's a random amount of times
Duration: Once
Element: Wood

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Stunned in place, the Navi eats the attacks--before being released from the currents in a beastial roar! With a sick glooop, the silvery material spreads across the entire body, coating it in a metallic shreen as the right arm erupts in silver talons as well!

"I... hope you've had your fun, runt..." The Navi growls, his voice a gutteral groan now. "There are only 3 Navis that have lived to see this without deletion... and soon, the number will be 2..."

???: 140 (???) (RAGECLAWx2!)

Voltman: 130