Also Training.

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In the Scilab cyberspace, a portal opened up, connecting from the ACDC town net. Big hopped through it nimbly, and not-so-nimbly caught is foot on the rim. Jay stifled a laugh as Big recovered from a severe face-smashing, and went on his search for viruses without a witty remark.
Big wanders into two Cannons with shields, and a... UFO. Woah. They all pretty much look either annoying, or tricky. Time to whack some sense into them, eh?

CanoGuardA: 60 HP
CanoGuardB: 60 HP
RedUFO: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Big.exe: 100 HP

Big froze in his tracks, looking confused.

"What's the big idea, Big?" Jay scolded. "It's just two cannon-things an' a... a...... What the hell is that thing?"

"Idunno." Big said. "An' who cares?! Let's pummel it!"

"Alright, here comes the chips!" Jay responded, slotting in his new chip and the Bighammer. Big got the Firehit first, and clenched his fist into a fireball.

"I'm liken' the looks ah this!" Big shouted, glanced over at the first cannon. "Let's test it!"

Taking a pitcher's stance, Big wound up, and threw a perfect fastball headed straight for the CanoGuard. Not giving them any chance to recover, Big whipped out the Big hammer and charged the UFO.

As he skidded to a halt in front of the strange virus, Big swung the hammer back over his shoulder- like a golf-club.

"Why don'tcha go be an unidentified flyin' object- OVER IN NETOPIA?!"

He let loose with a massive swing from below, letting the hammer follow through on it's own and fly up into the sky.

"How'd ya know what a UFO was, Big?" Jay questioned.

"Movies." Big replied curtly. "I'm not dumb."

"Prove it, an' crush that Cannon on your own!" Jay said tauntingly.

"MAYBE I WILL!" Big shouted, pounding his fists together as he rushed the final virus. Big jumped on his third step, launching himself hands-first at the stationary enemy. With both hands, he gripped it around the main column, and hefted upwards. Not feeling a budge, Big tried once more, this time with his booster-arms engaged.

"You think yer' tougher than me? Bring it!" Big shouted at the virus.

1. Firehit 1(60) > CanoGuardA
2. Bighammer(160+Break) > RedUFO
3. Crush(60) > CanoGuardB
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As Big prepares to punch a CanoGuard, the UFO jumps in and snatches his chip. Big gets his revenge by smashing the virus, though. Big tries to manhandle one of the cannons, but it closes up so that he can't get a grip on it. Its neighbor opens itself up and fires on Big.

CanoGuardA: 60 HP
CanoGuardB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Big.exe: 80 HP
Big cringed as the cannon's blast smashed into him.

"Oh, you're gonna pay for that, punk!" he shouted, whipping around. "Jay! Cannonball, now!"

"I'm on it!" Jay responded, slotting in the chip instantly. Big received it in the form of a large, shot put like object. He hefted it up onto his shoulder, and muttered, "Let's see ya block this..."

Big, lobbed the dense ball up, over, and onto the virus- but Big wasn't paying attention to whether it hit or not. He immediately turned back to the other CanoGuard.

"Let's try this again, Jay." Big said with a smile.

"I getcha. Rageclaw, goin' in!" Jay replied. Big's arm suddenly had a violent spasm, followed by several more convulsions. His arm slowly grew, morphed, and warped way out of proportion until it froze in the form of a monstrous claw. Wordlessly, Big wrapped his disfigured claw around the virus, again trying to uproot the pesky cannon. Big gave a mighty heave upwards, ready to move if needed.

1. Cannonball(150+Break)
2. Rageclaw(40 for pickup and throw)
3. Dodge
The Canoguard sees the Cannonball flying toward it and shields itself...

...which doesn't work. The thing just smashes through the shield, and makes the virus explode in pain, agony, and being-crushed-ness....

Big tries picking up the next Canoguard, but it's like... stuck to the ground.

CanoGuardA: 60 HP [shield]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Big.exe: 80 HP [Rageclaw]
(( I always assumed CannoDumbs and CanoGuards were just ON the ground...Also, quickpost for tourny."

"Damn..." Big said, upset that he couldn't pick up the Canoguard.

"Just give up." Jay counseled. "He ain't goin' anywhere. Let's rip 'im to pieces instead! Pummel 'im with your Rageclaw"

"Awright!" Big shouted, having spontaneously recovered from his woe. With a mighty swing, he lashed out at the Canoguard once, twice with the enormous claw. After the assault, Big leaped back, ready to dodge even if he didn't just end the battle.

1. Rageclaw(40) > CanoguardA
2. Rageclaw(40) > CanoguardA
3. Dodge
Big cuts into the back of the CanoGuard and totally decimates it. Then he gets rewards.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Big.exe: 80 HP

Get: 300z
Big quickly scooped up the zenny, and sent its data to the reserves.

"Uh, Jay?" Big said.

"What, Big?" Jay questioned.

"Ain't we supposed to be at Dentech Colosseum right about now...?"

"Uh... YES. Big, jack out now. We gotta go!" Jay yelled in a panic. Big instantly jacked out, leaving for the tournament.